To The Creator In All Of Us!

Hi Friends,

For those of you keeping track, yes indeed, i missed yet another posting day in my commitment to write every day.

i gave myself the challenge inspired by my fantastic teacher in college, “Teach.”  

i am really thriving in the challenge actually.  i am the kind of person who does better with challenges–it makes me work harder and better than i do without  them (hence choosing to spend an extraordinary amount of time living in an over 1,000 year old ancient elder tree for over two years : )

My commitment to writing every day is really inspiring my creativity and thoughtfulness as well which i am so grateful for.  My creative side is vital to my aliveness, so anything that encourages and inspires that in me is welcome.

Thinking of creativity makes me reflect on how in the US, we seem to have unlimited amount of funds for weapons and war, yet all the arts and creativity are being cut out of schools because of lack of funds.  i had a challenging childhood, and art was absolutely critical in my ability to express and work through the difficulties i experienced.  So here we are, cutting funding for creative expression–ways for young people to work through the complexities of our world– and instead, overspending on war and violence.  It is any wonder that there is so much violence erupting in our world?


BT, DT, and AT (Before Tree, During Tree, and After Tree– the three segments of my life ; ) i have always done things to support the arts for communities in need.  Nature is creative– it is in our nature to create.  So arts are not a privilege, they are a right.


i am going to post some links to some truly wonderful organizations working on connecting arts with underserved communities.  Check them out, be inspired, and if so moved, please support them with green energy.  Also, please look into your community and see if there is an arts organization serving communities who might otherwise be left out of creative opportunities and support them!!  This is an AWESOME organization that brings together arts, service, and personal leadership development.  i have supported them for many years and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that I have the opportunity to do so. If you ever are anywhere near Baltimore, you MUST go to this museum!!  You will be so inspired!  They have an incredible after school program that supports youth from underserved communities, and even much of their staff come from communities who are often excluded from right livelihood opportunities.  This is another organization i am HUGELY passionate about and have done various things over the years to support them, their mission, their vision, and all that they serve.  i have done numerous fundraisers for this organization in its various forms.  It is so inspiring because it combines eco-consciousness with caring for youth and empowering them through the arts. 


Please remember, arts are not a privilege they are a right.  And they are right that are absolutely vital to making our world a better, more beautiful and caring place!!  Please, please, please, either support one of these organizations or support one in your community… or both!!!


Love and Creativity,







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  1. I love what you wrote about the importance of art! One of my most favorite poems ever recorded in last lines spoke to importance of art, of the act of creation that is actively creating in ourselves, aka how to keep sane…

    Here’s a link to the recording as well as a copy of the poem:

    A kangaroo rat is
    so efficient it can go
    a whole lifetime without
    taking a single drink of water
    An alligator only needs
    an inch & a half above
    the surface of the water
    to see hear & smell you
    An owl can glide in silence
    & with pinpoint hearing
    locate a mouse tunneling
    in the dark under the snow
    So how is it that the only animals
    who call themselves intelligent
    produce fumes so strong
    we’re smelling up the atmosphere?
    We humans talk about allowing
    nature to take its course as if
    nature ever needed to ask
    for permission to do anything
    but when we took on consciousness
    we also took on responsibility
    The impulse that began creation
    is still working creatively in us

    –Steve Toth

    PS: I posted this to my Facebook tonight: “Spiritual power begins by directing animal power to other than egoistic ends.” –John Ruskin

  2. Hi Julia,

    I know you have moved on from your days as a tree sitter in Luna. Just wanted to bring to your attention that you still continue to inspire. At this moment, there is a protest underway in the town of Willits, CA in regards to the bypass that Caltrans is planning to construct there to improve the traffic condition. The bypass construction will destroy a wetland area, many pondersosa, blue and black oaks, madrone, threaten local streams, as well as remove nesting areas for migratory birds, as well as open the possibility for areas to the north to be threatened as the highway expands and is open to larger truck traffic.

    There is a young woman named “Warbler” who has just started a tree sit in a Ponderosa pine in the construction area. She brought your book the “Legacy of Luna” to read while she sits at the top of her tree. Just thought I’d pass the news along. Have a good day…

  3. Thanks for letting me know Mark!!

    Sending prayers for the stand against the bypass!

    Love and Blessings,


  4. Thank you for this post recognizing the importance of art in the schools of under served areas. This is a topic very dear to my heart. After traveling to Kenya every summer for the past four years, and learning that Kenyan schools do not offer arts and music programs, I co-founded the organization Build.Create.Kenya with three other dedicated volunteers. Together it is our mission to bring these essential programs to schoolchildren in Kenya, as we know it is imperative to their development. Every year we offer the opportunity for people to join us in an expedition to Kenya to work in our schools for a few weeks…perhaps one year we will be blessed with you joining us 🙂 Thank you so much for validating my organization’s message; it provides me with so much inspiration and motivation!

  5. Awesome Dori!! i am posting your link to your website because you forgot to. ; )

    Thanks for your great work!


  6. Thank you so much! I didn’t want to take advantage of your blog comments, so I really appreciate the link!

  7. Thanks for being thoughtful Dori. Your work sounds great and relevant, so a link is a welcome addition to my blog. ; )

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