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Hi Friends,

Coming up on October 4th, i am launching my new book “Becoming”.  It is poetry, artwork, and stories.  The event on October 4th is in San Francisco, CA and is a fundraiser for the project i helped create, What’s Your Tree.  It is very limited seating, but we still have some spots left.

You can RSVP and purchase tickets through

i look forward to seeing some of you there.

i will have another posting soon with how you can purchase the book even if you can’t make it to the event.


Love and Gratitude,


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  1. Beautiful! congratulations julia!

    can’t wait to read it. i’ve found your blog very inspirational and will be great to hear more from you – all the best for the book launch!

  2. The link doesn’t work for me .
    Beautiful book cover

  3. I found that my device didn’t select the full link.
    The full link works …..

  4. Hi Mike!

    i am not sure why, but somehow, my blog won’t let a hyperlink work, so you always have to copy and paste the link. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    i am really pleased with the cover. An awesome woman Chloe Aftel took the photograph.



  5. I’ve tried the link on three different devices and it insists
    on seeing the numbers at the end separate.
    As if it considers them a phone number. Try for yourself
    maybe but I’m not sure of a solution other than warning the reader to enter the url manually..

  6. Hi Mike,

    As i mentioned already, there is not a way to hyperlink from the blog. You have to copy and paste manually.



  7. I’d like so much to attend the presentation of your new book..
    I root for you..
    Anyway, your picture is so hypnotic..
    I can’t fancy a more beautiful face.. not even in my deepest dreams, I’d be able to imagine something more lovely..

  8. Dear Julia.

    Congratulation for to working in favor to Nature and life.

    I am a Ecologist in Curitiba.Pr, Brasil, i have one great cause in favor to benefits to nature and life, i need to send to contacts for my email , is a very iportant to Biodiversity, Forests, and Life.

    Jose Pedro Naisser.


  9. =) thx for info hugs hope all is well w/u

  10. thank you for the wonderful tuesday evening. there was a question, or more thought, i had that i wrote before meeting you today. just wanted to share it:

  11. Hi Julia,

    We are writing to you from a sociology class called People and Nature at Boston College. Today, we studied forms of ecological activism and touched on your famed stay in Luna. Looks like you are involved in some great international projects now – your blog is very interesting and inspiring to read! Seeing that you just released a book, we couldn’t help but wonder about your thoughts on traditional book publishing vs. electronic book publishing considering the effects of traditional book publishing on forests. We would love to hear from you!

  12. Hi Alexandra,

    First of all, all of my books and cd set are all printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, processed chlorine free and printed with plant based inks., so no trees or forest were harmed in the making of my books. It breaks my heart and really frustrates me, how many supposedly “conscious” books that are out there, that are printed in completely unconscious ways.

    Secondly, i think electronic publishing is a valid process and i am working on creating an electronic version of my poetry book and Legacy of Luna is already downloadable with Kindle and the like. HOWEVER, people need to be extremely mindful about tech being the supposed savior of forests when it comes to books because of how fast technology becomes obsolete and ends up in the waste stream. Most computer/technological devices are extremely resource intensive and often toxic parts in them as well.

    Personally, i prefer the feel of a good book vs. staring at a screen. Either route you take, the world and planet is asking that all of us step WAY UP in the consciousness we bring to every single choice we make!

    Thanks so much,


  13. Julia,
    Thanks for calling attention to the often overlooked issue of toxic e-waste. Agree that there is a place for both physical as well as e-books. As a small press publisher have found that the cost to use recycled papers with some printers is exorbitant (because it’s often a special order because not enough people are using it), so have found one solution is to order the paper myself and give it to the printer who then produces the books. Some recycled papers have flecks (like vanilla ice cream) which give a book a nice earthy quality (though some people still prefer the virgin-looking but not so pristine paper). Long live the feel and smell of a good book! : )

  14. Thanks for the great tip for small self-publishers Mankh!


  15. I wish you the best of luck with your book and the fundraiser.

    There should be a way for you to “add a link” within your blog while using the editor. Let me know if you need some help with this.

  16. Dear Ms. Butterfly,
    Best wishes for the release of your recent flutterings by (yes, lovely, the feel and smell and dance of pages on air of a good book). Came upon a William Blake poem that seems right to share here: “He who binds to himself a joy/does the winged life destroy;/But he who kisses the joy as it flies/lives in eternity’s sunrise.” May the sun continue to warm your wings.

  17. Hi Julia, I hope the event went well! Is there a way to purchase your book still?


  18. Hello Julia,
    Greetings from The Creative Tree!!
    YOU are a major inspiration for me ever since I saw your video on Dropping Knowledge..
    We are re-thinking a lot of basic assumptions of humanity.. I am compiling some “templates” for that and I would like to connect with you.. and hopefully talk soon!
    Zafar (

  19. Hi Zafar,

    You can email me at



  20. Hi Keith,

    Books can now be purchased through Amazon ordering directly through my website.

    Thanks and Blessings!


  21. i have not been able to figure out how to add the link, but i am hopeful i will figure it out.


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