For The Love Of Animals

Hi Friends,

I made a commitment to write every day and it is now 10:30pm my time in Belize, and the day has flown by.  It is wild to me, how days here seem so slow and yet whiz by all at the same time.  Even after living here for two years now, I still haven’t gotten quite used to this paradoxical relationship with time.

As I lay on my side, writing this, here on the chaise lounge chair that is my sort-of couch, a sweet cat, Fabio, is purring contentedly nestled up against the small of my back.  I recently adopted him and another cat, CiCi from the animal shelter here.  Each day they are getting more and more comfortable with me, although CiCi is still highly skittish and jumps and runs at the slightest noises.

I had adopted a kitten, RJ, a few months back, but sadly, he was killed in my own yard by a boa constrictor snake.  I had never seen a big snake in my yard, but this one day, little RJ ran right out the door as I was leaving to run errands, and I could not coax him back in.  I figured I was just going to be gone for a couple hours, so he would be fine.  When I returned and called for him and he did not come running up, I knew something was wrong.  RJ would always come running whenever I called him.  I waited a while thinking maybe he had just wandered far off, but in my gut, I knew something was wrong.  I called again and still he did not come, so I decided to go look for him.  As I walked out the back door, my eyes were drawn to his favorite bougainvillea bush where he loved to hide and watch lizards, iguanas, and birds.  And it was there, that I saw with horror, he was being eaten by the snake. I did not realize that I lived in such a dangerous area for little RJ as there are quite a few bigger cats that roam the neighborhood.  I knew it would be unsafe at night and never let him go out anywhere even close to dusk, but I had no clue it would be dangerous for him in the middle of the day.  It was heartbreaking for him to die that way.  And I had to struggle with knowing that the snake was just being a snake and eating to survive.  There was no malice or evil intent in the snake.  But, sadly for me, it was my four-legged furry friend who ended up being the snake’s meal.

I still cry sometimes.  That little fur ball worked his way deep into my heart in a very short period of time.   I waited a little while until the gripping grief had passed through, and then, just a few days ago, adopted these two older cats.  I know kittens are easier for the shelter to adopt out because they are just so darn cute, so I figured, I would adopt two older cats.  This way they might also be safer having each other to watch out for one another, plus being bigger, might not be so curious and go up to something like a snake.

So Fabio sits here curled up contentedly next to me as CiCi hangs out in “their” room which she spends a lot of time in only venturing out little bits at a time as she gets over her nerves.  I hope before too long, she will feel safe enough to adopt me in return. These two are so sweet together when they curl up next to each other to sleep; they always lick each other first and just purr and purr.  They bring me such delight.  I can only hope that I bring them whatever version of that is equivalent in kitty world.

Well, it is almost 11pm now, so I will sign off, so that I can post this and still make it in time for my daily writing commitment.

: )

For the love of animals, please consider adopting companion animals if you have not already done so.  And also, please consider at the very least reducing how many animals you eat for food (I encourage people to go Joyoulsy Vegan!!  : )  but at the very least, please reduce the amount of animals you eat for food.  It makes a HUGE difference for the Earth, water and energy consumption, and myriad other things—including the animals!!

Thanks and Love,


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  1. Amazing how well you write so rapidly… I’m excited to know you’ll be messaging the world often again… Earth needs us to hear it…

    I think cats are here to remind us of the wild. That still untamed inner glow in us that thrives in the wildest of places and shrinks and nearly disappears when we’re away from what the wild feels like. Cats help keep that spirit alive! We need to let that kind of joy grow inside…

    Be well, Deane

    PS: Closest cat friends these days are Zombie and Pacey. Too distinct powerful beings present for whatever purpose they intended. Always a mystery… Meows at the right times… One of ’em is a city raised street fighter with lightly torn up ears and the other is big thick furred gentle giant that came out of the wild for matters of caregiving to its person/human diplomacy, as well as food reliability. 🙂

  2. Thanks Deane.

    Big meows and purrs to you! ; )



  3. I loved your story. Thanks for sharing ; ) . We have an adopted cat too.

  4. So glad you adopted a cat Michelle!

  5. I have a question. If you had come home in time to save your kitten, before the snake was actually eating him…would you have killed the snake? My sister’s cat was killed and eaten by coyotes…ever since, she’d hated all coyotes…even though I explain to her that animals don’t discriminate between beloved pets and any other animal they look at as food. I manage a sanctuary with large exotic animals…carnivores…who, I think, wouldn’t hesitate to harm me if given the chance, even thought they act lovey dovey sometimes…a tiger is still, a tiger..operatin only, on tiger knowledge. We often go through the drills about escaped animals (never have had to..hope never do) but if I had to choose between saving a person or shooting an animal I’ve care for and loved…I’d have to say…I’d shoot the animal…and I would’ve killed the snake, if there was any chance of saving my cat, because…although I like snakes and think they are beautiful…I don’t have an emotional attachment to it as i do the cat. Humans…we are so complicated…we just can’t eat things we are emotionally attached to…lol…well I can’t anyway!!!I would’ve definately been part of the Donner party who died from starvation…I couldn’t have eaten my friends!! LOL

  6. Hi Janice,

    As i mentioned in my blog, i recognize that the snake was just killing to eat to survive.

    i happen to be a Joyous Vegan because i recognize it is unnecessary to kill animals for food as well as the fact that eating joyously vegan has a HUGE impact on the health of the planet as well.

    i recognize that even when i eat a salad though, i am still taking life. i do my very best to liv my life in such a way that honors and respects the life i take in order to survive.



  7. Oh I do know what you mean. I can imagine the horror at first but then the realization that it’s all how nature just is. I am so sorry that you lost your kitten..even though it did serve a purpose for the snake. I see so many pets killed on the roadways here…I don’t let my cats outside for that very reason…then I agonize over it..whether they’re happy…am I depriving them…ahhh…heh…the moral decisions we make every day! they are having quite a problem with snakes in Florida. Most of the animals we have at our sanctuary are from people who tried to make pets out of them! People always want monkeys…I have enough on my hands with just two cats!
    I admire the great work you do. And on a cooking note…my mother always did everything from scratch too…and I used to help her…one day she had me shucking peas…and I knew they also came frozen in a bag…I asked her why she didn’t just buy those and she said “I don’t know who shucked those or what they were thinking at the time they shucked them…at least I know these peas are shucked by someone I love…and that always makes them taste better”….ha! I’ve always remembered that! Your Hummus must taste wonderful!:-)

  8. I have a question for you.. I am a vegetarian, but eat like a vegan, however I cannot truly call myself a vegan as I own two cats. I have to feed them, and cat’s are carnivores, so I have no other choice but to feed them meat, and most likely this meat came from horrific conditions on a factory farm. Do you know of any cat food that comes from non-factory farms? Or have any suggestions on how to feed them and get the guilt out of my head?

  9. Hi C.J. veganism is not about perfection. If it were, there would be no true vegan anywhere (have you seen the dead bugs in your lettuce? Know how many field mice got killed by farming? etc…) Veganism is about striving to live with as much compassionate choices as one can make. Although there are many people who swear by feeding their animals a vegan diet, i don’t feel comfortable doing that. However, i do make most of my own cat food and only use store bought food as backup. The best thing to do is try out different foods with your cats. Mine LOVE carrots, potatoes, chickpeas, and cauliflower. Because i live on an island, i feed them leftover fish parts that i get from the fisherman on the island. Chicken and fish are the two best animal sources of protein for cats. They often like eggs as well (which does not kill an animal and is fine if coming from non-factory farmed chickens.) Hope this helps.



  10. Wow, thanks for the quick response. I’ve given the little one (Nala) bananas once and she ate all of it, however she won’t eat them anymore for some reason. The big one (Maceo) will eat all day, but only cat food, He knocks the trash can over and won’t touch any thing, just smell it. I tried grapes with both of them and they just looked at it with amazement then walked away same thing with strawberries. I’m just afraid to try an all vegan diet with them since they are carnivores, I’m scared I may cause a decrease in their life expectancy or they won’t be healthy. I do have a source for eggs that are non factory farmed, true free range so I will try that. How do your cats eat the eggs? Like what style do you make them, or do you just crack it open raw and let them go to town? What do you use as well to make your cat food? Thanks again..

  11. Some cats like the eggs raw, some prefer cooked. Try it both ways. Remember with raw eggs there is possibility of salmonela unless they are very, very fresh and come from a completely humane and cage-free farm. Most of what you said you tried to feed your cats were fruits. They are not fruit eaters. Try veggies.

    All the best,


  12. C.J. i found this book looks like it has answers for you.

    all the best,


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