Joy In The Most Unusual Places

And on a topic completely unlike that last two postings… and probably unlike any I have ever posted… tonight’s blog is about sports.


Sports?!?!?  You might be wondering.  Yes, sports.


The Super Bowl to be more specific. The Green Bay Packers to be completely precise.


This afternoon, as I was lying on my sarong (black, with beige butterflies, given to me as a gift) soaking in the sun before jumping into the sea, a local I had met on day one here in Belize walked by.  I smiled and said hello.  He stopped to see how I was enjoying my day and then asked where I was going to be watching the game.  “What game?” I asked.  He said, “THE Game.”  “I don’t know what game you are talking about,” I replied.  “The SUPER BOWL,” he retorted with just a hint of disdain before saying, “What country you from again?”  I started laughing, telling him I am obviously not much of a sports fan because I didn’t even realize it was Super Bowl time.  For some reason, I thought the Super Bowl happened in January.  Shows you how much I pay attention to things like this.  He told me I had to come to the Tipsy Tuna to watch the game starting at 5:30.  He said it clearly that “No” was not an acceptable answer.  I laughingly told him I would be there by 6pmish.


I arrive to find out that the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers are playing one another in this much-anticipated game that nearly snuck right on by me.  Everyone around me, of course, wanted to know whom I was cheering for.  I laughingly told them that I have commitment issues so I was happy with either one winning.  They laughed and then all told me the side they were cheering for.  I was surrounded by people on both sides of the game.


I have a soft spot in my heart for the Steelers because of my years as a child living in Pennsylvania.  The Steelers represent to me the gritty, make something out of nothing life that I grew up with.  I know that is highly romanticized, but that’s what they represent.


But truly, deep down, I wanted the Green Bay Packers to win the most because they are the only, publicly owned, not-for-profit major professional team in the US.  To me, they not only represent some romanticized ideal, they are an actual living embodiment of an ideal.  They are “owned” by the fans who believe in them.  And in this time where commercials run for millions of dollars a minute and players and owners alike jockey for ever more money, it feels to me like the Packers hold the true heart, grit, and soul of what sports really are about—team and community.


For a great article on this check out the link below:


YAY Green Bay Packers!  YAY Team!  YAY Community!  YAY for the opportunity to celebrate something that actually matters—something much more important than just a game—a team that holds on despite all the odds to show that you can remain true to your roots!


Smiles and Cheers All Around,



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