A Video Of Me Sharing A Poem With Alex At COSM

This is a link to the wonderful COSM and a video of me sharing a poem with the incredible Alex!


Published in: on September 17, 2010 at 3:34 pm  Comments (9)  

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  1. I love it Julia and I can see it being recited in churches all over the world as part of a wedding vow…

  2. lovely poem!

  3. mmmm, mmmmm, good…..

  4. =)happy thought, all 2 one 1 to all …

  5. i am so incredibly inspired by the dynamic passionate activsm of No Impact Family.Collin and Michelle’s commitment to being a healing presence for our world shines so brilliantly.I think thier an excellent match for collaberating with The Engage Network and What’s Youre Tree,Bravo!I very much enjoyed watching No Impact Man Film.i think perhaps my favorite scene and line in the whole movie was Collin soo tenderly refering to the love of his life and patner in mighty liberation mischief as “poop.”
    On bended knee :
    Oh,julia do you have any idea how much i long to call you poop.
    i need to know dearheart do you long to call me poop,too?

  6. No Zoe, i do not long to call you “poop.”

  7. *LMFAO and spitting out my green tea as I pee my yoga shorts at the funniest exchange in the history of blog comments* (zoe, you rule)

  8. Your not going to believe this but thats actually my nickname for my wife. A funny story thats related…

    We stopped at a gas station one day and she went in for something. After awhile I got concerned and went in after her calling, “Poop!, Poop?” and the man behind the register said, “The bathroom’s are outside sir…”

    You cannot make this up…

  9. “Alex Mero is a great storyteller who still reminds people today of the mysteries of life. His remarkable slow-pace stories will not appeal to everyone but will certainly touch those who are willing to read with their hearts. His optimism and philosophy surmount the these days popular naturalistic, pessimistic and nihilistic tendencies. Alex’s urge to unconditionally help others out in seeking their true purpose and so many other qualities make him a great person as well as a worthy candidate to bring back a sense of wonder in this world and to have all his dreams fulfilled.”

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