First Time Ever i am leading What’s Your Tree for the public!

And you can be a part of it!

If you are looking to clarify your purpose, ignite your passion, and and amplify your power, then this series might be just what you need at this time to support you in your journey!


Registration ends soon.


Hope to have some of you participate.


Much Love,



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  1. A friend of mine, single, not engaged, whose name is Jason, was eager and open to make new acquaintances and accepted Sara’s invitation, an old friend of him
    She organised a meeting between Jason and a friend of her, named Clarence
    But, it is better to say it so, Clarence was a bit queer, she did not want to expose herself, she was afraid she could not come back once showed her “reality”
    You know how these things work, what I mean with “come back”; Clarence wanted to be able to return from that ‘border-line’, that invisible boundary limit that, once overcome, makes you completely naked and exposed
    This is why Clarence made up her mind to disguise herself.. yes.. you understood well, to disguise herself
    She used to do that, she already did that before..
    On that occasion, she coloured her hair, wore a beautiful wig, old-fashion 70’s-style big dark glasses, bell-bottom trousers, the right make up, a nice perfume, a hat on.. and the game was done
    Indeed, she was really beautiful
    She came to the appointment disguised.. I was not there but I was told she was great !
    The two guys meet and they liked much at once, they had a lovely time at that restaurant that evening
    They spoke all the time, telling each other their lives’ story
    Jason was enthusiastic, he was so grateful and touched by the new friendship, in fact the evening ended up with the promise to meet again as soon as possible
    After few days, by chance, really by chance, Jason heard a conversation between Sara and Clarence
    He was just having a walk in the park with his dog when he loomed up Sara..
    He approached to speak to her but she was already holding a conversation on the mobile-phone
    Jason is not the kind of person who “steals” information but he overheard that conversation.. the voice was so loud, could not be unheard !
    He soon disclosed the trick.. he realised he was cheated, he felt abused and fucked around
    But, nevertheless, he faced the fact, he faced Clarence directly
    Jason called for a meeting with her, which was supposed to clarify what happened ..but he remained shocked all the same
    He listened to the explanations of Clarence.. the fear of feeling nude, of feeling exposed, the fear of opening herself totally..
    Much better to remain behind the scenes and decide what to do after gathering the information needed
    Jason was astounded, upset, he could not understand the root reason for that
    If a person is clear and has something beautiful inside, what’s the need of hiding that, of covering that ?
    If one owns a beautiful house, one can’t help showing it to anyone because one’s so proud of it, one can’t even image to hide that
    So, the refrain from “showing” oneself was almost incomprehensible for Jason.. all that secrecy and moving in a underhand manner..
    Jason caught that it is difficult to understand someone else, to grab its reality, its inner dimension
    How to relate that way ? It could not be a one-way road..
    Still now, he is persuaded that it can’t be a one-way road

    P.S. today we had a new earthquake measuring 5.8 Richter !!

  2. “When I was a child, say 6-7 years old, i wounded my left hand during a (tiny) quarrel with my brother, crashing against the glass of the kitchen’s door.
    The fear was much, a small operation; then I had to carry a bandage for a lot of time, doctors sewed a little my hand..
    Returned home, after a few days, I had a very pleasant surprise.
    My school mates wrote, each of them, a short letter, wishing me to recover as soon as possible, saying how sad they were for what happened, not to worry for homework, etc. etc.
    But what I remember most and nicely is that, tied up to each letter, there was a candy.
    Of course sweets were supposed to be eaten within a few days but, at that time, I preferred to keep them intact.
    The result is that nowadays I still have both of them, letters and candies, buried in a drawer.. but they are still there, fresh and vibrant..
    About 30 candies almost as old as me !!
    … omissis”
    06 Settembre 2010

    The guy who wrote this letter understood that the addressee wanted to have NOTHING to do with the portrayed image..
    The idea of a person object of compassion, aid and comfort by other people had not to pass, so these words were refused and crossed out
    Why am I saying this ?
    Our passion or commitment towards what we love is not false
    What is false is that one forgets to be simply a human being
    Of course, a person can be much more aware, happy, intelligent, joyful, free than someone else.. but he is NOT SUPERIOR
    This idea is produced by ourselves, it is the result of a strong agreement between the individual and society, it is ambition only
    But there is a value, a quality, an individual progress that goes beyond that
    This beauty is personal and has nothing to do with power, politics, prestige, success or money

  3. if one wants to know more about a person, one must be ready to take some risks and have first-hand experience
    for example, it can happen to have one’s own facebook account blocked because of constant attempts to enter with wrong passwords
    Even though facebook leaves a trace of the scene of the crime, it is always good to remember how strange some people are..
    In either case, I feel as if I’ve been carrying a cradleboard behind my shoulders and I have to constantly feed the “me-baby-child” inside by responding in kind


  4. hope this experience helps u to grow you already are a leader to many just by the example of what you stand up for and you already know many of us are supporting your decisions … happy thoughts 2u sbv

  5. Why are you alive during this time in history?

    Answer: mom and dad (and, if I happen to outlive them, I’m not too keen on having to wait around very long for my own life to end).

    •How will you serve the planet/your community in ways that allow you to be at your most powerful, most passionate, most effective and most purposeful?

    Answer: I’m working on combating an injustice and a real threat to society as a whole I believe I see very clearly (especially since it has taken a great big bite out of me and forced me to reckon with it or continue to suffer), but no one else seems able to diagnose and treat. I feel there are many who are likewise being eaten alive by the problem, but trying to save themselves all by themselves.

    •Who are the people who will support your vision?

    Answer: the people who will support my vision are a curious bunch, mostly men. They are broken men. They may not yet see that they have allowed themselves to suffer a great deal under the weight of a terrible injustice because they blame themselves for being “weak”. They are excellent men (and maybe a few very brave women) who have been driven to their knees under the weight of unfair criticism and the weight of their own consciences, even though they have committed no crime.

    In any case, they feel they are either completely alone in their struggle, or that others are more “fit” or more “qualified” to battle the injustice.

    The irony is that they are, when banded together, the only ones fit to battle the injustice–that “qualifications” would only undermine their efforts. Quite clearly, any good samaritan with a good, high profile reputation who might be willing to lend his or her “credentials” in order to promote our cause, would only weaken our position.

    We have nothing to prove, but everything to disprove.

    **I wish I could have taken your course. I could actually benefit from having the opportunity to work the idea through some format I am not obliged to invent for myself. I would have liked to have seen the results, maybe have had the opportunity to look at my project from a more objective stance.

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