Tempus Fugit

My how the days fly by.  I mean to write something every day, but then a week has passed and nothing gets written.  I get so busy LIVING my life, that I don’t always do the best job of documenting it.  I do the same with taking pictures.  I bring cameras with me all the time, but one would never know it because very rarely does the camera actually make it out of the case and into my hand for a photo.   And I am the exact same with writing recipes when I cook.  I am so into the process that if I try to stop to write down what I am doing, it doesn’t come out the same.  No matter how many times people ask me for a cookbook, I can’t seem to be able to create recipes (nor do I use them actually ; )



I turned 39 years old on February 18th.  I am most known for having lived in a tree for 2 years.  That was 14 years ago that I returned to Terra Firma.  14 years.  So very, very much has happened in those years.  I have travelled to many different countries and all over the US doing what I know to do to support the people, places, animals, and causes that I care deeply for and doing my best to inspire people into caring, conscious, committed ACTION.  I have been locked up in jail in the US and thrown into prison in Ecuador.  I have helped plant gardens and done what I could to protect others from being destroyed.  I have helped start a few different organizations, helped launch numerous more, coached even more, and have raised millions of dollars for organizations all across the US and all over the world.  I have sat with children and with elders and every age in between. I have worked on political campaigns and in peaceful, direct action and civil disobedience.  I have loved deeply and fiercely and have had my share of heartbreak and grief.  I have struggled to find health and home and to figure out how to care for my personal ecology in the midst of all I have done and continue to do for the external ecology.  I have learned to surf (although not so good at it ; ) and to scuba dive.  I have made many delicious meals for friends and FRamily.  I have acted kind, caring, and committed; and I have acted mean and hateful and apathetic.  14 years has flown by. 



39 years in some ways have flown by and in other ways feel like lifetimes.  I have had such a crazy wild ride of a life.  Back in the day when there were negotiations for a theatrical film about my life (never happened) I thought how crazy it was that in my late 20’s to early 30’s there was the possibility there was going to be a LIFE STORY about my life at 20 to 30 years old!  CRAZY!  And now, I am almost in my 40’s.  A whole new decade approaches.  I do feel like I have lived lifetimes in my almost 40 years.  My friends—from BEFORE Luna days—used to tell me I should write a book about my life because of all that happened to me leading up to what I am now semi-famous for.  And then there is the book that was written, mostly about a 2-year stretch of my life.  And now I am doing boring things like trying to grow my own food in the tropics and swimming in the sea and fixing things that fall apart and decay and rust (because that is a constant in the tropics.)  Of course, I still do a whole lot of work on behalf of all I care about, but I have definitely carved out a whole lot more time for myself and my own well-being. 


After coming down from Luna, I got so sick of people always asking me what my “next big thing” was going to be.  I got to the point where I started asking people in response, what their FIRST big thing was going to be!  I did not climb Luna to break records, become semi-famous, try to become some kind of leader, have people set me on pedestals or rip me off them.  I climbed Luna and ended up staying because it was all I knew to do to try to make a difference.   BT, DT, and AT (Before Tree, During Tree, and After Tree) seem to now be the segments of my life.  It’s weird and sometimes frustrating as all get out, but I guess the same goes for a lot of people who go through some major thing in their life.  I may always be known as, “The Girl Who Lived In The Tree,” but to me, I am just the girl living.  Living my life the way I feel called.  Paying attention to the times, I have strayed from that and made choices out of feelings of obligation or just because I was too tired to try to stand up for myself.  I have tattooed to my wrist now, “To Thine Own Self Be True” to remind me that that is my highest calling.  To be true to myself does not mean perfection and it doesn’t mean trying to make every else happy.  At 39 years old, I feel like maybe, just maybe, I am finally catching up with my own life—even as it still seems to fly so very, very fast right on by.


Here is to truly living our lives in our most radically authentic and loving way possible, and to remembering to appreciate the miracles and magic of the moments…because they do seem to fly so very, very fast by.




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  1. Brava, Sweet one…

  2. =) thx for the share were u close to the skyrock hit there in belize? looks like a silohet of u on the back of my archeology magazine for dec 2012 advertising belize

  3. That is a month’s worth of writing, surely.

    You may always be most famous for Luna, but that’s because few of us become famous for anything. You’ll know, as will friends and family, that all of your other years both past and to come were full of life just as important and more important, even if fame never brushes you again.

  4. Julia, this is really beautiful. At almost 63 years old, I too am feeling that maybe, just maybe, I am finally catching up with my own life, figuring out how very very little I actually know, the deliciousness of trusting in trust, and the blissful freedom of having faith in faith itself. Living from Heart and Soul instead of from my little mind. I think (there I go again!) something is really happening in the collective consciousness, the morphic field, bringing this shift about for many of us, almost in spite of all of our seeking to make ourselves ‘better’. Peace and Love to you. Happy Birthday! ❤

  5. Thanks Julia. It is my birthday today (34) and my wife said to me, “Life is not meant to be perfect, it meant to be REAL.”

  6. Ah, “The Girl Who Lived In The Tree”, yes, I remember you! What a glorious fifteen minutes of fame you had. Granted, it was quite a bit more than fifteen minutes, but in showbiz you’d still be called a “flash in the pan”. In the music biz, a “one-hit wonder”. But that’s not such a bad thing, since lots of artists in my music collection are one-hit wonders. Most are no-hit wonders. A few are lucky enough to be many-hit wonders.

    But what do they all have in common? They’re all wonders. As are you. Happy 39, JBH! 🙂

  7. Happy belated b-day !
    I think it’s great that you’re trying to grow your own food and cooking, and so on. Actually, although I was thrilled by your experience in Luna , what actually impressed me most of you was a great speech you gave in 2010 in a yoga meeting that I found in youtube (Divine mirrors, Ancestors of the future, etc) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjcU25_mqDY

    I quoted you in the only post that I’ve written in English in my blog, which is actually just a copy -paste of what you said (all credits given to you, of course). In a following post I translated those quotations in Spanish.

    Just FYI … Greetings from Panama City, Panama.

  8. Wishing you, albeit late, a dream-come-true new year! May this be your best trip around the sun, yet. Happy birth-on-earth day, dear one. All love…

    BTW (for what its worth): I miss your daily writing.

  9. Happy Birthday. Keep being True.

  10. Forest hero, Happy belated Birthday!!

  11. you’re dear in a unexpected way for an unencountered

    whas listenning to this when came across your story…

    and now you share more…

    and what a beatyfull shine indeed… 🙂

  12. Love Yo-Yo Ma 🙂

  13. My grandma would always say “tempus digit’. And she would also say “de gustibus non est disputandem”- in matter of taste there is no argument. I am grateful for the wonderful things that the truth of your being has brought our world and keeps on bringing. I send you blessings in your every moment and respect for the journey of your huge heart! : )

  14. Dear Julia,
    I realised on my own skin how easy it is to judge a person without knowing anything of him/her
    Sometimes I wonder whether this attitude “to judge” is something robot-like that is related to our mind, to the very simple functioning of our mind.. fullstop
    Something that ought to be overcome with an effort of awareness
    Lately, I was shattered by stomach flu, which began roughly on February 20th and is still going on
    I went to hospital three times for passings-out and sharp pains after swallowing any kind of food
    Many medical exams and blood samples to say.. “sharp stomach flu ! “
    Bad period indeed
    I’ve been feeling sorrow for a long time and I find it very difficult to sleep because of sudden moments of deep anxiety and fear
    So I “wake up” in the morning so weak.. but this is the period I have to face and I have to accept it
    What can I do ?
    I hope that, at the end of this period, my tunnel-vision and my blind-ego may wither away, clear away.. along with fear, this damned fear !
    This is the best thing that could happen to me
    And of course my trip to NYC has gone, disappeared..
    Moreover, there have been heavy cuts connected to the jobs in our office, so there are just the two of us (out of four that we were before)
    Me and my colleague.. who has recently undergone surgery at one ear, so, at the moment, I am alone at work
    Burdens over burdens
    Well, many best wishes for your recent birthday
    And relax Julia, don’t hold so tight, this is the only thing that I feel to say to you
    We are human beings, not super heroes, there is fear and anxiety and desperation and depression and anger ..and and and..
    Not only light is God’s, also darkness is God’s
    We must simply truly live what happens to us.. no attempt to change what it is into what it should be
    We don’t have to fit any pattern and any myth..
    If we have to suffer, we simply suffer, that’s all
    This is a religious attitude.. At least I suppose so..


  15. Hi Julia,
    Enjoy 39! Your post made me think of Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk from a few years back. You might find some similarities in her experiences with regards to “one-hit wonder”:

  16. Aw Miss Amira,

    You so awesome!!

    Thanks for sharing your heart and a bit of your grandma!

    Love, Love, and more Love,


  17. You’re a spiritual point of reference for those who love nature and animals and chose them as sources of inspiration for an artistic life journey. Thank you sweet Julia, I wish you a wonderful continuation.

  18. Thanks Roberto!

  19. Happy 39th Julia. I’m new to your blog and find your journey fascinating.

    I love the image of one of your bloggers said May this be a wondrous trip around the sun—, this life is truly an E ticket ride.

    In your Easter blog you mentioned the struggle that you’ve had since teenage hood with pain. Most of the work that I do and the service that I offer in the world is assisting people through to the other side of their pain. I can appreciate being in pain for as long as you have been and trying as many things as you’ve tried to move to the other side of it, you can be come discouraged. So what I have to offer may be a path that you’ve already tried but I’ll offer it just in case you haven’t. It’s the exploration of what your body’s been so desperately trying to get your attention about for so many years. It’s difficult and scary to bring our attention into the center of pain and discomfort but it’s that exploration that is sometimes necessary.

    The process is about creating time, open-ended time, with no other agendas other than the exploration of this or these areas of your body that are trying to get your attention. Find a comfortable position and have someone that you love and trust placed their hands over the area of your body that is most intense, and gently bring your attention into that area and soften around and allow it to express itself in whatever way it chooses to express, any time that your attention wanders bring it back. Your friends task is to continue to encourage you to soften into that experience more and more deeply more and more effortlessly with no other agenda other than to explore this experience and to be open to any messages or memories that reside there.

    May this be a blessed trip around the sun, Larry Sweet.

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