Raising Money for My Healing Journey

Hello Friends,

i have been trying to come up with creative ways to raise some money to help pay for some of the expenses i have incurred with my knee injury. Even with insurance, i am going to be out a few thousand dollars.

This is hand-made jewelry that i made with no plastic or cheap metal.  It is sterling silver, Murano and zechoslovakian glass, semi-precious stones and a jade cat pendant.  Minimum bid is $200 and includes s&h.

This is a beautiful print, signed by the photographer taken of the altar at the base of Luna from during my time living in the tree.

Minimum bid is $20 including s&h.

Thanks so much for your support!


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  1. Julia, cant you see the message from the universe, slow down, settle down, get over your self.
    u will get hurt worse, physically and emotionally, if u dont take this to heart.

  2. Read “…Legacy…” a loooong time ago. And today, I get all this FREE Julia insight via YouTube, etc. It’s always so good. Helpful. Insightful. Fresh. “Thank-you’s” are nice, and I DO thank you for so readily putting yourself out there like you do. But maybe it’s time, at least in small ways, that I materialize / monetize it (give back). Money is tight (and how!), but if someone wanted to contribute monetarily to JBH, is there a best way to do so? Would that be through your support link at http://www.juliabutterfly.com ?



  3. Settle down?? Slow down?? Get over yourself??


    wtf. If I had a thousand lives I could never give her enough support and encouragement to make up for the bad advice, hurtful barbs and blarbs of idiocy lobbed her way.

    Stay free Julia. Never slow down if you don’t want to. And NEVER be over your gorgeous self.

    The only message I SEE says that she is doing far more than you and me to help right the wrongs of this world. Who are we to judge her, her speed, her whimsical gypsy ways or decisions?

    To all those who read these blogs, watch her videos, read her books or gain an ounce of inspiration from her, please send her $5 (at least) and all your unconditional love. Seriously people, she’s more than worth it and you know it.

    Who alive doesn’t love what she says, how she says it, and how wonderfully she makes you feel to be a part of her world?

  4. Want to collaberate on a sweeet project w/ me? All proceeds go to Julia Butterfly Hill.This vision/ message has come up in my meditations the last two mornings perhaps it’s time to share it?Personal email me for more detailed project info,if you wish?


  6. I would love to bid on the photograph (I’m afraid I don’t wear much jewelry). How do we bid? Do we just say here? Also, how large is the print?

  7. Hi Jaqueline!

    Yes, you bid right here that way everyone knows what the bidding is. The print is 11″ x 11″. Thanks for reminding me, i thought i had posted that! And Thank You for supporting!

    Love, Julia

  8. Hi Bill!

    The support link at http://www.juliabutterfly.com is a wonderful way to support!

    Thanks so much to You and to all who are being so caring, loving, and supportive!


  9. It has been a long while since I have been able to pop up at one of your affairs.. I would like to know how your treatment has come along.. I would like to know how to contribute outside this bidding process.. Maybe others would too..

    Fare thee well dear princess of light..

  10. Hi Mike,

    My healing is going slowly but surely as ligaments often do. : ) i am doing really well in certain areas and have some extra challenges in other areas because i have something called Hip Dysplasia (usually in dogs rare in people : ) which causes really painful instability in my hips, so then trying to work on re-building stability in my knee and as we all know the “knee bone is connected to the thigh bone which is connected to the hip bone…” : ) can be a bit of an extra challenging and extra painful process.

    And thanks for asking how to contribute other than bidding! On my website there is a way to support via Paypal http://www.juliabutterfly.com/en/support-julia. If you would prefer to do snail mail, contact me via my website at “contact” and i will send my PO Box. i don’t post my PO Box publicly because i then get swamped and overwhelmed with all the people who want to communicate with me, and it is just too much for me to be able to keep up with.

    Much Love and Gratitude,


  11. My goodness woumbman.what am i going to do with you?whew…
    What happened to the bidding?
    Did you sell off your sweet jewlery and Luna print?
    If not why don’t you just post it again here and your two FB Pages for a specific price.For what it worth- I recommend around $300 for the jewelery set and $200ish for the print, hand signed by both the photographer, JBH and handframed by you. Using a frame you prayerfully craft using recycled wood and tiny shrine totems,ect.?

  12. Ah, okay. We’re bidding right here, then. I’ll double the bid on the photograph to $80.


  13. Thank You Jacqueline!



  14. Zoe,

    It does not work the way you suggest. i have posted it on my FB and on here. People bid or they don’t. But thank you for trying to be helpful. i get that you just want to be helpful and supportive, and i appreciate it.


  15. Hi Jacqueline!

    You won the bidding on the print! Thank You SO much for your support! This print is really powerful in quite a simple way, but the altar made at the base of Luna in a burnt out cave has an energy to it that is quite powerful even in its simplicity and i feel that in this print. i hope you will feel it too! i will also send you an email about the details! Thanks to those who bid on this print!



  16. jbh glad your getting the financial and emotional support u need, from afar my juliet… =) zoe ? was that easier to understand? with my IQ I forget there are some who have not been exposed to my 46 yrs of hospice-medicine,esoterics,religion and “my life” sorry to all those imposed upon by my baggage I appreciatte the interaction here as i’m at a low point or were the goddess/creator/almighty/universe wants me 2b? happy thoughts to all sbv

  17. So insightful thank u for sharing.
    I LOVE BARNEY V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  18. Julia,

    I think more of us into alternative healing/goddess/earth based integrative health care should move forward as creatively as you!! I am also doing the same to get over a painfully slow joint/ligament injury. Selling this and that . . . asking for support in new and creative ways. Biggest thing I did to support my healing was I left my office day job to start a organic green business! That shifted the healing energy in more ways than one . . .

    Healing wishes from another whimsical creative gypsy type 🙂

  19. Hey Julia, I met a friend of yours this week at Wounded Knee. Alex…nice guy, very well spoken and insightful.

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