In His Honor…

With the passing of the incredible Nelson Mandela, i saw many amazing quotes of his that people were and are posting on their Facebook pages to honor who he was to us and to the world.  
i thought about these quotes and how amazing this man was–both in word and in deed.  And then i thought about what would be the best way to honor this man’s life and his death?  And as great as posting his quotes are (to remind ourselves of his phenomenal legacy and the things about him that move and inspire us) that the best way to honor him is through ACTION!  Nelson Mandela’s life was about MOVING people to take action on behalf of a free South Africa and for freedom and justice for people experiencing oppression around the world.  Inspiration without action does not change the world– as a matter of fact– inspiration without action makes us feel better while actually supporting the status-quo, the oppressors, the Earth destroyers, the animal abusers, and all the things that break our hearts and anger us.  Our INACTIONS are us much a part of shaping the world as our actions are.
So, this is what i posted on my Facebook– bringing both praise and criticism– but no matter people’s views of what i posted, my intention is to ask us ALL (myself included!!!!)  these questions:
You want to really honor Nelson Mandela and his life? Don’t just post a great quote of his and/or write some sweet sentiment or memory. Ask yourself, “How can I live MORE boldly, MORE courageously, with MORE commitment, MORE courage, MORE service, and MORE risk?!” Anything else is just a great quote and sweet sentiment. Nelson Mandela deserves MORE than that from ALL of us!!!
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Good To Be Reminded Of What i Already “Know”

A response i wrote to someone today who is feeling overwhelmed and saddened by how horrible people can be… “i too struggle with dealing with the atrocities of this world. i rage against the ignorance and violence and greed. i get so upset and overwhelmed by it all. And then, i remember, the only person who is actually affected by those feelings is me. So… as painful as loving is, it sure beats the alternative. ; ) “


It was good to be reminded…

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