The Hummus Chronicles

Hello Friends,

Today i made hummus.  There is a whole lot more to the story, but i am so very tired from only having had 2 hours of sleep last night (i am not the best sleeper sadly) that i am not going to actually write the whole story now.  Yes, it is true, you will just have to check back in tomorrow for the hummus chronicles.  

As i committed to writing every day, i am doing my very, very best to see how long i can follow through with that commitment.  So, even a few, short silly lines is still writing.  

For now, suffice to say, i love hummus, i love my weird and whacky process of making hummus (because it really isn’t weird and whacky for a weird and whacky girl like me ; ) and i love the thought of actually getting good sleep tonight.

So until tomorrow, sweet dreams… or savory dreams as in the case of hummus and other such food delights for the non-sweet-tooth inclined.  




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  1. It’s nice to see you in my inbox these past couple days. Sweet dreams.

  2. Wonderful title! Do you sing when you make this? can you hum us a few bars : )

  3. You inspired me to become an environmentalist, and made me see no one person is to small to make a difference.


  4. That is the best message ever Matt!!!!!!! Yay!!! And THANKS!!!

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