The Gift That Continues Giving

Hello Friends,

In case you did not read my blog post last month, 2 dear friends/family FRamily asked for their friends to do something out of the ordinary in kindness in honor of their birthdays.  I was so touched by their generosity in the face of tragedy (spurred by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School) that i wanted to truly stretch beyond my normal giving nature, so i chose to donate to a different organization each month for a year.  To see the inspiration behind my commitment, go to: 

Last month, i contributed to the Winnemem Wintu.  This month, i am contributing to another amazing Native American organization Honor The Earth 

There are so many reasons to support Native People’s organizations– from giving back to those who have had their sacred places and homes stolen and destroyed, to honoring and supporting those who have had a deep relationship to being one with a place, and the list goes on and on.  Another reason i have given often over the years to various Native organizations and communities is because one of the ways racism shows up in the environmental movement is that LESS than 2% of ALL environmental funding goes to Native People.  So, for me as a person who cares deeply for the Earth and comes from white European descent, it is absolutely crucial to my integrity and to all i care about, to contribute in this way.

A truly fantastic organization is Honor The Earth– working on Energy Justice, Youth Leadership, and Building Resilience.  In the words of a woman i have so much deep appreciation for, Winona Laduke, “Power is in the earth; it is in your relationship to the earth.”

It is my joy and honor to support the important work of Honor The Earth this month in my year-long commitment to contributing to the work i care deeply about.

As we approach Valentine’s Day, please show some love for Honor The Earth by joining me in financially supporting their work (any level of contribution is a true gift.)  

Or if another organization’s work is really speaking to you right now, please make a Love Offering this month in honor and support of their work.

Love and Gratitude,



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  1. always enjoy the causes u support thx for sharing them hope u are quickly recovering from the visit to usa is there any truth to the air is cleaner were u are ? happy thoughts =)

  2. This is great my Nices & Nephews are so spoiled & I send them money it feels very empty. Now to send them certificates to the places I donate to in their name that will at least make me feel better. Sorry I don’t mean to sound so selfish there. Fantastic idea!!

  3. Yay Stormy!! It will also teach them about caring about the world around them!

    Blessings and Gratitude,


  4. hey, this week i’ve come in touch with your story… some shine you’ve recieved hm!? amazing…

    writing here from brazil, near sao paulo.

    the thrive has been for some time for living of the nature, far from money as it can be possible,
    demostrating to people how much beaty exist in the simple way of living.
    kind of alone lately… most of the alternative people that come across are still attached to many little ‘conforts’, to put in a nice way (drinking, smoking, planning recreation trips) and those barriers i could not yet figure it out to work along…

    really don’t know why is this writing coming through, but here it goes…
    your shine of connection touched and i’m in a position of share time and efforts…
    very gratefull of heaving you in connection…

    only the best bella!

  5. I saw the documentary about the beautiful community garden in LA. I was so inspired by it, by the people supporting, by you. My appreciation, and respect for nature grows bigger and bigger every time I stop to realize how this world have become so materialistic and selfish that we are destroying our selves now and the future for our next generations. You have an amazing heart.
    I also wanted to share something that also impacted me in such a deep way. Something that made me see the purpose of nature in a different but still respectable way…it’s the book of Vladimir Megre “The ringing cedars of Rusia” It’s an amazing book. We can never be too inspired

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