Joy In The Most Unusual Places

And on a topic completely unlike that last two postings… and probably unlike any I have ever posted… tonight’s blog is about sports.


Sports?!?!?  You might be wondering.  Yes, sports.


The Super Bowl to be more specific. The Green Bay Packers to be completely precise.


This afternoon, as I was lying on my sarong (black, with beige butterflies, given to me as a gift) soaking in the sun before jumping into the sea, a local I had met on day one here in Belize walked by.  I smiled and said hello.  He stopped to see how I was enjoying my day and then asked where I was going to be watching the game.  “What game?” I asked.  He said, “THE Game.”  “I don’t know what game you are talking about,” I replied.  “The SUPER BOWL,” he retorted with just a hint of disdain before saying, “What country you from again?”  I started laughing, telling him I am obviously not much of a sports fan because I didn’t even realize it was Super Bowl time.  For some reason, I thought the Super Bowl happened in January.  Shows you how much I pay attention to things like this.  He told me I had to come to the Tipsy Tuna to watch the game starting at 5:30.  He said it clearly that “No” was not an acceptable answer.  I laughingly told him I would be there by 6pmish.


I arrive to find out that the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers are playing one another in this much-anticipated game that nearly snuck right on by me.  Everyone around me, of course, wanted to know whom I was cheering for.  I laughingly told them that I have commitment issues so I was happy with either one winning.  They laughed and then all told me the side they were cheering for.  I was surrounded by people on both sides of the game.


I have a soft spot in my heart for the Steelers because of my years as a child living in Pennsylvania.  The Steelers represent to me the gritty, make something out of nothing life that I grew up with.  I know that is highly romanticized, but that’s what they represent.


But truly, deep down, I wanted the Green Bay Packers to win the most because they are the only, publicly owned, not-for-profit major professional team in the US.  To me, they not only represent some romanticized ideal, they are an actual living embodiment of an ideal.  They are “owned” by the fans who believe in them.  And in this time where commercials run for millions of dollars a minute and players and owners alike jockey for ever more money, it feels to me like the Packers hold the true heart, grit, and soul of what sports really are about—team and community.


For a great article on this check out the link below:


YAY Green Bay Packers!  YAY Team!  YAY Community!  YAY for the opportunity to celebrate something that actually matters—something much more important than just a game—a team that holds on despite all the odds to show that you can remain true to your roots!


Smiles and Cheers All Around,



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  1. I knew there was some reason I liked you! =)

    Born in Wisconsin, longtime “Cheesehead.” I know plenty of shareholders who have their stock certificate framed on their wall at home or at work.

    Go PACK Go!

  2. thx for sharing so how was the game =) in gulf breeze area without cable did have an excellent sunset over the gulf sunday after moving service that led into furniture moving for the shelters here was able to finally get a bike but it needs work =) …hope your enjoying the break in routine =)

  3. Hi Julia! It’s Christie! Just was thinking about you and wondering how you were, are you in Belize? All I know is that you are somewhere wearing a sarong and that makes me happy. Just read you are off the FB so good I can reach you here! Miss you, see you at the Big O sometime this season? Hope the sun is smiling on your beautiful face and the wind is kissing your hair…Big love lady, Christie

  4. I was going though some old papers to get rid of clutter and found a page about your book and group so I looked you up to see how you are doing now. I recorded the superbowl game and watched it later while on the intrnet. I did not know anything at all about either team so it did not matter to me who won.

    I am about helping people and it was not like who won the game would affect that at all.

  5. =) happy monday 2u woke up thinkin not another one but then i was reminded others are single too enjoy the day will u be away 4 your b-day? happy thoughts on this day of st valentine ….

  6. Hi CHristie Love!!! i am in Belize and loving it! COming to Omega in July. xoxoxo, jb

  7. As i have no real home, there is no where for me to be away from. i am in Belize for my Birthday! Yay!

  8. =)nice to live in your own skin and be comfortable where u r glad your having a pleasent hemingway bubble, heard rumor u were on a radio program recently…found an old cd from 1996 earthbest “if a tree falls” wasn’t sure if an old fundraiser outa redway,ca few fun tracks & happy thoughts don’t fall asleep in the sun =)

  9. ms. hill =)well might best wish u happy planet earth arrival while your brought to mind, reading “the next level” by david gregory was surprised to see the disconnect theory in a 2008 publication. Things going well in gulf breeze, hope belize or wherever u are is the same. happy thoughts =)wanted to share the song “can’t clearcut your way to heaven” but my tech skills are rusty 1982 degrees aren’t so useful these days maybe u can find it on that i-thingy by daryl cherney =)remember the shell can become both restricting and too heavy? seeing a criiter on the beach switching shells was remeniscent of dropping from being RN to thrift store volunteer but enough about me sensi enjoy your b-day !)

  10. This is not exactly germane to your amusing post, Julia, — and I’m a Bears fan from boyhood in any case, ha, altho’ I do admire the Packers’ unique ownership policy — but I have to take whatever opportunity exists to publicly wish you a very, very happy birthday tomorrow/in a few hours. May your next year bring you everything you wish for and need (the latter is perhaps the most important consideration). Thank you for the gift of you. May you be blessed all your days, and blessed be the Power that has brought you into our lives. Peace and love.

  11. Happy Birthday! Happy New Year of your life. And may this be the best one yet!

  12. Bel Anniversaire Ms. Hill! A Beautiful Birthday!

    I am glad to know this about the Green Bay Packers! Thank you for your wonderful legacy of caring and sharing!

    All of the best for you and your Loves ❤ Of this Day! And Always!

    Happy Birthday Dear Julia! Happy Birthday To You!

  13. HB enjoy your day =) yay

  14. Thanks Bill!

    i am really so much happier and healthier in Belize!

    Sadly, my birthday started by my getting burglarized in the wee morning hours. But, hey, hopefully that means the year is sure to get better, right? : )


  15. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely, smart, intelligent, wise-beyond-her-years, warrior child of a daughter!

    Yo’ Daddy loves you much!

  16. Thanks DAddy’O!


    Yo’ Daughta

  17. YAY!It’s official Julia Butterfly Hill now has a home.The secret secret power name she has been consecrated to is :”Aloha Luna”.She is a totally off grid huge studio cabin on an acre of profoundly poetic Old Rainforest extrordinarily rich in wild fruit trees and potent superfood herbs.Whenever, If ever Julia decides to journey to Pahoa,HI and as long as i am sterwarding this home she has an open invitation to come stay to quantum recharge with the Sacred Aina.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  18. Happy Birthday Julia!

  19. oooh… sorry… Though, from now on, I suppose you’ll have a sort-of very unique birthday anecdote… 🙂

    Must have been the full moon… (often times of strange energies, it seems). But may her waning now be a time of cleansing, insight, and peace for you.

    Warm wishes.

  20. Happy Happy Day, Dear Julia – I love that we share the same birthday, and I know several other wonderful human beings that do as well. I am so happy to hear you have made it to a better place and hope that you find some healing there. Much Love, Kate

    P.S. I seem to have lost track of you on Facebook. Did you change something there?

  21. what a great attitude hope your not out anything sentimental or was the thief of hearts still around from the 14th? =) … weathers improving here but then they say we might get one more cold snap in the 40’s lol enjoy your renewed energy, a half full glass by the door works wonderously as a warning and one can track the wet shoe further than dry =), won’t tell u the story of how i learned that one quite yet =) happier thoughts sbv

  22. Kate! Happy Belated Birthday Lovely One!

    As for FB, i disconnected for a while because i was overwhelmed with people and with life.

    i am starting to feel better now, and i am sure i will reconnect via FB soon. In the meantime, i have moved to a safer place here in Belize, and am loving it and going sailing today! Yay! : )

    Lots of Love!

    PS tell Michael, it was his info and link about the Green Bay Packers that inspired me to write this post. : )

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