Blah, Blah, Blah, etc… : )

Hi Friends,


i sit down to write with nothing in my mind to write, but i want to keep to trying to write even when i have nothing to write.

My, how many “write”s can i fit in one sentence?  Well, apparently 4.  : )

i really need to try to start writing earlier in the day.  These last days, i get so tired early that  i can’t seem to generate interesting and creative things to write.  

Upcoming blogs will cover food, friends, fun, and awesome organizations that i support and work with in various ways.

OK, that’s it.  That’s my big posting for today.  ; )




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  1. Mention of food perked me up, lol. What could possibly follow the Hummus Chronicles? Looking forward…

  2. Yay…..

  3. maybe your more of a vloger . ?

  4. If I may suggest, don’t try to be creative. When you want to write, just tell us a little about your day. What happened. Who you saw. Even the Weather. We will appreciate each detail, and you’ll likely discover that more complex opinions and themes will emerge over time without any special effort.

  5. I have a better idea…write in lemon juice and then we’ll decode it on our end. : )

    There is no wrong when writing…..just exhale on the page…

  6. Thank You for the laugh Matt!!!


  7. Dear Julia, Thank-you so much for your timely letters. You saved me from jumping off the planet. My 35 yr old daughter is a born again Christian & has decided that I need to become the same or I can’t see or speak to my 3 Grandbabies. She was upset that I talk about you so highly she said that I wanted a daughter like you instead of her. I love my daughter with all my heart for who ever she wants to be I don’t care, even when I thought she was gay I was ready to deal with it. When she said that though I really felt bad because she was kind of right, I do wish she cared about the earth we live on but her husband has turned her into a Republican conservative as she calls it & a dutiful Christian wife. She has a degree in Architect, Drafting & Music, & now she is to stay home wear a dress, keep her hair up & teach my granddaughter to do the same. My heart is so confused. I really just wanted to thank-you for being there. I was hurting so much from this it felt good to hear from you. Please tell your mother you love her no matter what she is, & you will be perfect in her eyes I’m sure. I am assuming you have a great mom. The next time you are in the CA Redwoods look me up I will give you and friends a place to stay. 707-502-1050 304 Redway dr. Redway CA I have a huge kitchen and hoping for a great garden this year. I’ve only been here for 5 years it’s been real hard because I’m not related to anyone here & it seems every one is one way or another I think you are familiar with the area.😁 Thanks again I love what you doe: Wed, 6 Feb 2013 02:13:15 +0000

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