Incredible Social Empowerment Series

Hi Everyone!

i am a part of an incredible FREE Social Empowerment Series! Never before has such a remarkable group of visionary leaders come together for a global tele-training on social entrepreneurship. This series includes 39 amazing presenters from all different walks of life, including Van Jones, Lynne Twist, Drew Dellinger, Marianne Williamson, John Robins, myself, and many others.  You can click on this link to sign up for FREE at



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  1. Julia,

    I just listened to your interview and it had a profound affect on me. Thank you for being who you are and sharing yourself so authentically and beautifully.

    May this new year be your best yet!


    Dawn Knapp

  2. Thanks Dawn!

    i am so glad the interview resonated with you.



  3. The more I read and listen to you and others who have become my personal voices of awakening, the more I realize how much I’ve been “sleep-walking” my whole life (like most of society, I suppose). So, just waking up to these new paradigms, as I am, it can all seem sort of overwhelming. My life is such a product of who I’ve been, that how to turn it around is not immediately clear. But, what I took away from your talk that’s most helpful to me is when you said, “Every time I make a choice, I’m changing the world.” I like that because seems a somewhat manageable focus, even for me. It’s a great in-the-moment mantra that I can come back to over and over again throughout the day, in many situations and on many levels.

    Thank you very much.

  4. Thanks for sharing Bill!

    And remembering every time we make a choice we change the world is a profoundly powerful way to live our lives!


  5. Julia,

    I was just about to replay your interview when a friend called. I told him about liking your talk so much that I had to send a thank you and how cool it was that you responded! Then he said, “Who?…Oh, Theresa’a cousin.” He thinks he met you back when he was renting a place in Hill House. We are in Pensacola. I love synchronicity!

    More specific gratitude to follow after I listen to the replay…


  6. Hi Julia,

    I was wondering if you knew when people can become a member of your website? I was just looking at the poems.

    Your Sincerly,

  7. Hi Nathaniel,

    i hope to have that function working soon! Just ironing out some kinks on my end. Thanks so much!


  8. Hi Dawn!

    Yes, Teresa is my cousin, and i love her! : ) Most of my family lives in Pensacola. : )


  9. hi Julia i am italian man and not speek english, sorry, but i want tell you how you have inspiring me… i can see your conference at bologna 2002 and it is important for me …help for me to choise an individual action i have run Bolzano-Palermo march (all italy)for 3 month (november 2002-febbraio2003)with peace flag (rainbow flag) and on my retour all italia it is covered for rainbow (5’000’000 of flag)
    Thank you very match i hope you are well and take care of you

  10. so u do know were santa rosa county is in florida =)happy thoughts small planet the shelter is slowly being built feels like taking forever but we have 5 off the street fed, sheltered,and multiplying, =)hope your travels bring u to family soon…=)

  11. have noted your blocked on fb =)enjoy your vacation =)

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