Happy Holy Days

Dear Friends,

During this holiday season, if you are a person who puts up a christmas tree, would you please be so kind and thoughtful as to get a tree with roots and then plant it when the season is over. It is terribly destructive and wasteful to cut down a tree for such a short amount of time. Also, if you buy gifts during this time of year, please be so kind and thoughtful as to purchase as little new things as possible, what you do buy new, buy local, and package in old newspapers, magazines, etc… instead of murdering more trees just to create something you will then throw into the trash that will end up trashing the planet. And instead of rushing around to see how much more stuff you can buy, how about instead, would you please be so kind as to share more time with friends and family and donate some of the money you would otherwise spend on yet more stuff that steals from the planet and the future and give it to an organization doing important work in the world or to someone who is deeply in need right now. Thank You for your consideration of the planet and ALL its beings and to future generations.

However you honor this time of the year as we cycle into the next one, may you and yours be happy, healthy, peaceful, loving, joyous, and caring and sharing with all.

Love and Blessings,



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Gratitude Glasses

Things I loved about this trip:

Playing music with my FRamily nephew, Justin, (me on guitar, him on drums) who told me I had to play different music because my music was boring (I was making up sing along songs, but his favorite band is the Ramones ; )  I am just way too un-cool when it comes to being a musician!!!  ; )

Being second sister wife to my FRamily Alissa and Steve (our joke because when I visit them, I like doing things for them like cooking and cleaning : )

Having a Circle of Life Board meeting with three of my favorite ladies at Millenium Restaurant in San Francisco (http://www.millenniumrestaurant.com).

Seeing my Mendocino and Humboldt County FRamily who mean so, so much to me.  Being able to share food, stories, tea, love, laughter, and hugs.

Staying in a hotel in a tiny town in Illinois that did more than just ask you to reuse your towels and sheets to conserve water and energy, but also, had energy efficient light bulbs, bulk use shampoo, conditioner, and body wash and organic lotion.  Had vegetarian options on the menu in the restaurant.  A local café, The BeanHive, that sourced organic and fair-trade, where I got an absolutely delicious almond milk cappuccino (www.urbanspoon.com).  A professor who gives every ounce of his being to encourage students to open their minds and hearts and be actively in service in the world and to the Earth.

Seeing dear friends in St. Louis, MO and being able to eat and shop local at Local Harvest Café and Store (www.localharvestgrocery.com).  And the vegan icing on the vegan cake…. Playing Cards Against Humanity (www.cardsagainsthumanity.com)… oh yeah!!!  I am 1 part evolved mixed with one part transformed mixed with two parts twisted.  ; )

Seeing my younger brother and his family after not seeing them for 5 years!  Playing Monopoly cards with my niece and nephew and checking out their forts out in the woods.  They are so freakin’ cute and cool!  Love them!!!!  My sister-in-law (love) making a delicious bean, corn, and avocado salad for lunch to be washed down with homemade kombucha!

Seeing dear friends in Little Rock that I go WAY BACK with that I had not seen in 16 years and 20 years.  SO Cool!!!  Getting a fantastic touch up and addition to an old tattoo by my dear friend at Relics Tattoo Studio (www.relicstattostudio.com).  SUPER COOL!!!

Dropping in deep with a manicurist in Dallas, TX.  A beautiful, amazing young woman who is on the journey of discovery of self-love and self-care as she is so amazingly loving and caring for others!

Super fabulous circling back with my Denton, TX peeps!  Benefit for the Denton Community Market (www.dentonmarket.org) and also highlighting the important work of the Texas Tar Sands Blockaders and mobilizing folks to support the ongoing resistance to Trans Canada and corrupt politicians.  www.tarsandsblockade.org . Also touring Cardo’s Farms (www.cardosfarmproject.com) which is a wonderful farm and education center right outside Denton.)

And in the totally unlikely, almost never category… the Police Officer who pulled me over for speeding who only gave me a warning when he was able to truly hear me when I honestly told him that somehow I had completely missed the change in speed limit.  I told him though that I understood that I was 100% responsible for my actions and for speeding even though I truly did not see the speed limit change, and that I took total responsibility.  When he walked away to check my license, etc… I literally spoke into the Universal Consciousness and asked the forces to align to open his heart and his mind to see that I really was not trying to break the law (there are many times that I knowingly and consciously choose to break the law, but this was not one of those times… I of course, did not tell the police officer that ; )  and to release me with just a warning.  And that is exactly what he did!  YES!  And THANK YOU!!!!

Seeing my grandmother, my only living grandparent, who is such a neat lady whom I love so much in the face of how different we are on so many issues.  I have such respect and gratitude for her.

Everman Natural Food Store (www.everman.org) in Pensacola for being a place I can go to and get healthy, delicious food, which makes being in the area much more bearable for me.

Being able to see some of my extended family of Aunties and Uncles and cousins.  Lots of laughter and just sweet connecting.


Surprise, last minute opportunity to visit with my older brother and Dad after not seeing them for a few years.  Again so much laughter and sweet connection.


Filtered Water Stations in the Pensacola, Florida airport!  So amazing to find that in such a conservative and in many other ways behind the times area.  Love the unlikely and unexpected positivity of it!


Going home to Belize and my sweetie!!!

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