Here Is To A Happy, Healthy, and Thriving New Year!

Hello friends.


Happy 2013.  We made it through the hoopla that was the 2012 , and now we are full on entering another cycle of planetary rotations. 


The beginning of 2013 was very challenging for me.  I agreed to go to the states at the request of dear, dear friends who are like my family to participate in the Jivamukti Yoga gathering.  But leaving the beauty and warmth and relaxation of Belize to go to New York City in January was a hard thing for me to do (to put it mildly.)  And then on top of that, travelling is always very hard on me and this time was no exception as I promptly caught a stomach virus going around that was very “cleansing” (to put it politely ; ) and then right as I was recovering from that, I caught an upper respiratory infection.  And then, to top that off, all the traveling made my hip go out again which completely seized up my lower back and I could not sit for 3 days and it hurt to stand or walk, so mostly I had to just lay flat on my back and meditate and pray.


So that was my “Welcome To 2013”!  I certainly hope yours was a little more gentle and kind.


In this new year, I am committed to finding ways to create better and more opportunities for right livelihood.  I of course will continue to support and be part of all the good work I believe in.  I am however, more and more, faced with the reality that during the time I was earning the most income, I was giving most of it away to support my non-profit team and other non-profit organizations whose work is important to me.  And now, as each year passes, although I still have hundreds upon hundreds of requests to come speak and participate with numerous organizations, events, etc… very few of them come with financial green energy reciprocity.   Many people it seem want and value what I have to contribute, but do not seem to honor that with any green energy contribution in return or offer so little that it makes it unviable for me. 


I do a lot in the world of barter.  I live very simply and keep my expenses relatively low.  And at the same time, the reality is that in today’s world, it does take green energy (my name for money, in case you aren’t clear) to survive. 


It is interesting for me to notice (and do my best to not get triggered!) all the different opinions and beliefs about what I “should” and “shouldn’t” be doing with my life.  Some people, who tell me these things, mean very well and don’t get how it might feel for me to have so many people trying to direct my life.  Other people are not well meaning at all they are just mean. 


And as any of you have read my blogs over time know, I openly post my thoughts, feelings, experiences, and process.  I don’t edit them to make them “nice” or to not offend or upset.  My posts are just like me—raw, open, real.  I only know how to be me—doesn’t matter the situation.  I write about it all because I know I am not the only one who struggles and deals, laughs and celebrates, grieves and cries.  I feel the best thing I have to offer is myself.  It is all I have to offer really.  It is not so that people will say, “Oh, Julia Butterfly is great!” or, “Julia Butterfly is evil!”  It is just that there is something powerful in sharing story.  Fiction or non-fiction.  Stories for us are a powerful medium of communication, and when we see our own story in some way reflected in another’s it gives us something—sometimes validation, sometimes insights, sometimes deeper questions and searching for our own truth—but it gives us something.


So this blog, I share my challenge and commitment around creating right-livelihood.  I share it because I know I am not the only person trying to figure this out in today’s reality—how to do what we believe in and are committed to while at the same time trying to balance that with self-care. 


As of yet, I do not have the answers; I only know I am committed to searching them out.


Here is to a happy, healthy, and thriving 2013!





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  1. id like to know more about Belize. yea i feel ya when it comes to the money issues

  2. Julia, I love you……


  3. Julia,

    I send a big virtual hug to you and many wishes for a dream-come-true new year!

    Whenever I read your blog I find myself wishing we could wrap ourselves in blankets, sit on the couch, sip some herbal tea (it’s chilly here in the Pacific Northwest today) and chat to the wee hours of the night. You are a true kindred spirit and for me there are very few people I could say that about.

    So even though you are there, I am here, and we don’t know each other, please know that I love you and I am here wishing your every wish fulfilled!

    Much love,

  4. =) so green energy from green food are you in an area were they would let you entertain a b&b type thing? would that impose on your supportive partner. well i still see a few tables and a kitchen in the future with late evening yoga type classes? relaxed low stress.happy thoughts my Friend =)

  5. dear Julia,

    many blessings to you and much gratitude for what you do / the light you shine in this world. I know exactly how you feel struggling for right livelihood – paid work that supports / shares my values. some days it is just extremely hard to carry on but remember nothing is permanent except change. keep on writing !

    with love, Pia

  6. Thanks Treesa ; )

  7. Wishing you the best for 2013. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Hi Julia, Here’s what comes to mind: When YOU are willing to put green energy value on what you offer, others will follow your lead. So you get all these invitations… why don’t you respond to them with YOUR proposal of what is needed to make it work? Surely there must be tens and tens out of the hundreds and hundreds each year, that would be open to taking direction from you, if you will give it to them.

  9. Hi Lori,

    Here is what comes to mind: Really? Oh, wow, knock me upside the head! If only I HAD THOUGHT OF THAT! i am sure you mean well, but really. i have been doing that for years. And on top of that, all the time it takes to interact with all those hundreds of requests that never create green energy takes time from my life for doing other things. Just as every email i have to answer, every FB posting i respond to, and every blog post i respond to all take time and none of which is compensated.

    Thanks for trying to contribute, i do appreciate it. But next time you want to contribute to someone, you might want to consider that maybe, just maybe, they did not just recently get out of grade school and maybe just maybe have some experience, knowledge, and awareness.

    All the very, very best,


  10. Greetings Julia,

    So wonderful to reconnect with you after so many years. I was a big fan of yours back in the “Luna” days…

    Recently became a Facebook fan – just getting reacquainted with where you are at in life….I need to get caught up on all your blog posts!

    I was a big eco-activist in college and then basically “sold out” to corporate life for many years (15 to be exact). Made great money, but slowly lost touch with my heart and soul.

    Sometimes you have to experience who you are not to fully embrace who you are.

    Then, I got lucky. I stumbled upon a hobby (6 years ago) that turned into a healthy profession and a deeper calling. I find that good, soulful, money-making ventures take time…much longer than we would like. With patience and a good dose of persistence, miraculous stuff happens.

    Have you ever checked out Some seriously inspiring stories of reinvention and purpose. I love them so much, I had to write about it in one of my blog posts:

    Julia, I am sure you will find a happy balance between living your dharma and thriving financially.

    Can’t wait to see how the next chapter of Julia Butterfly Hill unfolds. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be AWESOME!

    Peace and Love,

  11. Jesus, before dying on the cross, shouted at the crowd before him : “Father, forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing”
    What was he talking about ?
    Don’t I know what I am doing right now ? Don’t I know what I am saying ? Am I not alive ?
    I am living, aren’t I ?
    I wake up, have breakfast and go to work, I do my work, relate with people, I have lunch and come back home, relate again with someone, watch TV or go out, then I go to sleep
    What’s wrong with it ?
    Jesus would tell me that I am a dead thing, just a piece of wood or stone and nothing more.. Why ?
    Once he used to say “I was hungry and you gave me some food, I was thirsty and you gave me some water..”
    The disciples were like “When ? When did we do that ?
    “Every time you did it to only one of my sons, you did it to me”
    They were not aware of what they were doing
    Something is being done and said but we don’t know what it is, its quality, its effects, etc.
    So, we have TWO conditionings
    The first one comes from society, it is the pattern that we are forced to follow.
    To walk in a certain way, wear certain clothes, have a certain car, make career, money, make success, have a certain family at a certain age, children, etc..
    The second one comes from ourselves
    How dreadful, it comes from within, it is inside of us and we don’t know !
    Is it possible ? We have a “conditioning” moving inside of us and we don’t know.
    What is this conditioning like ? How does it work ?
    For example, I had my personal computer injured by a worm in October .
    The first reaction of mine was to cast away my pc because it was damaged and useless
    I was asked/prayed not to cast it away and I was accused to be extremely impulsive and rushing
    They were completely right because, throughout this spell, I recovered it completely
    This is what I am talking about
    I come at life from my own conditioning, I react to life in all kinds of ways from my insecurities, from my need to manipulate, from my desire to succeed, from irritations and feelings and sense of self-importance that I might not be aware of.
    So it is correct, we have to find our own answers by ourselves
    I bear in mind that it’s not our job to solve the problems of others, robbing others of their right to self-reliance.
    We simply must use our intelligence to find solutions, that’s all

  12. Hi Julia, do you have an assistant?

  13. No Lori i do not as i cannot afford one.

  14. Please don’t take offense, but you could benefit greatly with some business coaching.

  15. Lori,

    No offense taken.

    Please don’t take offense when i suggest you might consider asking people questions vs. telling them what to do based on assumptions. In this post where i mentioned how people try to tell me what i “should” and “shouldn’t” be doing even when they are well-meaning. All of your comments are doing exactly that, and every one of your comments are based completely on assumption vs. fact.

    Thanks again for trying to be a contribution, but comments based on assumptions vs. facts are very, very rarely actually a contribution.

    All the best,


  16. Hi Julia,

    These days there seems to be quite a tightening on the green energy for most folks. But this is just another cycle. You have taught and influnced so many that when the money is flowing more readily, more will come your way. I am sure of it!

    Mark Nejad

  17. HI Julia – greetings from Berkeley (and my Luna says hello!). I totally hear ya on the green energy issue. It bugs the crap out of me that people expect me to volunteer my time for things that are soooo much more valuable than the jobs that they are working on (ie, when I organize environmental community service projects). Yes it would be great if we could simply barter our way through life, but that is not our reality! I have had the most success in writing grants for my projects (I’ve now funded 5 out of my last 6 jobs through grant funds). I”m also going the community crowd sourcing route — trying to get funding for a youth environmental stories and perspectives project (Indigogo) — I will keep you posted via FB about the success of this (or lack of!). These may or may not work for you… I’m totally not trying to give you advice, just sharing my story…

    Best of luck and let’s keep spreading the good word and keeping up the good fight — and enjoying the present moment (gotta keep telling myself that) love, Susan

  18. Thanks for ALL you do Susan!!!



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