In Honor of Friends, FRamily, Birthdays, and Blessings

Tomorrow is the birthday of the woman who has been co-worker, ally, friend, and now, my closest sister to me in my FRamily– and so much more. Alissa Hauser Last year, i was inspired by her response to the shootings at Sandy Hook. 

I was so touched by her generosity in the face of tragedy (spurred by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School) that i wanted to truly stretch beyond my normal giving nature, so i chose to donate to a different organization/s each month for a year in honor of her birthday and her husband Steve Brown (January 22nd birthday.) To see the inspiration behind my commitment, go to: 

For those of you who have followed my journey this last year, you know that i struggled on many levels– including financially. And part of the reason, i wanted to make such a big commitment around giving is that i know the best way to move beyond our own limitations (especially those that involve a feeling or experience of scarcity) is to give beyond reason. i made a commitment that i would give every month. i did not set a specific amount. Rather i chose to give at whatever level was a stretch for me that particular month. 

And so i did. i gave every single month for a year. And of course, when standing in the space of generosity, in the midst of scarcity, blessings upon blessings of support also showed up in my life. 

My personal life and my work is profoundly impacted by the gift of Alissa Hauser in it. i am a much better person for knowing her and having her in my life. And Steve Brown has been so supportive of Alissa, and often times volunteering his own time and expertise to various projects and campaigns we have done and/or been involved with. Plus, he lets me descend on his home and set up camp when i am in the area, and has been so supportive of me including when i was healing from various surgeries and health challenges. These two embody what we mean, when we say “FRamily.” 

And to see how Alissa’s generosity continues to grow, inspire, and motivate– as well as how to join in the giving, go to:

Love and Bountiful Blessings of Kindness and Generosity. 

i will list all the groups i can remember that i gave to in this last year, just in case you are inspired to contribute to one or more of them as well. i did not actually keep track of all of them, so these are the ones i can remember.

Winnemum Wintu tribe. i have worked with them and contributed to them in various capacities for many years.

Honor The Earth doing incredible work on so many fronts.

i have said for many, many years, “i wish i could have had a RUCKUS training BEFORE i went into Luna! Would have made such a HUGE difference for me. And they are making a HUGE difference in many communities giving some of the best trainings and support out there!

i am a founding and ongoing donor and adviser for Women’s Earth Alliance. i am very proud not only of WHAT they do, but also, HOW they do what they do!!

Oceana is doing great work for our Oceans. i supported them in particular because of the great work they are doing in Belize!

Sustainable Harvest International does wonderful work all over Central America. i supported them because of the great work they are doing in Belize which has been my home for the last 3 years.

When i met Adam Bucko and saw his unique and important approach for working with homeless youth with the Reciprocity Foundation, i instantly became a fan and supporter and have continued to be for years. check out his book co-authored with Matthew Fox

The Center For Biological Diversity is one of my favorite environmental organizations. i became an even bigger supporter of their great work when they started tackling the very big and intense challenge and issue of overpopulation and the impact that has on our beautiful planetary home.

Those who know me closely, know that i have a HUGE place in my heart for all the children and teens who are already here on Mother Earth who need loving homes and support and that i am a HUGE advocate that people of privilege stop bringing any more beings onto our already overburdened Mother Earth and instead either adopt or give time and resources to supporting the young people already her. i am proud to be a supporter of Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity.

i have been a supporter of various efforts, organizations, and individuals in this region of Arizona for many, many years. Having a permanent home is crucial to helping provide long-term sustainability for organizations and community efforts, so i contributed to the down payment for the Siléi Community Empowerment Project.

And i supported my friend Michael Bock in his bicycle climate ride that raised money for great groups working on the global climate change issue. 

Hope you found this post inspiring, empowering, and useful! And feel free to share!  


Love and Blessings and Generosity Beyond Reason,


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  1. I love the way you did that. I need to find a way to donate better. I have to hide & lie or my husband would have a cow about where I send money, but if I just made it look better. Mostly I just hide what I do, & call it humble. He doesn’t get the giving thing. Ever

  2. Hi Stormy. Lying and hiding doesn’t sound too inspiring. How about just letting your husband have a cow and tell him it is ok if he doesn’t get it, but for you, being a positive contribution to others is vital to your happiness and well being. You don’t have to argue with him or try to defend yourself. Just do what you believe in and tell him you are going to continue doing what you believe in. Just a thought.



  3. thanks for continuing to be a source of inspiration for those of us troubled by the earth’s (and everyone who lives here’s) ordeal.

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