Sea Stars

“Sea Stars”


i fell in love with you

over dinner

and music

and witnessing

the way you

held space in chaos


i fell in love with you

and the way you

are together

modeling the space

where love is present

and judgment is put to rest


i fell in love with you

because your being-ness

mirrored a possibility for me

that cracked through another layer

in the wall around my heart

letting light in to shine

on the hidden hurts

that don’t believe

this love is possible


And as my heart cracked open

tears filled the space

not tears of sorrow

tears of gratitude

that this possibility

of love


breathing aliveness

into a place within me

that died a long time ago


i fell in love with you

because you are you

in a way

that touched and moved me

in a way that has left me changed


i am a better person

for having met you

witnessed you

listened to you

weave your magic

i am a better person

for having fell in love with the gift

of huge love

within you


Thank You


To find out who this poem is about and to hear the magical music that is Sea Stars, go to:

i had the pleasure of MC’íng for the first annual Arise Festival in Colorado this weekend.  i also was in conversation with the wonderful Daryl Hannah and a few other things at the festival.  My asthma was flaring up horribly because of elevation combined with dry air and massive amounts of dust.  Although i struggled pretty hard physically the entire weekend, i had one incredible experience after another that gave me a breath beyond the physical.  One of those moments was when the Universe conspired for the members of Sea Stars and the other musicians helping them out and i to be headed to dinner at the same time.  We “broke bread” and by the end of dinner, i felt nourished far more than just through food.

i was not even scheduled to MC that evening, but i went up to the person who was scheduled to MC and asked if i could introduce Sea Stars because they had moved me so deeply.  i did not even know yet how they sound; i just knew i was in love with them for who they are, and i knew their music would reflect their magic.

i introduced them as a powerful example of the beautiful balance possible between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, and as nourishment for the heart, mind, spirit, and soul.

i was right.  Their music and the way they were on stage (they had huge technical challenges when they got on stage and dealt with them with such incredible grace and love) fed us all on every level.

Check them out and if you resonate with their music, PLEASE BUY their music!   These are incredible people and incredible artists and they are in a time in their life where financial support through purchasing their music will make a big difference for them!

They truly changed me, and as a result, i know my life is changed.  This is how much i love them.

Thank You and Blessings…

And LOVE– the kind that cracks open the walls around our heart to let light shine in to the hurting places we have hidden for so long,




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  1. sounds blessed hope DH was a splash too =)

  2. Beautiful words, beautiful music, beautiful people!

  3. ❤ lovely. sweet. touching. true.

  4. Congratulations for your poetic streak, your passage is nice and tender
    And lucky is the guy to whom it is destined..
    You know how things work, sometimes it happens that a person realises that someone else needs a hand and, namely, it is really stronger than him to refrain from giving an aid.. in the only way that he knows..and somehow, in so far as he is really capable of giving relief .. something like “do unto others what you want done unto you”
    But really, great fantasy and creativity is needed because one cannot know what the impact of his words will be like.. perhaps the crux is correctly pinpointed but to find an exit way is always difficult, it is a treasure hunt (using the expression of your yoga lesson)
    In fact, later, after reading again his “output”, sometimes he may wonder how he could have written such “imaginary” things.. the truth is that one can never know what the impact will be like
    Well, one only tries to let himself be guided by good-faith and good feelings, all the rest is a mixture of strong will to help and much fantasy, much imagination
    So, a positive will “to make a difference” (since you like to use it so often) is surely the headwaters
    I am sure that, whoever is willing to help, does not want to be considered an “Alexander the Great” but just a person like you, like any other


  5. Hi Julia, you get it so right!! I have been trying to describe how I feel about them for years. 🙂

  6. Great writing, and I can’t wait to hear the song.

  7. thank you for your heart and your voice and all that you offer to the world!

  8. I usually wake up early, at 6.00 – 6.30 am
    I am what is sually called an “early riser”
    I’ve tied the collar to my dog Luna and went out for a walk
    It had just rained so the woods, not far away from my house, was very perfumed
    Suddenly a fir draw my attention.. it was so big, so majestic
    I said to myself : “I can’t believe that this tree was, at the beginning, nothing more than a seed.. now it is a giant, a beautiful good giant..”
    It got me to reflect about how life flows, within every living being, in the same way
    An insemination, for the production of the external body, and then the breath of life is blown inside of that shell
    But where does this breath of life come from ? Well, wherever it comes from, it must be from the original source of life
    In this sense, we are all brothers because we all come from that same place and our life is blown in the same way for everyone of us
    Afterwards, I asked to myself :”If this tree was in need of a help, would you be willing to play your part to save it ?”
    “Yes, I would”
    “And you would you expect (and like) to be rewarded for that ?”
    “Not at all.. if I did something, it would be only because I wouldn’t expect that tree to suffer, it would be only to support his welfare”
    Therefore, I know that you have gone through a heavy period during these recent years and of course your savings have been affected by that
    A little bit of water of fire will work out all right
    I’ve made a donation.. it is the least I can do and of course you don’t owe me absolutely nothing.. no need at all to be grateful.. please !
    Have a nice time during these days Julia, relax and get back in shape
    Ciao ciao

  9. Julia, I met you a while back in Findhorn and a fellow blogger led me here today because I’d mentioned your book on my blog. I love your words and I love what you stand for and…just thank you for being:-)

  10. Breath-taking Mind-soothing. Soul-revealing.

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