Another Picture for Bidding to help me raise funds for Healing Journey

This is a professionally framed picture of me in Luna.  This was taken at 100 feet up in the tree in 1998.  This is the same picture that was used for the cover of Legacy of Luna.  Minimum bid is $100.  If you are interested, you can post your bid as a response to this posting so everyone can see it.  Thanks so much.



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  1. Oh ,how i wish i had a home to illuminebeautify with this astoundingly gorgous one of a kind priceless work of (h)art. showcasing one of the most liberating powerhouse love affairs of all time: Julia and Luna!
    Ok ,i’ll start the bidding @ $101

  2. Just so everyone knows, someone from another network just bid $500, so the current bid is $500. Thanks. Julia


  4. Blessings, Relatives!
    In my opinion this extrordinary piece of h(aart should be selling for no less that $1,000.If this piece were were being showcased at a gallery it would be at least that much probably double that I invite you to take in to consideration that in putting your money where your heart is in supporting Sistah Julua’s work your helping to usher in a mega watt mojo of transformative liberating healing for our mother earth and all our relatives!Your supporting someone whose every breath is a prayer in service to YOUR full activation.Julia Butterfly is someone who has given her entire being to serving that which she loves the most:Your Freedom!Giving every cent she has litteraly millions of dollars for the healing of our world and continues to give tirelessly from the very core of her being so generously in every way.To support Julia is to aprecilove support Our Mama Gaia ,herself!!!

  5. Gee, Julia, that looks like the kind of picture that BELONGS to your own wall…

    I wish I had 501$ to spare so I could gift it back to you.

  6. Thanks Javier!

    The reality is that i don’t need pictures of myself. : ) i am simplifying my life down to less stuff and this is a perfect opportunity to help me rise funds i need for my healing journey, but also repurpose things that were in my life to others who will hopefully enjoy and cherish having it in their lives. This way it is a win, win, win. : )


  7. Yep, I totally get you, Julia. I can imagine Elvis wasn´t too interested in pictures of himself singing, either, so I guess my intention was to remind you that you´re still a “rock star” in our hearts, no matter what.

    (Cheesy, huh? 😀

    P.S. On second thought, I think you should write a book called: “JBH: 101 Reasons why I totally suck, but still got’ya fooled, after all these years”.

    That´s some book I wanna pay money for, Simon & Schuster!!

  8. Love Your idea for a book Javier! : )

  9. Good to know that you dig the idea, Julia. (Especially since I forgot the compulsory 😉 in my previous post…)

    The thing is I´m so used to see you as this committed, uber-positive, pro-active human being, that sometimes you just kick my moral butt (Most of the times). I cannot keep up!

    So I secretly wish I could see you swearing in a rage, drunk like a sailor, squeezing beatles, slapping nuns, or something like that…

    You cannot be 100% inspirational if you do not show your weaknesses, so write that book, damn it!! (Compulsory 🙂

  10. ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,hee,hee,hee,hee,hee,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha….:)

  11. Ok just claimed the copyright to the title:
    “ZMC”: 101 Reasons why I suck with awareness -Totally committed to embodying radical awakeness for the benefit of all my relatives , and ain’t foolin no one, after all these years”,for my upcoming(that is if I ever feel called to write it all down) Autobiography

  12. Hi Javier! All you have to do though is read some of my previous blog entries and i totally tell on myself for some of my less than fabulous attributes. : ) Although this is not quite the same as the cussing, drunk, slapping nuns kind of thing! : ) Mostly my days of that kind of acting out is done, but i certainly have my moments! ; )

  13. Ah, Julia, your last ; ) is SO promising…

    And yes, I´ve been reading the blog for quite some time, that´s exactly why I´m convinced we´re not settling for anything other than your own personal version of “A million little pieces” (Fabricated BS aside, of course, or I´m sending Oprah to sue yo’ass)

    P.S. The “nuns” thing was not accidental: I do have a prosperous business of bitchslappable nuns for hire. I run my business with honesty and integrity, and an extraordinary amount of privacy. I´m just saying…

  14. This may be none of my business granted but i do have just two cents of constructive feedback for this brother about this last comment.Javier. it is one thing to poke fun @ all our collective common weirdness with an open light hearted,compassionate,honoring heart rooted in love it is quite another thing to speak to Sistah Julia in a way tha is verbally violent and derogetory.STEP OFF!

  15. Zoe,

    i am pretty sure Javier is just kidding around. Look at ALL his posts. i could be mistaken, but i am 99% sure. Don’t get so riled up… but thanks.

  16. Gee, Julia, I´m really hurt about that 1% left… 😉

    And my dear (sister?) Zoe: “verbally violent and derogetory”(sic)??? Neither one nor the other, I´m afraid. Even the person I was talking to is “99%” sure…

    Let my clarify, in any case, that I have nothing in particular against nuns (After all, they´re making me a rich man…). Seriously, just a little bit of Mel Brooks humor for someone I felt comfortable enough to share with. Perhaps it´s just not your kind of humor (More like a “Sister act” thingy?? 😉

    No harm intended. Take care.

    P.S. You just gave an awesome idea for the expanding business: Bodyguard Nuns!!

  17. i hear you Javier.Thank u for clarifying this for us(ok me)Just so you know bro,when i hear the words: sue yo’ ass and bitch-anything used in a communication to a sistah i care about, i feel a roar of the Mama Bear protectress energy.My apologies for the misunderstanding.

  18. No problem, Zoe, thanks to you for the apology.

    About the gangsta’s talking, I always find it funny when I talk like that, particularly since I´m not a native speaker. And about the “bitch” word… don´t you think it´s just another über-feared word?? Most of my friends, for example, are “son of a bitch” from time to time, yet I know for a fact their mothers are not hookers. (Trust me, I offered them A LOT of money… 😉

    Be well, Zoe.

    And you too, Ms. 1%.

  19. ok i get offline for a short while and missed all this nun stuff? did the pix sell? the gulf is just the way i left it addin 6 yrs of dust to my mobile home glad i left things covered lol julia after two fires and several family members dieng i can safely say things cast out in love tend to come back without playing any records backward =)

  20. Hey Julia, are you open to barters for any of that cool stuff? Already I have a nice reusable coffee mug, picked up from one of those 2nd hand stores. Thing is from the eighties and has a nice metalic sound to it. Not to mention, “my coffee addiction” once or twice a month or quarter, not bad.
    Any way the event poster, for a bike(Cannondale autographed by Hurricane Katrina). Picked it up from a climate refugee a few years ago and am ready to share it with whom ever may wish for. metalic blue w/sparkles, basic (no roc shocks), slight patina and groovy chai sticker.
    Thank You, Joseph

  21. Hi Joe,

    i would be open to barter if it is something i need, but i have been joyfully car free since i was 18 and am totally set in the realm of bikes.


  22. Awesome sentinents about bartering Joseph and Julia. May i just reinerate Julia’s earlier purpose statement for the primary focus of these series of auctions and request for financial donations is to raise the several thousand dollars that she has to pay out of pocket to cover the full cost of her knee surgery.If each one of our beloved cyber community that is reading these words would donatet Just $30 a love made tangible appreciatation of the juicy redical,raw,tender precious gift of heart story and poetry that Julia gifts so generously to all of us wk,after wk,mo. after mo. -starting here with putting my money where my mouth and heart is who is i know it would put a huge smlle on a heart that so incredibly deserves it!

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