Writing Just For the Sake Of Writing

Yes.  It is true.  i missed another posting.  That makes three.  Am i out?

Well, i am very much enjoying the challenge of the writing process, even though i have missed some days. Sometimes, days just fly by and before i know it, the day is over without having written anything.  (Yes, i know that’s a lot of “days” in only two sentences.  ; )

As it turns out, tonight, i am tired and although i had things i was going to write, it just isn’t going to happen tonight.  But, i wanted to write something just so another day did not go by with me failing on my commitment to write every day. 

As an aside note, i got a form of poison oak/ivy from dirt sacks that i got to plant some fruit trees in my yard.  Well, actually, it’s not too far an aside as that is part of why i am tired, from not sleeping great last night as my face, neck, and hands are covered in the itching, burning rash.  Oh, what fun!

So, that is my post.  Life is sometimes profound and sometimes just mundane, every day, running errands, and dealing with poisonous rashes.  There are some people who try to make mundane things all kinds of profound.  And sometimes, i am in to that too.  But not tonight. Tonight, i have written, i have slathered myself in a ground-up poultice of a plant that helps pull out the toxins from the rash, and now, i will go to sleep.


Good night.





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  1. I have been a writer. And I have been a person. And in both roles, every day is a new world to try for your goals. Please don’t beat yourself up for missing one, two, any number of days. Don’t focus on what’s behind. It rarely helps to motivate. And it ties knots in your chance for happiness, for yourself and for those around you. Just sleep well, rise and stretch, and tell yourself “Today I’ll do my best.” Writing can be hard. Living can be hard.

  2. And I haven’t kept up with my goal of posting a comment every day! But no worries, J, we love you for your quality, not your quantity 🙂

  3. Hi Julia, keep on writting, don’t worry if it’s everyday or not. Before 2013, you were posting only once a month (or so) and now you are posting several times a week. Quoting The Lorax, “it’s not what it is, it’s what it can become” ; ) . Your posts are seeds, not only for you, but also for the people who read you.

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