Overcoming Obstacles (aka Myself)

Hello Friends,

I am heading back to the US.  I type those letters “US” and my heart wishes that the country lived up to its name—being more collaborative, caring, and sharing of and for ALL its people and beings and home.  During this time leading up to the elections, I have had a challenge around keeping peace in my heart and thoughts.  The level of hypocricy, lies, and manipulations is at an all time high.  We have accepted less and less from our “leaders” so that is what we are getting… “less.”  It breaks my heart, which in turn fills me with rage and anger as a defense mechanism for the level of pain I experience at how awful we have allowed our country to become.  The land of so much possibility has not lived up to its potential at all. A president who has been such a phenomenal let-down and is selling out the American people and Earth over and over to the highest bidders (while so many of his supporters are keeping their heads in the sand and cheering him on), and a challenger who is so bad on so many levels, that it astounds me people are so ignorant and manipulated that they would actually vote for him. And very good candidates for the office of the President who most people will never hear about or know about because of the level of corruption in the system and manipulation in the media.    It is the proverbial Titanic headed towards the iceberg while people run around rearranging the deck chairs.

And in the midst of it all, the things that usually help me be able to remain more healthy and grounded—swimming in the sea, riding bicycle, and yoga—were all stripped away for a while as my back went completely out (I could not even practice deep breathing to calm my mind as any deep breath at all sent my back into spasms), and I could not practice yoga or ride bike for quite some time, and on top of it all, of all things, I developed an allergy to the sun!  I swear my karma on the physical plane this lifetime has been insanely crazy since day 1.

I am however, looking forward to seeing FRamily, friends, and allies while in the states.  I am looking forward to doing events where I share from the place of all that I love and all I am committed to.  And I process just about every day how much less and less I like or believe in the US and its ability to be a force for positive change.  I often surprise people when I tell them that I am probably one of the world’s biggest cynics… I just don’t happen to let it stop me.

I have been cynical, jaded, hurt, angry, frustrated, and broken hearted for most of my life.  But somehow, my desire to serve and be a positive contribution gets me over and through all that stuff that would otherwise have me give up.  Service is core to my being.  It gives purpose and joy to my life that I would otherwise not have or experience.

It is part of why we created the What’s Your Tree project –to help people connect with and come from a place of deep purpose in guiding their lives, choices, and actions.

I will be leading another online/phone What’s Your Tree course next year (date to be chosen soon.)  If you too would like to have tools for moving through the blocks and having your deepest, most authentic self guide your life, please check out www.whatsyourtree.org to see if you feel this could be a good support tool in your life.

A friend sent me a link to a talk i did many years ago that is still very relevant in case you would like  to watch it  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpqfPBuy_wc&feature=relmfu



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  1. We need to remember that, while Lincoln and FDR are venerated for their visions and achievements, they were pushed along. Would there have been an Emancipation Proclamation or 13th amendment without the abolitionists? FDR often told activists that he fully agreed with them so now THEY had to MAKE him implement. Lots of ordinary people forced great changes. Good luck and safe travels to the USA.

  2. It’s hard to know what to say anymore.
    Be love, and glow.


  3. I think you’re pretty amazing. e-Trekking and book-trekking with you, off and on for a few years now, it’s as though your life is like a scene from a movie where you are the good guy (girl) being taken-on by a band of “ninjas”. And they keep coming at you and throwing every thing they’ve got at you (physically, mentally, emotionally) (-even sun poisoning… wuuut?!) , and you just keep escaping and coming back for more. Even in your blog I see that (to my bewilderment) people are often making negative comments (comments that, quite frankly, would have me closing down my blog and pulling the blinds and hiding under the covers…). Still, here you are.

    You’re very direct, and sometimes you say things that…challenge me… Things that challenge my comfortable (lazy)…brainwashed perspective. A couple of times when you’ve just really spit it out there and it’s grated hard against my comfort zone, I’ve wanted to bolt and be done with you…(Honesty). But, when I get quiet…and when I listen to/with my heart, it’s then that I know that you are speaking from your heart. You speak FROM the heart TO the heart. And so I always come back. And I think the reason people don’t understand and make negative comments sometimes is that they are trying to process with their minds what you are speaking from your heart. And the mind will never understand what the heart knows. [This really occurred to me during the recent Democratic convention, with how all the great orators (and there were a couple of really good ones…) were all speaking from their minds to our minds, as they’ve always done – just chewing gum for the mind, really – but ultimately just more of the same rhetoric that takes us in ever diminishing circles.]

    But you, Julia, are on a different plane entirely. And all I can think/say is that you are definitely “the right man for the job, ma’am.” There’s no doubt in my mind that you were sent here for a reason and with a purpose. And you were sent here with the skills (physical, mental, and emotional) to do things uncommon in most circles. And I think that’s why those “ninjas” keep coming at you, because they (or someone…) knows that You are on-to something. (Ninjas don’t just go after anyone…) Coming from the heart, you get to the heart of the matter, and that puts everything that’s negative out there on notice. And, as you know, it’s never gone easy for people who have had that kind of impact down through history…

    Wanna hear something funny? ~ As much as I admire you, I am afraid to meet you. (More honesty.) I’d be incredibly intimidated because I think you’d see right through me…, and I am not proud of what you’d see. But, that being said, your life – your witness to the Heart of things – has lit a candle within me. (Just ask my family who my heroes are… You’re name will come up.) It’s an embarrassingly small candle, but a candle nonetheless. Maybe in my next lifetime it will be bigger… But for that, as small as it is, I am grateful to you for the rest of my life. Because of your life and witness for/to the Heart, I am a bit braver… For that I am a supporter (in embarrassingly small ways…). For whatever reason, you’ve gotten through to me. And that’s cool. And you’re cool. And I’ve wanted to write this to you for a long time. ~ And you don’t even have to approve this to post. I just want You to know.

    And, lastly, I like that you keep on keeping-on, and that you keep making your way through the world. Because, to me, it says that, in spite of all the “ninjas”, all that’s Love in the Universe keeps making a way for you and keeps holding you up. And that just validates that you are truly speaking from the heart and you are truly on-to something. And that tells me that there really is Good in the Universe, and that It just might win.

    I hope any of this makes a lick of sense…(???)

    Disclaimer: Nothing derogatory meant toward Ninjas (The Last Samurai is my favorite movie…, so the imagery is fresh, that’s all).

    Thank you. Bless you. Love you. Really.


  4. Thank You Bill for sharing so honestly and authentically. Thank you for taking the time to write from your heart! i am deeply touched by your message … and i laughed some too which i love!!!

    : )

    Love and Gratitude,


  5. I have gratitude in my heart for you being here, being authentic and maintaining doing your personal work and investing in making a positive difference. Thank you.

  6. @ Bill–I like your points about speaking from the heart vs. the mind. This is one of the truths that has kept me in hot water with my Christian community–truth is not imparted mind to mind, but life to life. Thank you for sharing from your heart.

  7. @ Dale – Thank you. As well, I like the way you describe it, “life to life”. That sort-of takes Heart to a whole other level; one of service. ~Something Julia does so well, and something I aspire to.

  8. I’d be willing to bet you like a thousand dollars that you are not allergic to the sun.I think that might be almost scientifically impossible..I think you might be engaging in unhealthy extreme behavior by telling your body-heart-mind that this is what’s happening. love

  9. Then you would lose a thousand dollars Zoe as there are many, many people allergic to the sun, and many much more severe allergic reactions then i have. And it is scientifically possible as well as scientifically proven. You might want to check your facts before making assumptions and accusations about my “unhealthy extreme behavior.”

  10. Julia,

    Reading your blog always brings a smile to my face. I ride my bike all the time and lately my back has given me trouble, too. Living in the “high and dry” of Western Colorado it seems the sun is a bit too intense but I do not believe I’m allergic. I’m sure you will find ways of coping with these difficulties.

    My take on Presidential politics is that the candidates are usually much more alike than the media has them portrayed and as of about four years ago I admit I became much more indifferent than I had been. Those who really make the decisions have most of the population fooled. The manipulation of the media, indeed.

  11. Julia, Feel better soon!! i read that the ancient Greek Cynics were cynical about the System, so it didn’t carry the derogatory sense often associated with the word. Being cynical is wise. Wikipedia states “Their philosophy was that the purpose of life was to live a life of Virtue in agreement with Nature. This meant rejecting all conventional desires for wealth, power, sex, and fame, and by living a simple life free from all possessions.” And, Thanks for voicing your views on the US political System. i call it USE for USEmpire, since they have something like 900 military bases worldwide and are fond of use-ing things and people. One of my prayers is for more Turtle Island consciousness, and, as you suggest, people of all Nations and Races working together.

  12. I’m sorry that you are not feeling well, and I hope you get better soon. I wish there was something I could do to help you.

  13. Thank You PR for your kind thoughts and wishes!

  14. send happy thoughts would advise to be careful of cornfields but your in texas forest so am unsure why i see you in discomfort with two cornstalks holding u up one is earless and other grossly oversized all i can sumize is something is way out of balance for u could it be politics or your not paying enough attention to lifework vs fun not judging just passing things as i see em hope your trip was productive hugs

  15. hallo, Julia. Glad to read you again. For a long time I did not read your blog. Sorry my english is not enough to really understand what you say. I nedeed a friend but it didn´t appear, My light is dying for nobody is still really interested in light. I carry a treasure that nobody is interested in, the new life finds no place to begin like a tree that has no earth at all. New life is a wonder, people is a wonder too, but i´m not able to conect one another, i can´t. I´m happy to read your blog even if i don´t understand. Bay.

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