Endless Inspiration

Crescent sliver of a moon hangs like gold dripping from its own shadow, a pendant on a necklace strung with glittering diamond stars.


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  1. a roaring symphany of ecstatic cackles dance upon the mists of the divinly intoxicated rapture of seemingly endless embraces of green for my soul to take refuge in.the salt kissed air like Grandmotha Oceans milk of perpetual renewal rocking my tired and weary heart as i allow an ocean of love to wash my spirit clean…

  2. you’re quite a girl – and as you are doing – now is the time to follow your heart – as for some reason it always seems to lead one in the right direction – – –

  3. night owl too =)happy thoughts

  4. So happy for you. ♥

  5. Julia,
    This poem is just beautiful. Thank you for writing it, and going to Belize and bringing its experience to us. I swear it is like soul food for me.

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