Sharing Is Caring

Hi Friends,

A friend of mine writes a wonderful blog, and i would encourage you to check out his latest posting as i find it poignant and powerful.




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  1. Hope you had a great Birthday yesterday?
    Happy Belated! =)

    Pls do Come back to FaceBook soon – it’s way easier to see what you’re up to over there! 😉

  2. =) thx for share/care hope new digs r cool enjoyed photos, we really are destuctive for our own goals, did u read about the austrian pines in upper mid west?

  3. This is really good! Thanks for passing it around, Julia. His comments about not having the right to give in to despair are right on with something I posted to you the other day, in response to your bleak column about feeling lost and wanting to say goodbye to it all. Listen to us, please! Never give up; never surrender! You and I and the rest of us of similar mind and this universe are too important to be tossed away.

    Take care — peace, love, muchos abrazos.

  4. PS: I assume the hideous news about the attack on the old trees at Auburn and the cutting down of the Holy Thorn at Glastonbury also cut you to the quick, as it did anyone with any respect for living things and basic decency. We’ve got to be strong and fight these Orcs!

  5. Not to seem out of it or any thing, but go Packers, wow, owned by the fans, why just them? What? now it’s, go union, Yeah! Or is it go Earth, wohoo! Man, I have not read this posting, but I am mad to hear these kind of autrosities(virgin, old growth, black, temperate, red wood, devilopment you name it). My heart says “lead, follow or get out of the way”.
    lots of love
    40,000 year old virgin

  6. Dear, sweet lady…

    THANK YOU for sharing my post. You honor me with this kind act, and more, with your friendship.

    Please, be kind to yourself,


  7. hi doin a project for my teacher soooo into ecology

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