Amazing Poster Signed By Incredible Musicians for Auction

Hi Everyone,

As some of you know, i have been downsizing my life in order to simplify as well as to raise some money for my healing journey from a torn ACL knee injury.  i have come across a poster signed by such fabulous musicians as Bonnie Raitt, Alanis Morissette, John McCrae from the band Cake, Johnette Napolitano from Concrete Blond and others including myself from the incredible green festival concert we produced called We The Planet that changed the way festivals are being produced.  The art on this poster was created just for our event, so it is a limited edition art piece as well.  The glass on this picture broke in transit and the frame is dinged, but the poster and the matting are in excellent condition.  The minimum bid is $250.  you can place your bid in the comment sections so everyone can see what the current bidding is.  Thanks so much.


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  1. YES!!!!What a gem!!!Dear one, are you upen to my posting this offering on Tribe and a couple of my local conscious yahoo sites? Also please do remember i would love to donate the holistic health sustainability products if that’s something you want.

  2. Of Course, Zoe, you can share far and wide, thanks! As for the other products, i am not really sure how best to leverage those offers at this time. Right now, i am just trying to simplify my life and move out things i already have. Maybe once that is done, then i can figure out how best to leverage your offer. Thanks so much, julia

  3. Honoring your time and flow oh, cherished sweet sipmlcity.absolutely no rush…i am so grateful for the oppurtunity to be of service to u… whenever you want these gifts there here for you…whatever i may do to be of service to u , i am here,too…
    Ok, Let me post this great offering wherever i can think to and then get on to my next couple errands.
    love YAY!

  4. having just finished a similar journey closing up 4 homes I feel in sync with the idea of a passing along/ selling treasures …stay connected happy thoughts

    hi zoe

  5. hi barney, lovin you bro…

  6. i wanted to share a few precious moments of contemplative insight around the title of your much anticipated new book on celebrating the soul of veganism.Why don’t we call it YES!,YOU BAKE THE DIFFERENCE!?:A Lavish Feast of Love In Action To Entice And Nurish Our Individual and Collective Visionary Activation?
    i’m posting far and wide and Supa Shaktified Prayin Up our abundance;more support will come…

    julia,my heart bows to your heart in this
    moment, my soul kisses your souls feet.

  7. thx z, arrived safe, give jav some slack =), jbh hope the knee is improving 😉 happy thoughts sbv

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