Overcoming Obstacles (aka Myself)

Hello Friends,

I am heading back to the US.  I type those letters “US” and my heart wishes that the country lived up to its name—being more collaborative, caring, and sharing of and for ALL its people and beings and home.  During this time leading up to the elections, I have had a challenge around keeping peace in my heart and thoughts.  The level of hypocricy, lies, and manipulations is at an all time high.  We have accepted less and less from our “leaders” so that is what we are getting… “less.”  It breaks my heart, which in turn fills me with rage and anger as a defense mechanism for the level of pain I experience at how awful we have allowed our country to become.  The land of so much possibility has not lived up to its potential at all. A president who has been such a phenomenal let-down and is selling out the American people and Earth over and over to the highest bidders (while so many of his supporters are keeping their heads in the sand and cheering him on), and a challenger who is so bad on so many levels, that it astounds me people are so ignorant and manipulated that they would actually vote for him. And very good candidates for the office of the President who most people will never hear about or know about because of the level of corruption in the system and manipulation in the media.    It is the proverbial Titanic headed towards the iceberg while people run around rearranging the deck chairs.

And in the midst of it all, the things that usually help me be able to remain more healthy and grounded—swimming in the sea, riding bicycle, and yoga—were all stripped away for a while as my back went completely out (I could not even practice deep breathing to calm my mind as any deep breath at all sent my back into spasms), and I could not practice yoga or ride bike for quite some time, and on top of it all, of all things, I developed an allergy to the sun!  I swear my karma on the physical plane this lifetime has been insanely crazy since day 1.

I am however, looking forward to seeing FRamily, friends, and allies while in the states.  I am looking forward to doing events where I share from the place of all that I love and all I am committed to.  And I process just about every day how much less and less I like or believe in the US and its ability to be a force for positive change.  I often surprise people when I tell them that I am probably one of the world’s biggest cynics… I just don’t happen to let it stop me.

I have been cynical, jaded, hurt, angry, frustrated, and broken hearted for most of my life.  But somehow, my desire to serve and be a positive contribution gets me over and through all that stuff that would otherwise have me give up.  Service is core to my being.  It gives purpose and joy to my life that I would otherwise not have or experience.

It is part of why we created the What’s Your Tree project –to help people connect with and come from a place of deep purpose in guiding their lives, choices, and actions.

I will be leading another online/phone What’s Your Tree course next year (date to be chosen soon.)  If you too would like to have tools for moving through the blocks and having your deepest, most authentic self guide your life, please check out www.whatsyourtree.org to see if you feel this could be a good support tool in your life.

A friend sent me a link to a talk i did many years ago that is still very relevant in case you would like  to watch it  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpqfPBuy_wc&feature=relmfu



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