Skipping along because i was too busy experiencing life to write about it…

Hi Friends,


Needless to say Italy, Scotland, and England were amazing and wonderful experiences–supporting great work and working with individuals to create lives of purpose, passion, and power in service.

i really wanted to write about it, but i have just been so busy living, experiencing, and trying to keep up with what is already on my plate, that i just didn’t get around to it.

Check out and and to see some of the work i have partnered with in the last couple months while on tour.

Thanks for staying tuned in even as i have not been in communication for a while.


Love, Gratitude, and Blessings,


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  1. B^) guess time to do the same. thx for the reminder keeping the northern star in sight …

  2. Take care.

  3. It´s soooo good to have you on that great planet!

  4. i send you a kiss and a bow Julia. it is heaven on Earth to see, know and feel that there is life and love left in you. may Gaia continue to feed you, and may your ability to read her, grow. if the rest of human nature would see and feel their own nature, we would become change. i love you, and honor you Julia. sorry i missed you in munich… i only learned of you now. to you and your beautiful understanding of life! out of bavaria, julius hildmann

  5. Thank you for the terrific links, Julia. Have a great day.

  6. Wonderful that you are enjoying life as a hedonist. May I remind you, your mission is much greater than the Belize self indulgence sipping on beers and googling over cute boys. Remember why you incarnated? Your gifted, use your gifts to assist in the quickening and awareness of the God/Goddess revival. Heal your wounds, face life, do not run away from your obligations. You know what I am talking about…. now do it…

  7. Sally, Bless You for being so completely fierce about your projections.

    Enjoy them!



  8. Hi friend. Saw the storm headed for Belize this morning and thought about you. Hope you are safe and well. Visited your Paypal recently with a small green smile. Encouraging others to do the same. Appreciate you and all you’ve meant to all of us who have tagged along in various ways over the years. Thank you. Peace.

  9. Thank You Bill for the Green Energy Gift! You are so awesome! The storm here is pretty mellow so far. Tons of rain, but that is mostly it.

    Thank You as well for your acknowledgment of what i contribute and inviting others to do the same. i am humbled and very grateful!


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