Another Picture for Bidding to help me raise funds for Healing Journey

This is a professionally framed picture of me in Luna.  This was taken at 100 feet up in the tree in 1998.  This is the same picture that was used for the cover of Legacy of Luna.  Minimum bid is $100.  If you are interested, you can post your bid as a response to this posting so everyone can see it.  Thanks so much.



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Amazing Poster Signed By Incredible Musicians for Auction

Hi Everyone,

As some of you know, i have been downsizing my life in order to simplify as well as to raise some money for my healing journey from a torn ACL knee injury.  i have come across a poster signed by such fabulous musicians as Bonnie Raitt, Alanis Morissette, John McCrae from the band Cake, Johnette Napolitano from Concrete Blond and others including myself from the incredible green festival concert we produced called We The Planet that changed the way festivals are being produced.  The art on this poster was created just for our event, so it is a limited edition art piece as well.  The glass on this picture broke in transit and the frame is dinged, but the poster and the matting are in excellent condition.  The minimum bid is $250.  you can place your bid in the comment sections so everyone can see what the current bidding is.  Thanks so much.


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A Video Of Me Sharing A Poem With Alex At COSM

This is a link to the wonderful COSM and a video of me sharing a poem with the incredible Alex!

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On The Road Again…

On the road again… here I find myself on the road again… going to new places, making new friends… here I find myself… on the road again.

I originally had a longer tour planned, but because of my knee injury, I asked to reschedule the events that were not time sensitive.  So, first stop was New York City and benefit for Animal Mukti ( at Jivamukti ( to help support our animal relatives in NYC.  Although this event was not time sensitive, it would have been too hard of a travel day on my body to go all the way across country and then bus then train to COSM ( all in one day for the Honoring the Divine Feminine weekend.  Plus, if I have to go through the city anyway, I might as well as try to do some good while I am there.  So, I kept my scheduled event at Jivamukti and stayed at friends’ home in the Lower East Side.

The extra afternoon also provided me opportunity to connect with a couple friends/allies in the work, although I could have easily spent another couple days in the city just to be able to connect with everyone I wanted to!  I spent a couple hours with Adam Bucko of the Reciprocity Foundation ( I absolutely LOVE this organization and the holistic approach it utilizes in supporting homeless and “high-risk” youth in transitioning out of the social services system into meaningful and successful lives and careers.  They recognize that true support must include tools to support the “whole being” and this is what sets them apart form organizations that focus solely on career opportunities—as important as that is—we know that in today’s economy, it is all too easy to lose a job.  Reciprocity Foundation is committed to supporting an entire transformation in the lives of young people, such that they are more likely to succeed in the long-term, regardless of what challenges life throws at them.  I got involved in supporting this organization and its work in the last year or so, and I am excited and happy to continue to find ways to support them!  Check them out and see if you feel as moved as I do to support their work!  A little goes a long way for an organization like this.  Currently, their most present needs include laptops, which are crucial in setting these young people up for success in today’s world, and on the larger scale, funding for a permanent home.

I, also, got to spend time with a newer friend in my life, Colin Beavan also known as No Impact Man ( He and I are committed to finding ever more ways to synergize our work because there is such an obvious thread between what we both do and care about.  His organization and What’s Your Tree ( are collaborating already, and he and I are looking at how to do events together.  We both know it would be lots of fun—because he and I are both committed to having fun while working to make a positive contribution in the world!  So now, we are looking at how to craft and co-create it.

And as anyone knows who have read many of my blog entries, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE food that is good for the body, good for the animals, good for the planet, and TASTES GREAT!!!!!  So, I was TOTALLY spoiled eating SUCH yummy food at the Jivamukti Café.  The food there is so great that I had a couple meetings there, just so I could eat that delicious, organic, and Joyously Vegan food!  YUM!!!!  My mouth is watering thinking about it!  My favorite was a salad with greens, spicy tempeh, quinoa, tomatoes, carrots, and avocado.  MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lickin’ my Lips Good!!!

From NYC, I took the Metro North out of the beautiful Grand Central Station to New Hamburg Station for the Honoring the Divine Feminine weekend at COSM. A fabulously kind and present team member of COSM met me at the station, and within minutes we were pulling into the drive for COSM’s new home in Wappinger Falls, NY.

I was taken upstairs to my room in an old rambling, being restored home that is the new event space at COSM.  The door would not stay shut without being locked and I did not have a key to the room, so being the introvert that I am, the thought of having my door wide open all weekend was more than I felt prepared for.  I asked for a key to the room so I could shut and lock the door, but one could not be found.  So the wonderful human being that is the Virgo Zen General Contractor for COSM showed up in the midst of all that was going on and put a whole new lock on the door, so I could have a room that would energetically care for my needs. I always try to be so mindful of what I ask for of others when I am on tour—or any time for that matter—and I felt so blessed by the kindness and joy that was brought to helping me feel grounded and comfortable in the space!

That night, I had a friend who lives nearby come visit to give me some healing body-work which I felt so profoundly grateful for.  In the end, we ended up chatting and laughing more than doing body-work, but it was lovely nonetheless.

The weekend was launched in grand style by a visit from the legendary Pete Seeger who serenaded us with a song from 50 years ago and one that he just wrote recently.  It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to spend some time with this elder who has done so much to be the Bard of the Movement for Consciousness, helping inspire and mobilize more people than we will ever know.

The interaction reminded me of the power of Living NOW Like Ancestors of the Future!  My world is a much better place for having had Pete Seeger in it for so very long.  Even now in his 90’s, he is still showing up as a committed Ancestor of the Future NOW!  His Legacy is SO ALIVE in the world TODAY and will continue on even after he is no longer with us in the physical form.  I am still steeping and percolating in the richness of being in his presence.  I am so very grateful I had the opportunity to meet this amazing man.

I am going to end here and write more later.

All the very best wherever you are.  May we all remember that we are Ancestors of the Future… and live like it.

Love now and always,


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Selling Some Sustainable Products

Hi Friends!

They have all been taken!  Thanks so much for the support!

As many of you know, i have been working to come up with creative ways to generates some extra income right now to offset expenses incurred in my healing journey.  The blue mugs just sold!  Woohoo!  But the leak proof mugs are still available.

You can reply to this post and i will send you an email with all the details.

The second mug is 14oz vacuum seal leak proof mug with carabiner that can be used or taken off per your preference.  These retail for $25.  i am selling for $22 which includes s&h.  i have 3 of these.  If you buy all 3, you can have for $60 including s&h.

Thanks again for all the support!   And remember using a reusable mug over disposable reduces carbon emission, water wasted, reduces green house gases and volatile organic compounds so you are also helping the Earth and future generations BIG time!



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Raising Money for My Healing Journey

Hello Friends,

i have been trying to come up with creative ways to raise some money to help pay for some of the expenses i have incurred with my knee injury. Even with insurance, i am going to be out a few thousand dollars.

This is hand-made jewelry that i made with no plastic or cheap metal.  It is sterling silver, Murano and zechoslovakian glass, semi-precious stones and a jade cat pendant.  Minimum bid is $200 and includes s&h.

This is a beautiful print, signed by the photographer taken of the altar at the base of Luna from during my time living in the tree.

Minimum bid is $20 including s&h.

Thanks so much for your support!


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