In Honor Of Home

Today i picked up friends who have come to visit.  My one friend i have not seen in years.  She and i have known each other since the days of the Luna action. i am so thrilled to be able to host her and her partner in my home.  i am thrilled that i have a home to host them in.

For many, many years i have been moving from one place to the next, never really putting down roots.   After doing that for so long, i started to desire a place to “nest.”  

As i sit here writing this, one sweet kitty, Fabio, purrs near me on his perch.  He likes being close by me much of the time.  His sister, CiCi, is hanging out in her favorite room upstairs.  She likes to know she can come find me when she wants, but definitely is more of the loner and enjoys her little hiding perches.  i knew once i felt able to be a guardian to a furry friend, that for sure would be the sign that i was putting down roots. 

i know that “home is where your heart it” and “home is where you hang your hat” and other such cheezy, well-meaning lines, but the reality for me is that after spending so much of my life never completely unpacking, living out of storage units, and staying with friends, i really longed for a place to call my little spot, my home, my place where i can have a well-stocked kitchen, a garden, and cats (these being in my highest priority categories of what makes a place feel like home.)  

And speaking of kitchens (and as an ode to all of you who constantly tell me you love when i post about food ; )  today, i made my friends veggie soft tacos.  The only thing is, if you have never had tortillas made from fresh ground corn masa, you don’t know what a real tortilla experience is.  The difference between tortillas made from corn flour vs. tortillas made from ground whole kernels of corn can not be put into words… but i will try… it is like the difference between a Ferrari and a Fiat, an outfit made of polyester on a hot day or one of brushed organic cotton, hemp, or flax, a $5 bottle of wine or a $500 bottle (ok maybe a $50 bottle but you know what i mean ; ) Yes, really, no joke, BIG, HUGE difference!!!  

So, on our amazing fresh corn tortillas, we piled sauteed veggies, hummus (yes, my famous hummus ; ), avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, and hot sauce.  AND, as if that were not enough, we ate them on my new roof deck overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the second largest barrier reef in the world on one side, the lagoon with all kinds of birds on the other, and parakeets, pelicans, and cormorants flying above us.  Yep… that’s my kind of meal!

Although, i get and appreciate the importance of appreciating wherever i am (as in, “Home is where your heart is), i am so deeply grateful for and loving the opportunity i have now to have finally unpacked from all my boxes, have a garden, and a well-stocked kitchen with which to feed people i love.  It makes a world of difference for the small world of “Julia.”


Love, Laughter, and Good Food,




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  1. My mouth is watering. I need to have a real tortilla experience. Lucky house guests. Guess you’re feeling better? Hope so anyway…

  2. I hope you like using the apron you have from Joshua Tree I sent.

  3. Hey Julia, tell that Luna friend of yours that Dirt says hi…. And that I wonder which Luna friend they are.

  4. I confess I have had $3 wine and once $300 wine, and I’m not sure I could tell them apart. Shallow of me, I know. Also, did you post the hummus recipe? Will you again, or point to where it is? (I just had some from the store, which was good, but your hummus sounds better.) Thank you.

  5. A married couple was passing their honeymoon
    A nice hotel in the middle of the forest.. only silence.. and, of course, the right atmosphere
    One night, they leaned onto the window sill of their room, staring at the moon:
    “What a beautiful moon, it is something enchanting, it makes us feel so free and loving and sensitive.. this moon must have a kind of magic..”
    Downstairs, into another hotel room, there was a man who had just lost his son in a car accident:
    That night, he leaned onto the window sill of his room, staring at the moon:
    “What an ugly moon, it is something awful, it makes me feel so sad and desperate and “dead-end”.. this moon must have a kind of sorcery..”

    I always carried my inner “conditions” everywhere I was or went
    When I used to feel really bad, I could not even consider the place I was, beautiful or ugly it could be
    When I used to feel really cool, I could not even consider the place I was, beautiful or ugly it could be
    I have always experienced that

    But I totally agree, lovely peaceful places make our lives so sweet and rich..
    Good for you Julia !


  6. ok dear one … please get out that camera!!! your views sound inspirational 🙂 thanks as always for sharing you.

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