For Love Itself

“For Love”

(not for love of something or someone but for Love itself)

knocking at your door
i am prostrate at the altar of you
i run and hide and rage
only to return 
by the knowing
that without you
i am merely a rented costume
empty of meaning
or life
i bow in reverence 
and to reverence i return
it is only in the space of you
that i become truly alive
anything else is merely existence
as my heart breaks open
i know i am expanding 
this is why
they call it growing pains


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  1. as my korean students of english would say, “nai-soo!” (meaning “nice!”)

  2. “Remember that the heartache you experience is the beginning of an awakening in consciousness.” –Shri Anandamayi Ma

    and I think it was Ma who said that our hearts must be broken again and again in life, by life, until they break so much they remain wide open always. Then we live in bliss, but a poignant bliss, tenderly in love with everyone, with all of Reality. Sending lots of Love and blessings directly to you~~~~>ZING! Th-wang! Dig on THAT.

  3. A Poem by Rumi the great Sufi master:

    The people of this world are like the three butterflies in front of a candle’s flame.

    The first one went closer and said:I know about love.

    The second one touched the flame lightly with his wings and said:I know how love’s fire can burn.

    The third one threw himself into the heart of the flame and was consumed.

    He alone knows what true love is.

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