Insights Into The Mundane

Hello Again Friends.


Yes, it has been a very long time since I wrote last. 

I lost my writing inspiration.  When I was reflecting on why this was, I realized that so much of what I do and offer is free.  As much as I am fulfilled by being in service and being able to make a positive difference and contribution to others, our world, and planet, after years and years of my right-livelihood earning opportunities becoming less and less, and at the same time the requests from others wanting and needing things from me always in high demand, I am less and less inspired to do the things that require time, energy, and effort from me but offer no real form of reciprocity in return. 

I do not wish to demean or belittle the things I do that have no financial reciprocity in exchange, because of course there is so much value in our lives and world beyond just the monetary.  Rather just to acknowledge that I am not a bottomless well.  I became famous for being an “activist” not for being an actress.  Being famous for being an activist means that everyone knows about you and knows about you within the context of caring, committed service, and that is how you are constantly approached by people day in and day out. 

People do not even think about all the thousands upon thousands of emails and messages I have to manage every year.   The hours poured into being in communication with people because I am too caring to just ignore people.  All the well-meaning and wonderful people young, old, and every age between, who want to ask me questions (often times for school reports, projects or interviews, all with timelines attached) have me help them find out information, ask me to come to their school or event (almost 100% of the time wanting me to come for free or for expenses only) or sometimes just sending a positive supportive message, but if I did not reply they would never know if I got the message, so I respond to those as well.   Almost everyone is kind (although I certainly get to be with some really self-centered, self-occupied, and just down-right mean and nasty people too,) and do not really think about they’re reaching out to me within the context of one of me and thousands upon thousands of needs and wants coming at me constantly. 

One of the numerous reasons I left living in the US is because I was so tired of having to always manage people wanting to talk with me everywhere I went.   Again, super kind people, but I felt like if I got asked yet one more time, “Oh Julia!  Hi!  How are you?  What are you up to these days?  What is your latest BIG thing?” I was going to scream!  At first when asked what my next BIG thing is, I would reply kindly that I do not live my life trying to break records or prove anything to anyone, but I eventually reached the point where I now reply, “Wow, you know, I would LOVE to know what YOUR BIG thing is!  Have YOU done even ONE thing big?”  And usually, their answer is to hem and haw.  Why?  Because they want their world to be better without wanting to stretch too far out of their comfort zone, and instead want people like me to keep “Wowing” them so they can pin their hopes (and their critiques) on us and let themselves off the hook for having to step it up in their own life.

Anyway, that leads me back around to why I have lost inspiration for writing—because it is yet another thing I do for free.  I don’t have all the myriad things it takes to turn a blog into a financial generating opportunity.  So, I offer the blog because it is another thing people like and want (well… some people that is) and some people seem to find positive value from it.  But as my life flows on, I find I would rather go swim in the sea, make food for friends, play with my cats, read a book… anything else that is just for me instead of yet one more thing for free for everyone else.  And that is my insight.

Sorry.  I know it is not very inspiring or enlightened or deep.  It is basic.  Mundane.  And it is me.  So, although, I will write on occasion, it will be only when it seems to be the thing coming through me at that time. 

May your life be filled with abundance in all the ways that nourish you.





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  1. Dear Butterfly,
    I am re-reading for the 7th(?) time The Legacy of Luna. I love it and wanted to tell you me and my friend are going to do a tree-sit someday too!

    With Love,

  2. to all a seasn there is
    your choices are yours never apologize.
    with great power is great responsibility
    u will have to deal with the ripples u create
    have a blessed day and many happy thoughts =_)

  3. Mudane – no. Truthful, authentic, and real – absolutely. This is a beautifully written piece Julia. One which I relate so deeply to.

    Although I don’t have your “fame”, my life also has been dedicated to service – primarily towards animals and the natural world. And, like you, I’ve become known as “the lady who gives and will do what others won’t”. And, over the years, I reluctantly admit that it has created some resentment. The demands are high, the return is low. Admittedly, I don’t love and care because I expect returns. I do love and care because it’s just who I am. And I also hope that others will model this caring and love in ways unique to their own souls. And in ways that also serve the world. Sometimes this happens, but more often than not, it just leads to a pat on the back and more expectations as they remain trapped in their own personally created limitations of egotism, indifference and/or fearful self-doubt. I don’t want the pat on the back. What I want instead is for humanity to live Ghandi’s words – “you must be the change that you wish to see in the world.” It’s rare to meet others who truly live from this perspective.

    I’ve recently decided to take my own message out in a bigger way and, eventually, will monetize it. Like you, I too am not a bottomless well and I finally truly recognize the need to care for the “i” that serves the “I”. I’m tired of living in a capitalistic, ego-centric world that has degraded to a point where the survival of the very planet is in question. I love this planet so deeply that I ache inside from the pain humanity has caused her. BUT, the pain that I feel is also motivation for greater action, even though I’m sometimes quite tired after all these years of activism and always “being the change” quietly on my own as well as “out there” hoping to inspire others. My soul is the driving force and I will never let her down. If anyone can relate, I know you can.

    So Julia, you are not alone. And ironically, my partner (who is also a dedicated activist and incredibly giving. She is truly amazing!) along with a car full of rescued cats and dogs are moving to a quieter place by the sea in the coming months to honour ourselves so that we can recharge our own souls, play with the dogs (and cats), swim in the sea (although its much colder in British Columbia), and make delicious vegan food for dear friends.

    Parallel paths Julia. And anything but mundane.

    Thank you for being the beautiful soul that you are.

  4. As always you inspire.

  5. I think that to be a true help to others, you certainly have to first take care of yourself. Even saints needed down-time. Don’t push yourself so hard, Butterfly, and choose your causes and commitments as carefully as you can so you don’t get spread so thin that there’s nothing left. And avoid the energy vampires who will try to drain you. Keep yourself supported by friends and allies who will help you recharge. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but sometimes it’s nice to be told these things by someone else. Love and peace to you, dear friend!

  6. I am simply ecstatic and grateful to be on this beautiful planet at the same moment with a soul as strong, wise, and resilient as you. Best wishes for much happiness.

  7. if anyone can relate, you know I can.. so, first of all, I root for you and I understand and share your point of view of a capitalistic, egocentric world
    people have forgotten so many things.. almost everything has gone lost, has been forgotten
    there is one reason for which we have forgotten so much, that is because we are not aware
    Just like when someone loses his house Keys; it happens because he was not aware, careful, alert
    Just the opposite happens when he is aware, the more he tries to lose his keys, the more it becomes impossible
    The same happens to us, when we are not aware, we lose everything, we forget everything and become closed and narrow-minded
    We have forgotten that every single living being can thrive thanks to our earth
    Not even one living being can live without the earth’s gifts and support.. no flower, no tree, no bird, no human being, no elk or hawk or squirrel, no fish, etc.
    We can breath and eat and drink and wash and find shelter and dress and be healed only thanks to our earth
    Earth feeds us in any possible way but we have forgotten this completely
    We are” here” and the earth, trees, animals are “there”, on another level, far away from us, without connection
    Instead, we share the same place, air, sun heat, water, land, we share the four elements nad should care for them
    Yes, it is true, man’s destiny is different, he has to discover and understand many things, he has to arrive to know who he is, he has a different purpose (compared to animals and trees) but he also must bear in mind that “all that lives” wants to live in harmony with us and is ready to help and feed us in any moment
    How can earth be seen as an enemy, something to run away from ?
    Being ungrateful is a symptom of this forgetfulness

    In addition, people are so scared to give.. they think that the more they give, the more they lose but this is only an economic consequence
    There is another law, nature’s law: the more you give, the more you receive, you reap what you sow

    Hope you have a great time and/or holiday in the place you are going to stay
    I look forward to hearing from you

  8. “People do not even think about all the thousands upon thousands of emails and messages I have to manage every year”

    How do I respond to this without adding to that! 😛

  9. Of course you should swim in the sea, Julia! And make food for friends, play with my cats, read a book, sing, dance, or even do absolutely nothing for a while. And perhaps every now and then you can drop us a note, we love to hear from you, but please don’t feel obligated. Much of what is “mundane” is still very important. So enjoy yourself, Julia… enjoy the mundane! 🙂

  10. Honest and true, thank you Julia. Enjoy LIFE!

  11. Ms Butterfly-
    I don’t see anything wrong with charging money to hear your ideas and stories. I would pay $20 American Dollars or more to hear you speak your ideas. Does money translate to the spiritual? Nope, it doesn’t; however, it can keep you alive. When a person can pay the rent and keep the lights on the stress level decreases and inspiration returns. Keep on keeping on with whatever you do. Maybe you should just play with the cat’s, hang with friends, get pissed, learn to play the guitar, and have a garden.

    Peace to you spirit.
    Trevor Marty

  12. I have never taken too much in consideration the number of the emails you daily receive
    You are right, “How do I respond to this without adding to that!” is perfect !!
    Anyway, what you call “mundane”, I call it life
    You know Julia, I have gone through so many lessons over the last 20 years that I really only long for having a bath in the sea, take in some sun, laying down on the cool grass, watching the birds running from one tree to another, hearing their “carol”, smelling all the perfumes around me, listening to my breath, feeling the touch of my skin on the ground, enjoying a good movie, having long walks in local parks, listening to the lovely sound of the pouring rain, etc.
    In my view, this is the only way I have to feel God
    I don’t have many other opportunities and means to rejoice
    And yes, inspirations and low stress levels are fundamental, so, first of all, take care of you
    In any case, never understimate the power of godsend.. I will be willing to spend 20 dollars or more to hear you speak your ideas !!
    Next weekend, I am going to set out .. two weeks to my house by the see, in the Marches
    My holydays by the sea, Julia.. I am going to save a special thought for you while swimming in the too-cold.for-you Italian-Adriatic and-not-so-beautiful sea ..
    Ciao ciao

  13. Look at this amazing woman speak:

  14. A ripple effect: I promise to commit 10 intentional acts of kindness for every blog post of yours I read, every youtube video or really ANYTIME I hear mention of your name.

    (I interrupt this promise to share an Interesting fact: My 10 yo daughter named her hamster ‘Luna’ after you and your beloved.)


    I promise to commit these acts of kindness IN YOUR NAME as payment/exchange for the inspiration you give me and so many others. Perhaps I shouldn’t call this a ripple effect, but rather the Butterfly Effect?

    Any one else care to join in this commitment to Julia and kindness?

    blessings and gratitude, and love and kindness right back to you dear Julia.

  15. Julia, I sincerely thank you for all of your kindness you have done/shown throughout the years. Take care of yourself and be well. But the reward for doing the right thing is not so much in the here-and-now soul-testing physical world but in the here-after paradise where I would love / hope to meet you when the time comes. I relate very much to you and your beautiful soul. Keep it up!
    Sincerely and lovingly, L.I.F.E.
    (Luke Isaac Fox Evergreen)
    Be well. May peace be with you, within you and all around you! Love.

  16. Actually I loved your post. (Please don’t answer this comment, I totally understand that you might prefer to go swimming or do something else). I loved it because you put into words a lot of the things that are going through my mind nowadays.

    I wrote a super extra short list of four people whose opinion I care for (I mind their opinion because they are the ones who make a difference in my life). The rest of the world can think whatever they want, but I don’t care.

    My list gave me peace of mind, and even though I take into account the opinion of these four people, it doesn’t mean that I always do as they think I should do. I just listen and pay attention to them, that’s all.

    Have a great day!

  17. I understand what it is to be drained and tired. I am just glad to hear from you once in a while.

  18. And I wish you all the good and happiness.

  19. If you were to return….
    There are beautiful places and people here..
    You may qualify for and certainly deserve disability support..
    And more easily and quickly engage and disengage into issues of more local interests..
    The country needs independent social, political and environmental journalists..
    You have the way about you.

  20. Your foundation is set, firm and expanding. Thank you for all you’ve contributed to life. The best is yet to come.

  21. I offer up a “hobby” point of view:

  22. Remember Julia. Martin Luther King Jr, as well as Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Buddha, Isis, Harriet Tubman, Fanny Lou Hamer, Osiris, Horus, Jesus, and many other spiritual revolutinaries, sages and sagettes, throughout history all went through this. We all have to live with the decisions and choices we make. Then again; some of us are ‘chosen’ to take this path. You being one of them. Embrace it! Become one with it. There is a big differende between ‘success’ and ‘greatness’. Success are the people like Jay-Z , Beyonce, Madonna, etc, etc. “Greatness” are people like those I mentioned above. It is ‘greatness’ that one is remmbered for, not success. I have been to many funerals over the years, and not at one funeral was there a mention about what the dead ‘had’ materially or monetarily acquired. All the eulogies were about what one did – what had they contributed if anything at all. WE are remembered for what we did on Earth, what we contributed. Thats greatness! And you have personnified that!! So enjoy your contributions. It is the mark of a great spirit. Be well my friend!

    Much love
    Bay Area

  23. Oh, one more thing Butterfly. You made the right move by leaving this sick, decadent and hideous country we live in. I am older now. Had an opportunity to leave America in the mid 90’s. Had I had known what America was going to become, I would have left. It is one of the few regrets that I have in my life. Because as America sinks more and more into perdition, be glad you left.

  24. Dear Julia, So glad things are well. I must say, voluntering only goes so far, until the bills need paying. How about that next “big project”? You know, like a movie, with sequels, great plot, Non Violent Communication theme, etc. You’d be a great star.
    thank you for sharing.

  25. Dear Julia,

    first time in my life I heard from you this morning, becaus my neigbour lent me her audiobook of your book. So I found your blog a few minutes ago. I would like to tell you that I personally feel that your blog is inspiring and deep.
    I also made the experience that the people want a lot but they don’t want to pay a price for it. This is how our world works. Sometimes ther seems to be no estimation of what someone gives. In my opinion it is absolutely justyfiable if it’s more important to yo to cook for your friends. And when you gear yourself towards the activitys which are valuable for you I’m optimistic tha you will find a good basis for financing your life.

    Yours Maria

  26. Lucky Karma

    I am 62 and it’s taken me this long to realize that I’ve succeeded in living my
    chosen lifestyle of a radical Feminist/HipiWitch, feeling like a trespasser,
    challenging status quo pseudo-values, nursing the best Magic, following a
    discipline of Grace.

    I don’t think I’m gonna live as long as my well-doctored parents have, but my
    only discomfort is worrying about leaving my last BlackDog a widow.

    I thank the Goddess for Garlic and Valerian and Cinnamon, Cannabis, Aspirin, and
    Grape juice.

    I thank the Fates for my Sister Pegasus, and the opportunity I’ve been given to
    contribute to our harbor and mutual understanding in our elder years, how many
    ever we are lucky enough to have together.

    I thank my Lucky Stars that I didn’t succumb to being average.

    I am grateful for deciding young
    to follow the Beat of the Different Drummer.

    from MorganaSage’s Webblog: Feb.28,2011

  27. Thank you Julia, for inspiring care and freedom.

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