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1- Now is the Time! – ANIMAL LIBERATION THROUGH THE HEALING POWER OF  MUSIC MANTRAS- THE SHARANAM CAMPAIGN – Wednesday, October 27.  Support Animal Rights Activist/Music Artist, Sharon Gannon’s new CD, “Sharanam”- today. On October 27 (only), Download Free music, free vegan recipes, and cruelty free exclusive prizes when purchasing the Sharanam CD at

2-  Refuge and Sanctuary for all Animal Beings!  Animal Activist Sharon Gannon’s new music CD Sharanam (meaning “Refuge” in Sanskrit) sings powerfully and beautifully the healing power of mantra:  love the animals; don’t hurt them, be happy – chant and be happy. Support kindness to animals. Buy your copy of Sharanam today, Wednesday, October 27 and receive many exclusive cruelty free and vegan gifts and prizes:

3- Sharon Gannon, animal-rights activist and outspoken ethical vegetarianism (veganism), the renowned yogini and co-founder of the Jivamukti Yoga Method, that has been praised as a: “..holistic vision extending to strict vegetarianism and hard-core animal rights activism” –Vanity Fair USA.  Sharon views art/music as a means for uplifting the soul, and her music enriches the greater community by being inspirational, educational, and political. Experience the power of healing mantras to inspire kindness through compassion for all. Purchase “Sharanam” on October 27 and be eligible to win over 20 exclusive cruelty free and vegan gifts and prizes. Find out more:

4 – Replace popular culture’s messages of fear and hate with a message of love and kindness for all animals. Get your copy of Sharon Gannon’s CD, Sharanam today! Sharanam, sanskrit for refuge, combines modern sounds with ancient prayers of healing and compassion for all beings. Buy your copy today (october 27th only!) for access to exclusive cruelty-free gifts and prizes. Find out more:

5 – TODAY ONLY: Buy a copy of “Sharanam” via and receive many great prizes. Sharon Gannon’s album “Sharanam,” meaning ‘refuge’ in sanskrit is a prayer for kindness for all beings. Purchase your copy today, and visit this page to redeem your gifts:

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Redwoods Can Use Your Support

Rare, Ancient Noyo River Redwoods Need Protection

You can go to: for more information.  Thanks!

The last surviving old redwoods in an important Mendocino County, California, watershed face logging after April 1, 2011, so Save the Redwoods League needs your help to raise $7 million to purchase and protect the trees.

The 426-acre property contains 123 acres of ancient and old redwood and Douglas-fir forest — about 30 percent of all remaining old forest in the Noyo River watershed.

This region has the fewest ancient redwood stands in the coast redwood range, making its purchase a high priority according to our science-based Master Plan.

The League’s purchase of the property would protect these last survivors of an ancient forest and allow restoration of habitat for imperiled salmon in the Noyo River, which runs through the property. The Noyo River watershed drains west and is the source of drinking water for Fort Bragg and the surrounding area.

Protecting the redwoods also would safeguard the wide variety of animals that depend on this complex forest for their survival. In addition, this project could provide habitat for other imperiled species such as the northern spotted owl and marbled murrelet.

To protect the property permanently, the League would create a land preservation agreement and eventually transfer the acreage to a permanent steward such as a conservation organization or private party.

Current and future generations could see these remote, ancient redwoods from the Skunk Train, the 125-year-old railroad running between Willits and Fort Bragg.

We can’t afford to lose a single one of these living giants. A Timber Harvest Plan has been approved for the property, and trees are already marked for logging — which could begin as soon as the sale deadline passes if we don’t succeed.

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Upcoming Event I Will Be At In The Bay. Come Support!

If you live in the SF Bay Area, come to the Brower Youth Awards Event on the 19th! i am going to be there, and with the rockin’ young people all day! The main event is free, but please consider coming to the special reception as well and support the ongoing succes of this incredible program!  Details at:

Thanks and hope to see some of you there!




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