The Hummus Chronicles Part II

Hi Friends,

As previously promised… the story of hummus.  Well… my story of hummus anyway.  And really, to be perfectly clear, not so much a story about hummus as it is a story about how we choose to live our lives and what we choose to focus our time and energy on.  But to say it is a story about hummus certainly makes it seem way more interesting, so let me begin backwards.  


Yesterday, I made hummus.  It is a rather common ritual in my life. As a Joyous Vegan, hummus is one of my favorite go-to protein snacks.  As I was making it, I started laughing to myself, thinking of how many people would think I am totally crazy if they knew how I make hummus.  And then I thought to myself, “There is such a good story to my craziness in this instance, that I think I must share.”


And so, here I am, sharing.  I imagine by now, more than one of you are wondering what in the world I do in the making of hummus that is so very crazy.  Ready?  Drum roll please…


I peel my chickpeas after I cook them.


Yes, I do.  I peel each and every single chickpea.  Each. And. Every. One.


Why? You might ask?  Other than the fact that I must be clearly loose in the marbles department.  Because it makes for the most deliciously smooth and creamy hummus imaginable.  And because I find the process wonderfully meditative.  And because I absolutely love putting loving mindfulness into the food I make.  That is why.

And this leads us even further backwards to a month or so ago where I was sitting at a bar at a restaurant near my home.  This particular restaurant is mostly bar actually, only a few scattered tables on the beach, so most of the seating is around a bar. It is not just a bar as in a place to drink alcohol only, but rather, it is the style of sitting.  It is a gathering place that draws some incredibly interesting people from all over the world and conversations often strike up amongst strangers. 


And this particular day was no exception as a group of us began talking.  And somehow we were talking about one of my favorite things… food.  I forget exactly how the conversation came up, but I think it had something to do with someone mentioning something I had cooked and shared with them recently and how much everyone liked it.  And then somehow, I was sharing about all these delicious meals I had been making lately.  I get VERY animated when talking about anything I am passionate about, and I remember just being so happy as I was listing off the various things I had made and how I make them all Joyously Vegan.   Flour and gluten-free lasagna with zucchini noodles, sun-dried tomato pesto and cashew almond ricotta.  Chipotle and caramelized garlic hummus (yes, I know, hummus ; ), chocolate cake with caramelized pecans and fresh grated coconut from coconuts I hand-husked and hand-grated, etc…  


People around me were saying things like, “Mmmmmm…” “Yum” and “That sounds incredible!” 


Everyone except one woman…


But you will have to wait until tomorrow for that part of the story.  In my new commitment to writing every day, I realize that before I felt like I couldn’t post anything unless it was really “meaningful” and some version of what I judged was good enough to post.  Now, it is about just making sure to post each day, which also has to include making it sustainable for myself or else I will do really great for a bit, but then burn out. 


So, that is part 2 of the The Hummus Chronicles, and I promise there is a tie in between the fact that I am crazy woman who peels every single chickpea before blending my hummus and the story of hanging out a bar.  Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story.


And in the meantime, consider looking into your life to see if there is somewhere that you could bring a sense of the special into the mundane (maybe peeling chickpeas isn’t for you, but the possibilities are limitless ; )


Love and Laughter,



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  1. I like this new daily format. I was the one that suggested a while back that you should take to twitter. But, I suppose this is even better as you are able to express far more than twitter’s character # limitations allow. Always makes me smile “seeing your voice” in my inbox. It’s nice getting to better-know your pajama wearing, tea drinking self, if you know what I mean. 🙂 ~ Bill

  2. The meditative-ness makes perfect sense, like some Buddhists who supposedly chew each bite umpteen times. The energy that people put into food while preparing it really does make a difference and is highly under-rated, as is enjoyment of eating. People often make a big deal about WHAT to eat (which is more and more valid nowadays), yet overlook the HOW. Eating quietly without gabbing through the entire meal is also a plus, in my humble digestive experience. Also, learned something new b/c sometimes i rinse chickpeas to minimize salt content and have noticed how they start to peel on their own, and wondered about that. Guess i’m halfway there on the crazy culinary scale : )

  3. Thanks Bill,

    Glad you are enjoying the writing. i am enjoying the process thus far and yes, twitter just isn’t my style of communication.



  4. The meditative-ness makes perfect sense, like some Buddhists who supposedly chew their food umpteen times. The energy people put into preparing food is under-rated, it makes a big difference. While WHAT to eat is even more important nowadays, so is HOW to eat. Eating quietly without gabbing through the entire meal is also a plus, in my humble digestive experience. Learned something new too, as sometimes i rinse chickpeas to lessen salt content and have noticed that they start to peel on their own; guess that makes me halfway to culinary crazy : )

  5. Hi Mankh!

    Even cheaper and better for the planet to buy dried chickpeas, soak them overnight, cook them in a pressure cooker (about 5 minutes on the flame after the pressure is sealed, and then by the time the pressure is relieved, their done!)

    Glad you a

  6. hi Julia! Thanks for the tip. PS You can delete one of my comments b/c wasn’t sure it went thru the first time b/c of cookies setting (no food pun intended!) so entered it twice.

  7. JBH writing is awesome. Hummus is awesome. JBH writing daily about hummus is perhaps more awesome than my awesomeness processor can process. Must upgrade awesomeness processor! 🙂

  8. Awesome!! ; )

  9. a bit of the old butterfly coming through stick with it a little goes a long way. I’m wondering if the hummus at the airport recently was peeled? could the change have caused some digestive trouble’s? ie sickness? well now i await the next chapter while enjoying my b-day on the gulf breeze.side of the water betwixt us, sbv happy thoughts my friend

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