Blessed New Year

In this time where some calendars mark the passing of one year into the next, may we let go of that which no longer serves us and invite in new possibility for our lives and our world.


Love, Blessings, and Gratitude to whomever you are, wherever you are, with whatever beliefs you hold.



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  1. Julia, this year which will end for us in 15 minutes was not such a great year … but there were some TERRIFIC MOMENTS that made it the BEST YEAR EVER for me at those moments. My life has been blessed by many new friends made through a variety of social media and actions we did together. The coming year will present many challenges on many fronts, but we are all coming together in a closer and more coordinated movement. Please listen to Paul Hawken and feel the connection

    Love, Blessings, and Gratitude to you and all who follow you ;-D

  2. =) thx back at u, hope your just vacationing/volunteering in belize lotta waves/ripples these days. would think oj wouldn’t cause so much strife, but then i’m sure you travel w/friends/angels by your side stay connected with happy thoughts and may this new chapter unfold with nector for your soul =)sbv

  3. Hi Julia – your sentiments are identical to mine. If you have a chance to read my New Year’s Day post.

    There’s something else I want to write to you about, but I’ll send that via email. xx Diana Rosa

  4. God bless you and keep you, Julia Butterfly! With all love and respect, and wishes for a happy and fulfilling 2011!

  5. I have been battling it out in the snow here in Montana, having put it all on a life or death plane to finish my interdisciplinary masters degree in Missoula, Montana. I came with nothing, have been making coffee and beans out of snow up in the wilds outside of town, also snow bathing (hruff!). I look like a wild scarecrow; but I reversed a lot of bad wreckage and got 1)reinstated; and 2)fully funded at the state U. I blame both you and a muslim kid overseas who is becoming a doctor for lighting the fire under me to go do something in the world worth my talents. We are to meet in the Sudan, young Dr. Hafiz and I, in a few years, after I put together the nuts and bolts and Califinancing for our NGO. Roughing it in the wilds of my home state is good practice. On the other hand, WHY OH WHY HAVE I BEEN LISTENING TO YOU FOR SO MANY YEARS…IT’S COLD OUT HERE! 🙂 (school doesn’t start for about a month)

  6. Hi Race,

    i am laughing (not AT YOU of course ; ) but your post is great. All the best. Please don’t freeze!



  7. word of encouragement to u race as a human we always seem unhappy w/nature for example i’m sweatin to death in florida but =)bet julia knows cold up in luna, send warm happy thoughts your way sbv

  8. Everybody comes into this world with his own awareness, his own way of understanding things.. it can be deep or superficial, constant or irregular.
    To clash against other’s awareness is time lost.
    It is not because one’s effort is not enough or it’s not done with love or compassion, it’s because everybody has a certain path graduated on to his own awareness.
    To demand a jump of awareness is not something to be frustrated of, something to be worried about ..but only something to wish to the whole world, even if we know we can’t do anything to move others’ awareness, simply because it can be moved only by an intense personal effort.
    You can do a life and things which are absurd or far 1.000 miles away from another’s point of view.
    So, what I really feel to say now is not to come in conflict with the world ..we don’t choose the rules of the game and we dont’ know the meaning of many events in our lives.
    But I bet that who puts us here is supposed to know it very well.

  9. Hi Julia, We met many years back through getting youth to Bioneers. I’m at The Sun magazine in NC now. I enjoyed reading your blog and hope you’ll relate to some of the slices of life I’m painting over at mine: Peace to you, Tim

  10. (If I may borrow your comments section for second, Julia…)

    I like what you wrote Marcello. That’s a copy and paste-er. Thank you. Very timely words.

  11. Hi Julia….I just read that Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is cloning ancient trees! Mostly I am excited because I had the idea years ago when I first read about Luna. I wanted to clone her….and the idea spun off into cloning famous trees….ancient ones and not so ancient but maybe known for their location.
    Maybe folks could own the shade tree in George Washington’s yard or something.
    Anyway, I couldnt do it, but someone else is.
    And it made me think of you…and I like people to know when I think of them. So….I am thinking of you:)

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