Happy Holy Days

Dear Friends,

During this holiday season, if you are a person who puts up a christmas tree, would you please be so kind and thoughtful as to get a tree with roots and then plant it when the season is over. It is terribly destructive and wasteful to cut down a tree for such a short amount of time. Also, if you buy gifts during this time of year, please be so kind and thoughtful as to purchase as little new things as possible, what you do buy new, buy local, and package in old newspapers, magazines, etc… instead of murdering more trees just to create something you will then throw into the trash that will end up trashing the planet. And instead of rushing around to see how much more stuff you can buy, how about instead, would you please be so kind as to share more time with friends and family and donate some of the money you would otherwise spend on yet more stuff that steals from the planet and the future and give it to an organization doing important work in the world or to someone who is deeply in need right now. Thank You for your consideration of the planet and ALL its beings and to future generations.

However you honor this time of the year as we cycle into the next one, may you and yours be happy, healthy, peaceful, loving, joyous, and caring and sharing with all.

Love and Blessings,



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  1. This is exactly what I do! Opened my own shop using repurposed materials so well you would never guess they were handmade and I wrap everything in comic strip newspaper which I’ve been told gets read and repurposed too. Support local art maytreeark.etsy.com. Julia I met you in Boston at a book signing in the late 90’s and i gave you an embroidered tree patch. Thanks for caring. This was not a publicity plea it’s just how it is. Which is possible. Love, Catherine

  2. I love you, Julia ! You are my happy tree!…

  3. Hallo, Julia, thank you for remind us of our nonsense in buying so many things that we don´t really need. Instead of building a new society we keep playing with the old and destructive way of living. Why? because is more easy to destroy than to build. Capitalism has taught us a hard lesson: distributing is dificult, but Comunism has taught us that sharing is still more dificult. The fall down of Comunism means nothing for Comunism has never exist. We must learn to share, that should be our deal but how may we be able to share without confidende? in no other place has been more clear this lack than in comunism countries. We must learn to share if we want to live a new life, call it comunism or what ever you want.

  4. Hi Julia, you are inspiring. I am a native Californian however I’ve been living in the MiddleEast for 20 years now. We have beautiful trees surrounding the campus housing where we live and one day the landkeepers were about to cut down a tree a neighbor was afraid was going to fall over, (it was spared because my husband talked the gardeners into only trimming it). However when they were making the cuts to the large branches and I heard the ‘crack’ of the large tree branch, something in me felt it was breaking. We are connected to these things I believe. Keep up the great work.

  5. THANKS so much for sharing Laurel!



  7. Dear Julia,
    coincidentally i discovered the Docu about your tree sit and watched a speech you gave in a Yoga convention on you tube.
    It enchanted me so much i can’t wait to get your book and share it with my teenage daughter who will be thrilled and inspired by your work.
    She is the one who forces me ,when i forget to take shopping bags to the Supermarket, to unload each item from the register into the trunk of the borrowed car (we don’t own a car neither TV) and not to use the nylon bags.
    We live in Israel. There is so little awareness in this country about environmental issues, trees are being cut down if they disturb the view or “dirty” the lawns. Crap loads of plastic dishes are used by most families because people are too lazy to do dishes. It is so much easier to throw ‘away’. At least there is no question about Christmas trees and presents…;).

    Anyway i am plenty busy working on myself. it is futile to lecture or educate others until myself is perfect.
    So i do what little i can and inspirations from enlightened spirits like yours, my children and others i was fortunate to encounter.

    May their be peace and love for all beings in 2013.

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