Playing In The Rain

Sometimes, it is so much fun to play in the rain.  Teeth chattering, looking like a partially drowned mouse (have you seen my ears and nose?!?  i am telling you, i definitely have mouse in my family lineage!!  : )  i felt like i was 16 again.  Only, minus the angst.  It was great!  So much fun and so cleansing.  Being ridiculous is quite liberating.

i hold the memory like a jewel inside of me.  The experience brought back something i needed, and it only seems to be getting better.  i am grateful for the magic in the small things–like freezing in the rain and not wanting it to end or change a single moment of it.

Choose to do something ridiculous this week.  Something you wouldn’t normally do.  Enjoy the pure fun and delight of being outside the norm, the ruts, the every day rhythm.  Enjoy dancing like a child; get your groove on without caring at all what it looks like.  Dance like a duck down the middle of the road.  Run and play in the rain.  Whatever brings delight, joy, and a wonderful sense of the ridiculous!


Love and Laughter,


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  1. This is excellent advice. Butterfly is wise! Shine on!

  2. =)butterfly fly so close then so far never quite in reach to be denied her freedom…flutter away with your heart restored and future luna’s to protect. set a path to the clouds so someday we can all fly with u… hope u found time to catch the moons show =) was a clr night here and the man sure spoke to us who stayed up %) once again thx for the happy thoughts…

  3. Rebirth… Welcome back Child.

  4. Now, julia. When I would dance like duck down the middle of the grocery aisle, you would run away in embarrassment! (but you couldn’t hide your amusement at such a stupid old man)

  5. Hi Dad,

    i learned to perfect the art of ridiculous by watching you!!!! : )



  6. Julia, I can completely identify with this sentiment! I actually just finished reading your book not 5 minutes ago and can say that I am tremendously respectful of your strength, resolve, and character. To say that it is inspiring seems flaccid. Any words that I can muster here sound contrite and insufficient with regard to how I feel about what you were able to accomplish. At any rate, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

  7. Thanks Thomas! So glad the book inspired you (or maybe more than that. : )



  8. This morning an old funny man at the Bart station, looking at me all wet with my broken umbrella told me “you have to try to walk in between rain drops” and he was laughing… I replied “no, I would miss the beauty of the rain”… a moment of silent and then he started laughing even harder 🙂

    Here’s to walking in the rain trying to catch as many raindrops as possible!!! 🙂

  9. Grazie Miwe for such a great story!

  10. Hi Julia,

    Your mousy foolish/blessedness reminded me of the old Sly and the Family Stone song: “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)”. I was singing it aloud earlier today as I was biking along the swollen Mississippi River greeting all the folks I met with a Happy All/April Fools Day and celebrating the ridiculous with a half shaved/half bearded face.

    Hope you had a good, foolish one. Dance on!

  11. I love the rain. Especially when it’s slow and steady. Thank you for sharing such lovely ideas, this is just what I needed to hear today.

  12. My town just put in solar. My school did too, two largest projects in the world. I gave up driving 10 years ago. Thirty years ago I went out to see the giants, never the same since. Stole magic, planted it. Now the whole world is onto the secret, DNA secrets unlocked.

    This week I put my hands back in the Earth, planted something, it felt good. Lit a sacred holy fire for Ba’al, lord, devilish Irish pagan phoenix God of Canaan. Spread the ashes thick. Smoked deep, inhaled burnt feelings left over from yesteryear.

    This week I laughed watching a child take her first steps. I drove cats wild with wild catnip I spread out in the lawn, returning yearly. I picked my St. John’s wort and drank fresh mint tea, nipping buds whilst zebra striped miniature catipilar’s spread pixie dust and bees, a bumble bee queen who’s wing I’d repaired and flew into my window to say hi like a lost friend while I tended Gerry the cross-bred Geranium with baby rose bud flowers extending their pink invitation outward, fertilizing my pear trees and tulips.

    This week I made homebrew beer and LSD, barley bread and ate it all down with honey. This week I cried. I forgot all about Julia and Lunatree. I played in the rain too though. It was fun, it was. The earth is waking up, we’re all listening. Thank you for still being here.

    ps. I’ve got another healthy stand of giants coming in near the water, soaking up so much of it the US army corp of engineers it threatening to come in and straighten things out, because it is near a superfund site and, well, of course, it is messing with fishermen and the developers just want any excuse.

    but, I’m all out of shrooms. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

    You’re magical.

    roots to the ground

  13. Dear Julia,
    I am a 12 year old girl living in San Clemente, CA. Our school had a recent project called National History Day. We were given instructions to make a presentation on something that had to do with debate and diplomacy. Looking for my topic, my mom mentioned you! She told me a vague story of your incredible journey, and I was eager to learn more! I made the title of my project Peaceful Resistance. Studying about you made me feel like I know you! I LOVE the outdoors, I feel connected to it, I adore animals, I have dreams of living in a tree! I love dancing in the rain, I don’t really like wearing shoes, I love music ( I play the guitar) and I try to be as green as possible. I wanted to say thanks for giving me a green hero to look up to! You are #1 in my list of people that I would just like to sit down with a cup of tea and talk with!
    Thanks for your inspiration,
    peace & love,

    My favorite part in your book is that through hard times you turn in to beautiful things!

  14. Hi Lake!

    You INSPIRE ME!!!! It fills my heart with joy to know that you, already at the age of 12, are so informed, caring and compassionate, and active in making conscious choices!!! Really! You are a role model, and from the depths of my heart, THANK YOU!!!!



  15. Hola julia, me gustaría explicarte lo divertido que puede llegar a ser sentirse ridículo, si me lo permites. Es una anécdota divertida que seguramente te va a gustar. Hace casi dos años escribí un comentario en tu blog un poco oscuro (es mi forma de escribir y quizás también mi forma de ser), bueno, bromas a parte, …y después me fuí a dormir. Aquella noche tuve un sueño muy curioso, soñé que mi hijo venía a mi cama por la noche con los calcetines llenos de arena y al intentar meterse dentro de la cama me despertaba esparciendo arena por todas partes, yo me enfadaba mucho despertando también a mi mujer, etc…
    Lo gracioso es que al día siguiente leí que tu respuesta a mi comentario había sido que me “perdiera en el Gran Cañón del Colorado” . Gracioso, no es cierto? parece que alguien leyó tu comentario antes que yo y por algún extraño motivo quiso advertirme.

    Bueno, te felicito por tu blog y suerte. Un saludo muy cordial.

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