Beautiful Belize

Belize is exactly the medicine i needed.  Within days, my lungs were clear, i was off the inhaler i had to use to breathe, the pain in my knee and hips dramatically less, and the pain in my heart, unwinding and releasing with each new day meeting the sun and sea.

Unfortunately, the first place i rented was unsafe, and my friend and i were robbed twice before i was able to find a new place to stay.  However, the new place is beyond perfect.  It is safe, peaceful, and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.  And one of the best parts about it is that it has a phenomenally fantastic kitchen that is well stocked, and i have been having so much fun creating dishes for my friends here!

Coconut curried vegetables–coconuts picked right from the trees and hand grated and then soaked, stirred, and blended, then strained and cooked to a thick, rich cream.  Yum!!!!!!

Vegetable tortillas with hand-made corn tortillas from a sweet family in the village stuffed with avocado, sprouted black beans and lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers marinated in a mango, chile, lime sauce.

Seasoned rice with asian-stir fried vegetables.

And last night, oven-roasted herbed potatoes; quinoa with green onions, basil, and spices; steamed broccoli and cauliflower with a “cheese” sauce i made from roasting red peppers, peeling them, and blending them with apple cider vinegar, olive oil, salt, and a little dried hummus mix.


Ah, yes, i am in my version of Heaven.  i am realizing that i absolutely must spend real, solid amounts of time in the tropics, next to the sea, swimming, breathing warm, clean, salt water air, and making food for friends.  i begin to heal on every single level in experiences like this.  There are, of course, issues even here. But my capacity for managing my sensitive nature and all that goes on in my life and the world grows by leaps and bounds here.


Beginning in May, i will begin moving my home base here.  And before all the comments from people who say how dare i give up on the U.S. and who do i think i am running off to some Caribbean Paradise.  Let me say right up front, “i do not care about your opinions.”  i have spent almost my entire life putting my needs behind everyone else’s.  And it has had a toll on me.  i would not go back and change a thing.  But i am clear, that moving forward, i am planting my roots somewhere where i can heal, grow, thrive, and do the work i feel called to do in the way i feel called to do it.

And knowing this, my heart is tap dancing with joy and my spirit is soaring.

i will continue to do work i believe in, but i will do it in a way that is healthy for me.  And hopefully, quite a bit of my work will include cooking delicious, healthy, vegan meals for people.  : )

Lots of Love,


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  1. Belize just got more beautiful…

  2. Thanks Matt! : )


  3. Beautiful, Julia. So happy for you! Hoping to be your Central American neighbor, sooner than later!

  4. Stay there in Belize – I just may pack up my bags and leave to join you! xD

    Good to know you’re doing great! Don’t listen to what anyone says about the US – the dollar will be dead by the end of 2012 and it will take the decades to rebuild from this financial crisis. Keep some physical gold and silver with you – but try not to get robbed again…!

    Just keep having fun! ;D

    Mathew Titus

  5. Beautiful! Delicious in every way!

    Be well always…

    with love,


    “Let me say right up front, “i do not care about your opinions.” i have spent almost my entire life putting my needs behind everyone else’s. And it has had a toll on me. i would not go back and change a thing. But i am clear, that moving forward, i am planting my roots somewhere where i can heal, grow, thrive, and do the work i feel called to do in the way i feel called to do it….And knowing this, my heart is tap dancing with joy and my spirit is soaring.

    i will continue to do work i believe in, but i will do it in a way that is healthy for me.

    YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!……………..

    Sweet lady, please heal (and love) YOURSELF,

    Michael & Laura

  7. Gee Julia, so many questions pop to mind. I´ll be making a major restraining effort not to bother you with any of those… 😀

    OK, a tiny, innocuous one: do you happen to know any good documentary about Belize?

    (And BTW, it´s great to read that you´re doing better. I mean it!)

  8. Hi Javier,

    i almost never watch documentaries, so i do not know of a good one on Belize. But if anyone else knows of one, please post!



  9. Thank You Michael and Laura for your ongoing and unwavering love and support!



  10. KUDOS!!! Good for you for putting yourself first.!!

  11. sounds lovely! Good for you – hope the warm breezes and gorgeous waters continue to heal!

  12. =) glad to see your on the up swing, sorry to see your basecamp will be somewhere I am unfamiliar with and will work on correcting this lack of information. kudos on finding something u want 2 stand for, I suspect u are not as alone as u were in jamacia and find this more restorative and connective.(least they get tv ) I continue to have happy thought for u and your friends may these things continue to restore your inner strength. =) tie up that hammock julia and hope u can feel safe enough to return to us @ facebook soon =)brother bear says love self first by loving another enough to change yourself but if u change too much u may never get back to your original self good/bad =) usa loss is Belizes gain ….

  13. I am glad to hear that you are doing so well.

  14. Wonderful news, Julia. This made me smile so much. It is so good that you are following your heart. You have already done so much… and you will probably do more, but if you don’t care for yourself you can’t care for the planet. Now when I see that photo you sent me, which has a place of prominence in my meditation area, I will think of you honoring yourself. Peace and joy to you on this new turn in your path. Namaste.

  15. Hi Belize Julia,

    You say, “Let me say right up front, “i do not care about your opinions.” i have spent almost my entire life putting my needs behind everyone else’s. And it has had a toll on me.”

    Fuck yea! That’s the spirit! More of this, my friend.
    Fight for your life! Put yourself first, for a goddamn change. Eat, drink, pray, cook, swim, walk, chat, love, in Belize, just for the fucking fun of it.

    Recently, I sent you the following advice. And from your Belize comments, it bears repeating…

    Time to change your career!
    Drop everything you’ve done to date and do something else!

    Ever since Luna, you’ve selected “do-goodism” as your career. You became “Luna Julia”, caring for trees, then people, then branched out (pun intended) to all things do-goodism related.
    Along the way, you’ve inspired hundreds of people and met hundreds of inspiring, loving, spiritual, do-good people.

    Yet, for all of your do-good karma points, your selfless journey has led to these recent comments:

    “…I was left feeling disheartened, disillusioned, and disconnected. It made me, yet again, question why I do what I do. I have been seriously considering what it would be for me to stop public speaking all together, to get out of the environmental field,…”

    Your self-described physical pain and emotional distress SHOUTS one clear message:

    “STOP what you’re doing!”
    Or, in simpler terms, “Fuck that shit!”

    Retire “Luna Julia”…that oh-so-public persona who apparently carries oh-so-much private pain.

    You’ve scored enormous good karma points. But apparently, you haven’t cashed in on them yet. Perhaps you will in Belize.

    Act entrepreneurial in Belize. You’ve made connections. Use them.
    Chef, write, do private counseling, sell relationship DVD’s…whatever.
    Just stay away from pleasing crowds and fulfilling THEIR expectations.

    Leave public speaking/writing on environmental/health/ social justice/ topics. You’ve had your time on the world stage for this. Take your bow and let the curtain fall on Act 1 of your career.

    The “Luna Julia” lifestyle-trips, talks, meetings,soul searchings, prayer groups, political activism-hasn’t satisfied the real Julia. Taking on the emotional burdens of the world, traveling around, putting yourself out there, has a very short shelf life when it comes to personal satisfaction.

    Forget being a “spokesperson”, forget leading “movements”, forget getting caught up in group spiritual stuff…forget the old “Luna Julia”.

    Say “Hello!” to the new Julia: “Belize Julia!”.

    New idea…
    From now on, live each day with a “Fuck yea!” attitude!
    Nothing more, nothing less.

    “Fuck yea!” is a great guru.

    You’ve lived and loved causes, movements, activism, and your fans. All to the good, though now it’s time to love yourself.

    Luna Julia became for you a self-imposed psychological imprisonment of causes, movements, and activism. Release that persona. Others will step up to take your place. Let them. You DESERVE to live your own fucking happy life for once!

    My friend, sitting on that beach in Belize near sunset, eating that delicious food, breathing deeply as your lungs cleared, smelling the food mixed with the eternal flavoring of the ocean, listening to the life-affirming sounds of Belize at sunset, feeling the warm sand beneath your bare feet, watching the sky and water turn a darker shade of blue…you rediscovered love for Julia.

    Chase that fucking feeling!


  16. Thanks Everyone for your support. Paul, yours is a bit over the top and over dramatic and not exactly true for me, but i appreciate the sentiments none-the-less. And by the way, i never did my work about “pleasing crowds.” It has never been about that. If it had been, i could never have gone on being public for as long and intensely as i did. My heart longs to make a difference and be a contribution to the world. HOW i choose to do that is an ongoing experiment for me.


  17. Blessed Be

  18. Yay! Julia for creating a way to feel better. My mouth is watering and my stomach growling over your food preparation. Looking forward to dancing and cooking in the kitchen together. I am always ready to share and enjoy my life long love affair with food. Peace Mark

  19. “You do not have to be good.
    You do not have to walk on your knees
    For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
    You only have to let the soft animal of your body
    love what it loves.” — Mary Oliver

    I am sure the above is familiar to you being a poet and a fan of poetry that your are. Yes, grant yourself that permission-slip, that proverbial cosmic hall-pass to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves in a place it can best do that loving. Our own happiness and inner peace enables the depth of service we can do for others. More and more, I find that happiness (the true kind that does not compromise others’ opportunity to find their own) _is_ a profound level of service and the ultimate of, “You must be the example. . .” It’s also where we in the West get mixed up with this whole “doing” and “being” mix-up. You are overdue for this embodied form of action called “being.” Eat well, swim freely, make that white sand squeek beneath your feet. Feed others and feed yourself. Smile. And thank you.

  20. Hey Julia, your “almost never watch documentaries” struck me as odd, since I always associate as an interesting way to acquire “knowledge”, or even “experience”. Would you mind sharing why you don´t watch them?

  21. for what its worth see u in a stainless steel professional looking kitchen, hair short/netted w/ chef’s white on, next room looked to have about 11 tables and a lowbar w/many odd & colored bottles backed by a mirror behind glass doors, all visable from the kitchen, a larger table on inside as buffet style were people slipped in /out to serve others/themselves …. u appear happy and had several close helpers however the place seems dark except for an opening back door from kitchen were as i watched multiple butterflys flutterred out and touched the blank blue canvas of the sky resulting in tree clouds that thickened green and themselves started to shed butterflys too =). were it starts or continues from soon didn’t matter there were just too many trees to see them all …i’m glad 4 u shalom and happy thoughts ms. hill

  22. I made a powerpoint presentation about Redwood trees and a young women that helped bring awareness to the plight. Since then I have fluttered in and out of your Blogs. I am not as socially concious as I would like, but I do know when some one has given alot to there cause and I admire you for it. However, there in lies the irony. Live for yourself,do no harm to others and love the animal bein’s that come into your life. If others understand, they are true friends,if not they had their own agenda. Bless you, and thanks for the blogs.

  23. Julia,

    I wrote a lengthy comment on the 24th, to which you responded, ” Paul, yours is a bit over the top and over dramatic and not exactly true for me,…”

    Really? I based EVERYTHING I said on YOUR on own words. I don’t know you and I’ve only read a few of your blog posts.
    My “drama” reflects yours. Don’t you think that YOUR recent blog posts have been over-the-top dramatic? Need I quote your recent ruminations about your life, etc?

    You take issue with my comments by saying,
    “And by the way, i never did my work about “pleasing crowds.” ”
    Yet, in THIS very post, you say: ” i have spent almost my entire life putting my needs behind everyone else’s. And it has had a toll on me.”

    This is exactly what I was saying, that you got caught up in pleasing others (crowds) and neglected pleasing yourself. I didn’t say anything that you, yourself, have not said about your own life.

    You defensively take issue with my assumption about your pleasing others, “If it had been, i could never have gone on being public for as long and intensely as i did.”

    Yet, in fact, this is EXACTLY what did happen. YOU, yourself, admit as much when you say, ” “i do not care about your opinions. i have spent almost my entire life putting my needs behind everyone else’s.”

    Sure, you wanted to do good. Most of us do. But you now realize that “i have spent most of my life” pleasing crowds and not yourself.

    All I tried to do was give you a pep talk, using YOUR own words as my guide.

    But you know what, Julia? As a writer and spiritual person, I often embrace drama. But I realize that I sometimes overstep boundaries in offering life coaching to strangers.

    I wouldn’t bother commenting if I didn’t feel that you are beautiful person who deserves an equally beautiful life.

    I apologize if my tone or assumptions did not sit well with you.
    As this is my last comment on your blog, I sincerely wish you “Bon Voyage!” and delicious veggie dinners on the beaches of Belize!

  24. hey julia, although we’ve met a few times, you won’t remember me, i’m just one of many you’ve inspired.. i hiked to luna on your one year anniversary of sitting in luna with hundreds of others and gave you many hugs at a phil and friends show in SF.. so happy to hear you’ve found you’re happy place, literally and figuratively. follow your bliss.. you’ve earned it.. you have the internet to connect with the world, or you can shut it all down and have a peaceful, life without all that noise.. at some point i will also find a tropical place to rest my soul…that sounds like a perfect place to be.. blessings and peace and love to you-andrew

  25. Hi Julia 🙂
    I am so glad to have found your blog, I found it through your twitter. Belize sounds pure and soul feeding.
    I feel inspired to share my latest ramblings:
    you are of the stars
    cosmic lit proof
    of what the universe is capable of
    In peace,

  26. Julia, Julia!

    Beliz! Robbed (ooh!), twice!
    Well don’t you just know I can relate with your love of the tropics –and simple, simple living. Ahh, there’s the tropic rain outside my office now.
    Glad to have you missives coming this way. Kathleen and the kids and I plan on spending 2012 in Thailand and other parts of Asia, seeing just how far away we can go –and still be present. Rest and recoup.

  27. hey butterfly was thinkin of you while organizing some of the dvds for the thrift store last evening. came across a loose dvd from a series called planet earth i’m sure u would enjoy it. hope all is well w/u and your travels cooked any good meals lately. shared crackers and tuna (forget your feelings on that so sorry in advance) with a lady who says this was the first time she stopped “toeing the line in 35yrs, was able to help move her and son away from abusive and alcohol infested past … but wanted to mention the show to u happy thoughts your way i’m sure u are sharing the light in your own special way. have my own missions to complete my missionary friend suggested u want a strong network of people willing to mail u stuff i was kidding him about how your trying to get away from that =)so bfn sbv

  28. Hi Tom! So cool you’re statement how far you can go– and still be present! Good One! : ) What a wonderful experience for you and your fabulous family!

    i am feeling 1,000 times better here!



  29. Hello Julia I have been inspired by you for many years and continue to be inspired, thank you. I totally understand the call to the south and one day I hope to also expatriate down that way. I was research coconuts to day I also felt compelled to visit your site and loved that you spoke of coconuts, what a healing food! I look forward to following your new journey. Love, Radha

  30. Hi Julia,

    Nice to imagine your butterfly basking in the sun sipping nectar from a beautiful tropical flower…(am feeling “joy in the joy of others”).

    I wished to thank you for sharing your wisdom a year or so back during a phone-in spirituality series. I was in the midst of a sabbatical/metamorphosis and your words about the necessary and discomforting dissolution of the caterpillar, even its rejection of the nascent butterfly cells within it, were helpful. I’d been re-evaluating my activism/persona during a more restful, introspective year and allowing acceptance of some of my darker inclinations: including my reluctance about being in this life…ongoing since I was a child (a memory at six or seven of being outside in the Pennsylvanian winter and just wishing to hide in a snowpile and drift into a frozen sleep). So, it was serendipitous for me to find on your blog a recent, relevant entry: “To Thine Own Self Be True”. When reading the responses to that entry, I was reminded of your other comments during that phone-in workshop: how the struggle of the butterfly in breaking free of its chrysalis is necessary for its development, and the intervention/assistance of others, no matter how “well intentioned”, can be detrimental to its later ability to fly. Also helpful was the message of patience and intuition: the butterfly knowing to allow its wings to unfurl and spread and dry in the sun as long as necessary…gaining strength before it attempts to fly.

    Enjoy the sun,


  31. that your feeling 1,000 times better and at home with yourself does my heart 100,000 times good.

  32. Thanks so much Richard for the reflection and reminder. i am so wonderfully happy to hear how the phone call supported you!

    The butterfly transformation from a caterpillar is such a good teacher. : )

    Love and Blessings,

  33. Thank you, your commitment to self-care is an inspiration to me.

  34. Sort of late to the party on this one. But just want to say “Happy for you…” 🙂

    This sort of reminds me of a favorite quote of mine, so thought I’d share. It’s from a small book that I picked-up at a local car wash (of all places, haha): – How To Live On An Island -, by Sandy Gingras.

    “With the tide coming in over the castles you build, the currents sweeping you places you didn’t plan on going, the mists rolling in mysteriously over what you thought was clear, you change a lot just to keep up.”

    Life’s blessings to you.

  35. May peace be with u.

  36. Rober and Julia whar wonderful insights on each of your own unique expierences with Sacred Butterfly Medicine!i felt called to contribute a couple more facets of her teachings that are coming up for me in a deep way at this time.My understanding Innerstanding is that Butterfly Victory Of Metamorphasis is birthed from eating her way out of her own cacoon.What a powerhouse learning that has been for me as it relates to being fully present to our despair and sorrow- if we digest it it now becomes authenticity and energy to fuel our dreams.What magic she conjuers by being fully present with the dark until it becomes full and clear. Simotaniously, as she emerges from her cryshalis the first thing she reaches out for is new love,intamacy(into-me-see) communion with Existdence(Exist-dance), perhaps the holy sorrow and grief as it’s ripening within our heartmindbody opens the flood gates of our longing to love with wild self abadon the spirit of life within ourselves and each being with a raw wide open devotion and intensity we never though possible.
    In my all amnesiatic ignorance,ass backwards ,unearned, human anthrocentric priviledge
    i am so greatful to the immense wisdom of the more that human realm expressed as MamaButterfly her sacred teachings,lessons/healing medicines of awareness.
    In closing ,i felt compelled to share what is for me a profoundly moving passage which illustrates these medicines of metamorphasis in such a poetic way.The following is an excert from one my fav books of all time,”The Disobiedience Of The Daughter Of The Sun” by one my fav author-visionaries Martin Prechtel.
    “After the stunning explosion on the shores of possibility the only thing left standing is what we love,if it is our art that we followed there than it is our art that must put us back together.If it is the love of another person than its our love, not that person that is left standing when that person leaves that must reassemble us back to life.If it is our love for a dream of peace that we followed to being blown to bits on the beach of days, than it is the power of that shinning dream that must put us back together again.This grief matured love of ours that was left standing when we that have loved have been dismembered is what alchemically transforms the artist into a magician,the physcist into a devotee of the divine…”.

  37. hey, cuz! checking in 2 make sure u r doing well. miss seeing your lovely pics and posts on FB, but i am glad to still be able to read about your journey here.

    i hope to soak in an island with u someday. have a coconut for me!

  38. Zoe,
    I have to say to you regarding this post…I read it with tears in my eyes, recognition that these words were the ones I needed to hear today…of all the words I heard. Thanks for writing, and your “voice” in the words is so clear and strong.

    I wish I could meet all of you that posted these responses to Julia. Wouldn’t that be something to all stand around in the presence of such a beautiful landscape and witness it quietly together. Maybe we do in some strange way. I saw the same moon (a couple days after) Julia writes about in a couple of posts later. Crescent Moon way up near the Canadian border. The frame here is a snowy landscape and the bare tendrils, the veined tendrils of so many trees over the path I walked. I feel this community of you all, all mixed up with that luminous moon. Thanks. Thanks, Julia. —sam

  39. What a blessing it is to serve your joy, bro sam!Thanku!

  40. Yes, i d´ont think Paul have understand you quitte well. Me too, i do not undestand anything. Any way, I didn´t know you had health problems, but if you are happy it doesn´t matters isn´t it? but if you are really lokking for something new then it seams that you are in the good way!

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