Love Is In The Air

Hi Friends,


I came across this article today, and I love it on so many levels. As it is a Sunday and so many people who call themselves Christians (followers of Christ) see this as a very important and religious day, I felt it was even more important to post this today.  Jesus’ teaching was so much focused on love and kindness and inclusion. My heart breaks at the amount of hypocrisy in the religion and how it seems so few of his followers seem to truly live his teachings:


May all beings everywhere, be happy, peaceful, and free.  And this includes the freedom to be with and marry (or not) whomever we feel called and compelled by love to. 





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  1. “May all beings everywhere, be happy, peaceful, and free.” You get a big ol’ Amen from me on that.
    FIfty or so years ago my bi-racial marriage would have been illegal. The fact that in 2013 still not all adults are free to marry their life love blows my mind, but as cliche as it may be I have to believe love will ‘conquer’ all. May we soon see the day when all beings are free to love, free to live. ❤

  2. Today, while looking at my desktop calendar, I remembered your “18th“..
    I’ve been trying to produce something “nice” for that, letting myself be inspired by the current falling snow

    And, of course, I am NOT a poet..


    The tenderness of the falling snow,
    Marks a time for the nature to rest,
    The year was hard, seasons after seasons
    Many challenges to face,

    Squirrel and bear are playing safe in the cave,
    Waiting for a time of wonders to come,
    Porcupine and fox bring the joy of innocence,
    For it is time we went back our true home,

    Allies in the woodlands, Nature holds you dear,
    Even though the source of our passage,
    Remains a mystery,
    Traced by the silence of the falling snow

  3. Grazie Marcello.



  4. much on the stove so to avoid missing it happy arrival on earth day 2u =) many of us would not be the same without u =) stay wholesome and healthy sbv

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