Journeys Abroad, Journey Home

Hello Friends,

I am heading to my home in Belize.  I am so profoundly grateful that after four years of searching, I have finally found the place where I can be healthy, thrive, and afford to live.  Today, my body and my lungs hurt, but I know by tomorrow, I will already begin to feel better body, mind, heart, and spirit.

I only get to be in my new home for a little under a month before going out on tour, but that time is going to be so helpful in getting me better able to be on the road for almost two months.

I just finished up with a west coast tour that started in Vancouver, Canada, went to Washington, then Southern California before wrapping up in San Francisco.  In Canada I was doing a benefit for a yoga teacher named Ryan Lier and his wonderful program, Vinyasa Yoga For Youth (  Ryan and I had a great time co-leading conversation and yoga.  Even though I had never met Ryan in person before, I felt an instantaneous kinship with him as we both have a real enjoyment of the ridiculous (also known as being slightly, very, non-grown-up! ; ) and yes, I meant to say it that way… call it “creative license.”  The stories I could tell you of huge overgrown fish, hot water pots, and even meditating… but that’s for the secret blog where only those who know how to go to imagination land can find it!

Whenever, I travel in the US, I try to stay in Bed and Breakfast Inns as often as possible because it is a way to invest in my commitment to support local as often as possible.  I also, of course, look to see if I can find any that are practicing any kind of sustainability practices.  I found a really great one in Vancouver that had only one availability left by the time I found it.  And the funniest thing… the name of the Bed and Breakfast run by the lovely Barb and Bob (also B and B) is… and I kid you not… “The Tree House!”  If you find yourself needing a place to stay in Vancouver, BC, Canada, I encourage you to stay with them in their lovely home!

After Canada, I travelled across the border to Washington.  I had a wonderful experience at the border when chatting with the agent as he asked me my purpose in Canada, and I told him that I was there doing this benefit.  He actually thanked me for it!  Wow!  That was a cool and unexpected surprise.

In Washington, I spent the evening at another Bed and Breakfast overlooking Puget Sound a little ways outside Seattle preparing for my next day at Edmonds Community College.  I stayed with an absolutely delightful woman, Helon, in the converted bedroom attic of her home (named the Maple Tree, I scored with the trees on this trip! : ) which is actually the only room available for let in her home.  The stairs were steep and narrow, the bathroom was downstairs, and everything was old but well cared for.  It was like staying with my grandmother.   We shared breakfast together in the morning (me with Earl Grey tea, fruit, toast and jam) and I got to hear some of her incredible life and how she became an accidental Bed and Breakfast hostess (stepping in to help a friend in need) many years before and loved it so much that she never stopped.  It was so sweet to be able to spend time with her and hold loving listening space as she shared about her dear husband of over 60 years recently passed on, her eyes welling up with tears as she told me she had lost her very best friend in the world when he died.  I can’t even begin to imagine what that must be like.  My longest relationship (with a person that is) was only one year, so I can’t even begin to comprehend not only that many years of marriage, but clearly being that in love and that good of friends over all that time!

After a lovely breakfast with Helon, I went to a local coffee shop for some organic pick me up and then headed to the college where I did an afternoon event, followed by an interview and then a visit with two classrooms combined including an ESL (English as a Second Language).  I love the more intimate settings that community colleges and classroom visits provide.  It just feels so much more real and alive when it is a small group.  I especially love classes like ESL as the conversation is so much more real often times—there is just a different way of relating to the story and to beliefs and to world view—really has me be even more mindful of my words.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with everyone at ECC including the sound technician and the house manager of the theater space where the gathering was held.   They were both truly great to work with and the house manager had his big, beautiful, black rescue dog with him, and I had the opportunity to pet and cuddle with him which helped me feel so much more grounded and happy… mmmmmm…. I SO love and appreciate animal companion energy!

From Edmonds Community College, I went to Southern California for my mini-tour with dear friend, activator, and actress, Daryl Hannah.  We started in Los Angeles at UCLA where they have a very impressive sustainability initiative going on campus.  When we arrived on campus, the parking kiosk folks who we were told to check in with had no records of us, and there was quite a bit of back and forth before a student coordinator finally came and helped iron out the situation and get us to the appropriate parking space.  We had a delightful dinner with some of the key sustainability organizers on campus including the amazing professor who was to be our moderator for the evening.  The format for these events is conversation style vs. presentation in an effort to create a more inclusive vibe for everyone in the room.  I find this style, to be such a more interesting format even when there are occasional curve balls because of the more loose design.  The conversation was great and some of my closest friends in LA were at the event, which made it extra fun for me.

From there, we went to San Diego State University (SDSU) where we drove around in circles trying to find a parking lot and being given the craziest directions imaginable before I finally told the point people to just come meet us and take us to the assigned parking lot as I was beginning to lose my patience and did not want to waste any more time driving in circles.  We had a very full day beginning with a lunch talk ( with incredibly delicious vegan, organic lunch including chocolate cake!  Yum! Following the lunch, Daryl and I had an interview, and then we were scheduled to talk with a professor and his team member, where I quickly realized they were trying to get us to give money to their fund.  It felt really inappropriate, and I was a bit vexed because we had such a small window of down time during a very long day, and to have it filled up with a meeting where they were trying to get money out of two people who do a ton of pro-bono work (that would be Daryl and me) and who were their guests at their school just felt really slimy and frustrating.  I did my best to honor and acknowledge them and their good work, though, and at the same time let them know very clearly and quickly that Daryl and I are not banks nor have contacts for them. So often, people think fame equates to being rich, and Daryl and I often have to deal with people who think that of us even though it is far from the truth.   I did, however, give them some very real and concrete ideas for creative avenues of funding, as I do believe their program is a good one and want them to have support for their vision—even if their approach to us was really off.

Then, I was blessed with incredible bodywork from a Facebook Friend who saw that I was going to be in her hometown and came and gave both Daryl and I some much needed healing and loving massage.  Thank Goodness for the Angels!!!!

Then, we had the larger public event with a moderator.  The moderator came across as incredibly lacking in presence and any sense of who was in the room adding yet another layer of weirdness to an already weird day.  The funny thing is that it flipped this switch in me, and I became fully animated and even a little intense.  But I knew that if I allowed him to lead the conversation, it was going to go in a way that did not really serve anyone in the room.  Afterwards, many people came up to me and thanked me for my passion and for redirecting the conversation.  I have learned that sometimes my passion and intensity can be too much for certain situations (as in I come across as a bulldozer when a rake would do the job just fine ; ), and that it is better to be more soft or even silent.  But there are other times, like this one, where a bit of fierceness was called for.

The final event of the day was another vegan, organic catered affair of appetizers and finger foods with Daryl and I giving a talk honoring the incredible work of the students on SDSU campus and the faculty who support them in truly inspiring and committed sustainability initiatives on campus.  One of my favorite parts of what they are doing at SDSU is that they are integrating the importance of cultural preservation and human diversity in ecological sustainability.  They have a cultural diversity chair as part of the sustainability team which is so powerful, important, and inspiring!

Last stop on the Southern California tour was Pasadena City College (PCC).  The professor who brought us to campus was also the moderator and was an absolute joy to spend time with.  Her commitment to her students, the campus, and to the world is so inspiring.  She and her students had just returned from Arcosanti in Arizona ( the day before and so many of her students were talking about how the experience had changed their life.  It was clear that young people going through her class leave with real leadership skills, compassionate, caring views, and a commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

There was supposed to be dinner for us before the event and something happened and the dinner did not show and somehow they scrambled and got some salad together for us.   With all that had been going wrong in the world of logistics and communication over the last few days, I started laughing and knew the great trickster of Mercury in Retrograde must be playing in the celestial cosmic ball field and we were the ball being tossed all over the place!  When I got to a computer, I looked it up and SURE ENOUGH Mercury was in Retrograde!  I knew it!!  Without even knowing it ahead of time, I knew with that much chaos, it had to lead to Mercury!

My last day in LA was official Earth Day, and I had various meetings including with my dear friend/brother/ally John Quigley who spent the first part of the day in court as he is being prosecuted for working to try to save some beautiful and important Oak trees in Arcadia, California. ( We commented on the irony of his being in court on Earth Day being prosecuted for defending the Earth.  But mostly we laughed and shared stories which is part of why I love this amazing man—he is incredibly intelligent, committed, creative, active, caring and even though he is often on the front lines of destruction, continues to keep his playful spirit!  To check out his beautiful, powerful, and important creative work go to (

The last event was in San Francisco at the New Living Expo.  All expos creep me out!  I haven’t done one in years and have turned down requests to do them because they are really just one big shopping mall, and although spending our money in conscious ways is crucial, we can not buy our way to enlightenment, nor can we just buy our way out of the mess we have created as a species on this planet!

And although I love beautiful rocks and crystals and gems just like the next person, the reality that no one ever seems to talk about is that all those booths of crystals and gems support MINING!!!!!  We are raping and pillaging the Earth for all those supposed enlightenment tools.  It turns my stomach and makes me want to cry.  We are so disconnected that we don’t realize we just raped the Earth for something that is supposedly “Divinely Conscious.”  Poor people.  We are so incredibly mislead and disconnected—even the most “conscious” amongst us.

But, I had agreed to do this expo because I had been there many years before and had called them to task to produce their event much more ecologically because it was so far out of integrity with what it was espousing in the world.  I said from stage that I would not come back until they stepped up their integrity. And in the ensuing years, they have shifted much of their production to be more ecologically aware and responsible.  Plus, I was going to be leaving out of San Francisco to head back to my new home in Belize, so it made sense logistically, as well as I am still financially recovering from massive bills from my torn ACL and reconstructive surgery on my feet, and as most of the work I do is pro-bono and I am not on paid staff anywhere, paid events are really needed right now.   So for these reasons, and because it was an opportunity to work with Daryl again, I agreed to do the New Living Expo again.

The conversation was moderated by my dear friend and ally, Marianne Manilov, who also, is co-director with Alissa Hauser of an organization I helped launch with them called The Engage Network ( It was a lovely conversation and Marianne did a great job not only of moderating, but also presencing the need for community and building community as we do the work.  We talked about having love at the core of our work and choices and at the same time being fierce and active in the world without judgment.  We talked about uncovering our being underneath all the doing, and  allowing our core purpose to direct our actions and choices in the world.  We covered a lot of themes that are at the heart of the work of Engage, which made me really happy to  be a part.  Daryl  was delightful, sweet, funny, smart, and engaging as she was at every talk we did!  This event also had many of my friends in attendance, which was really heartwarming for me.

I got to my cave (as I lovingly call my sublet) around midnight, fell out exhausted  on my bed, but couldn’t sleep—something that usually happens to me every time I am about to go on a trip.  I still had much to do to be ready to leave, but I was much too exhausted to be coherent and focus.  I finally fell asleep for about 4 hours before getting up and finishing packing.  A dear friend came and picked me up and took me to the airport.  Again, I am SO grateful for the Angels in my life!

By the time this blog posts, I will be in Belize!  Warm Caribbean Sea, Papayas, Coconuts, and Friends await me!!!  I am so very humbled and so very grateful.  So grateful, it makes me cry.  It has been one long, intense, and literally as well as metaphorically, painful journey to find a place I feel at home.   After spending many years branching far and wide, I am now in the process of sending roots down deep, and it is the very best feeling—beyond what words can describe.

Here is to roots.



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  1. Both of my sisters graduated from SDSU (I was the black sheep having gone to UCSB…), so I completely sympathize with your difficulties finding parking. Hope you enjoyed your time in my hometown.

  2. you and Daryl were so cool to me!
    i’m so happy i could be of service
    to you two :0)

  3. hi Julia,
    Nice to hear of the travel experiences as well as to know that you’ve found a home that nurtures your holistic well-being. Speaking of roots, there is a fabulous documentary film, “Urban Roots”, plus the website has some good info.

  4. Jet,

    You were FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for being so generous and supportive! If you have a website, post the link so folks can find out about you!

  5. While typing this response soul overjoyed with the joy of my sweet sistar Julia ,i’m glancing out of my window to witness little Osun quite estatically rolling around in the garden singing to herself obviously expierencing a great love fest with this most vital life giving soil,the mychorizal fungi,earth worms, very plentiful soil microbes and Of Course Julia sweet liberation song,too!WOOOOF,WOOOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. a heartfelt thx for the update on your life, mine continues to be full of surprise and change as well. i too felt the idea of a long relationship was foreign as my own longest was 6 yrs w/2 foots, have a cat 11 yrs now, happy u have found a healthy home may your time there be of quality and keep the compost pile turning =)

  7. I am just now learning this smartphone. I hope you got my other message. So I pray now for you ms hill that you would be happy healthy and strong. The angles are helping me too.
    You are one of my heroes. I love everyone. I love everything. Someday eve ryone will know the truth and all will be having this satchitananda. Itss so weird here in ormond beach fla. My friends are trying to save the little bit of wildlife we have left. It is so important to be vigilent cause men with buldozers wait till we arent whatching. But I forgive them they know not what they do. But it is sometimes hard to remember when we see turtles in whose insensitivity tears. They run from the horror done by doZing men of power tr

  8. Year of rejoicing ,Music and LOVE.
    jULIA one time i was in a group hug with you and michael Franti , then deliberately at REGGAE you kissed my hand, You grew up and stayed in a tree while i was in leggett the whole time, i went to belize and in san pedro embarked on my effort to sneak into mexico, was tryin to get to another reggae fest ,yet all the joys of tree sitting for the old doug fir ,and the experiences of living involuntarily in Guatemala ,with prayer i will be able to make sense of 2011 real soon God bless you.

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