Hidden Gifts… AKA… Poisonous Rash

Hi Friends,


My desire to write something interesting and worthwhile is tempered with the reality that i am dealing with blisters, bursting, pouring toxic liquid allover my itching, burning body.  Ah, yes, the joys of poisonous plants.  Or in my case, dirt.  Yep, my karma is that i don’t get a form of poison ivy from the tree.  i get it from dirt.  

i have been trying every form of everything recommended and no sooner than i clear it up in one spot then it bursts out in another. 

As i sat here wondering if i was going to be able to post anything meaningful, i asked the poison to teach me beyond the physical. Because i know that nothing happens for a reason.  No really nothing happens for a reason.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is missing a crucial component.  The reality is, everything happens.  That’s it.  Everything happens, and the reason is what we make of it.  We are the ones that create the reason. 

So the reality is i got a bumpy, boiling, bursting, itching rash.  i get to choose a reason, so this time i asked it to teach me something.  And what is showed me is that i (and most, if not all of us) have toxins hidden inside of us.

i did not get the poisonous rash from the plant itself.  i got it from working with sacks of soil that somehow had the poison hidden in the soil.  

i think about the life coaching i do with people.  i LOVE the coaching experience.  i truly LOVE it on so many levels!!  And one of the most common areas we look at and work on, is the hidden places in ourselves that set us up for failure.  Those hidden toxins that hide behind things we think are “fine.”  

They are the toxins that keep popping up over and over until we uncover the source, the root, and work on healing from the ground, up and the inside, out.  

Just like this poisonous rash that was hidden in sacks of soil, what toxins from our past lie hidden inside of ourselves, popping up over and over again–maybe wearing different maks–but basically being the same issue showing up over and over again?

So, as i sit here trying not to scratch myself into bloody oblivion, i am inviting in the wisdom to look into my life and see what toxins lie hidden from my first and immediate view, so that i might heal and transform them.  


If i must deal with the physical hell of this itching, burning, rash, then the least i can do is get some good lessons from it.


May we all look with fierce love into the hidden parts of ourselves to uncover the toxins that lie there, not so we might judge, but rather heal and transform, so that the soil of our souls can become the healthy, fertile gardens we are meant and called to be.




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  1. Bravo and Amen….

  2. Brava and Aha…

  3. When I was a teenager, I was what can be easily defined as a video game addict
    I used to spent whole afternoons playing video games, most of the time with a dear (at that time) friend of mine
    We were eased in doing that because just downstairs my old home, there was the biggest games room in Bergamo
    My favourite game was the “dragon’s liars”
    To make a long story short, the aim of the game was to save a princess captive onto the tower of a very far away castle, located in the middle of nowhere, shielded by a huge spitfire Dragon
    There were many different game levels to overcome before the final combat.. but the “least common multiple” of all of these level was that the enemy was always hidden somewhere else
    There were hurdles and snags everywhere but, until the last level, one could not know what the source of them was, they seemed to come from an unknown source, the enemy was always hidden
    And the source was always the same, the huge dragon at the end of the game
    And when one could overcome one level, the following one was harder to come to grips with
    Increasingly.. and at the end of the game, (and one was really supposed to be a MASTER if he could reach the last level) the final defy was between the little narrow knight and the gigantic spitfire dragon
    One the screen, there was the little knight and the infinite dragon, ratio 1:7
    Just to see it, one only wanted to escape, there was no proportion at all, a one-sided battle
    Of course, if one had known – in advance – what he was in for, I think he would certainly have given over !!
    A last ditch fight.. the reward was to save the princess and to create a new better world for the kingdom that, until then, was the battle field of a costant “batter down” from the dragon
    Well, isn’t it the parable of life ?
    But I can remember very well, when I won the game, I felt at the seventh heaven, because I took months to learn how to overcome all the obstacles..
    But the reward and the victory was so sweet and healing.. the memory of it still fresh


  4. =) did you consider that this is their normal defense against injury and we often have to get exposed to the bothersome prickly side of people to get used to their lives. we might even learn to graft some of it into our gardens along the borders.as our own glad your staying faithful and basic calamine lotion unavailable? benadryle makes me sleepy but helps too statede lotion mix used to sell well =) happy thoughts

  5. Ahh Julia this is beautiful and I am experiencing a process of similar excavation. How could I share your post on my facebook page?

  6. Hey Julia!
    I sincerely hope your itch rash is better! Funny… Wired that is… I had a skin eruption last year also from the dirt! Called leishmaniasis a tropical Protozoa that got me from a mosquito bite while working a dead deforested farm in Costa Rica… Festered for five months ate a hole in my leg… Could not diagnose it for a long time… Scary as hell but did not hurt or itch… Finally took
    18 shots of antimony and voila started to heal… Like you I investigated the layers and allowed myself to be in the shadows of myself my own festering wounds and explored these areas while healing… The experience transformed me to express me needs more and to ask for help… Always staying strong and seeing the positive side was NOT the cute this time… Rather I dove into the dark and came out lighter!!! I have the scar… It’s a big one… Right where all can see! And I look at it fondly now knowing that I survived… I killed the bug and opened myself thru the process to my own humanity and vulnerabity… What does not kill
    Us really does make us stronger!! As a help to you… Try bentonite clay taken internally for a course of months… Kills parasites etc that eat at us!!! Many people have success with the clay for such skin eruptions long term… You can order quality from health store or homeopath…. Good luck!! Healing with consciousness of our deepest needs… Like you said… We each give the reason for the accident illness down time etc… Fertile ground to cultivate a new healthier you!!
    Great blog!! Uncanny shared thoughts! With love!

  7. Thanks Lori. i guess you just put a link to this page on your FB. Blessings,


  8. Julia,

    I’ve been thinking of you. I hope you have felt the current of love of well wishes flowing your way even though I am so delayed in getting this tangible note to you.

    Hope you are feeling so much better by now.

    All Love,

  9. My hubby was so bummed to learn that you were suffering that he went to the computer (he is such a sweetheart) to check for remedies!

    While I am sure you have had more than your share of advice and suggestions from well-meaning people in your life, as I am sure you have done ample amount of research on your own to get well and get relief, I offer his findings as a mere exchange of love and care.

    He found a product called Tecnu (looks to be vegan) that appears helpful to many although being in the blister phase may make it a little late for this. He said, “…be sure to tell her there are three different product options.” So I am passing this love note on to you (how could I not, he is so sweet and caring)! I too am thinking that aloe vera gel mixed with blue green algae could be soothing.

    Hope by now you are well. Know that you are loved and thought of.

    All love,
    Treesa and Chris

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