When There Are No Answers

When There Are No Answers

When love is all there is
Why do I fall for the illusion
Of other than
When love is all there is
Why do I run away in fear
When love is all there is
How do I look into the eyes of a rapist
And not be filled with rage
When love is all there is
How do I look into the eyes of a child molester
And not want to make them suffer
Torment for the rest of their lives
When love is all there is
How do I not want to scream and rage
At all the violence and oppression
Disguised as religion
When love is all there is
How do I try to not commit suicide again
Because of all the extreme pain and suffering
When love is all there is
How do I stay sane in a world
Where people own their own private islands
While other people survive on less than
A dollar day
When love is all there is
How do I keep from going mad
at the way most people trash the planet every day
When love is all there is
How do I keep from turning in hopelessness
Every time i hear another human is being brought into the world
That already has too many people on it
When love is all there is
How do i keep myself from wanting to make people suffer
The same way they make animals suffer everyday for their “food”
When love is all there is
How do I reconcile all that is not love

Julia butterfly hill August 2010

Published in: on August 11, 2010 at 5:29 am  Comments (19)  

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  1. I appreciate your convictions, Julia. But I have to tell you that I feel incredibly judged by being lumped into a list that includes rapists and child molesters and those who commit violence in the name of religion. I am squared away and clear and peaceful in my choices about what I eat and how many children I have. I feel no need to apologize or feel less than. And I am squared away and clear and peaceful in all I do personally and professionally to help others, my community, and the world.

    But in your words, I hear judgement, rather than an invitation. You are pushing away, rather than inviting us to join you. There is no one way to help the planet. There are many right paths. When love is all there is, there is no room for judging or pushing away those who don’t care in your way.

    With love, Gal

  2. Like a glass half full or empty,
    The world is filled with good and bad.
    We do what we can to stop the hurting of others
    but can never really erase evil as there is no defense against insanity.

    We can quit and “move out” with a suicide solution but that would only leave our earthly neighborhood in the hands of the revolting.

    I’d rather be the old man yelling and chasing these miscreants off the lawn of the underprivileged and unprotected.

    Not sure if a “god” exists but I do know that Karma is a bitch…and she’ll get’em if we miss.

  3. Christian love is not, as many non-believers contend, some sort of “coddling love,” which spares believers any particular effort. This easy and fanciful idea of love reduces Christianity to “a second childhood” and renders faith infantile. (SIMON CRITCHLEY, atheist) http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/08/08/the-rigor-of-love/

  4. When love is all there is
    How do I look into the eyes of a child molester
    And not want to make them suffer
    Torment for the rest of their lives…

    Let me begin by saying this poem speaks to the conflicts I find within my self, have since my youth when I was trying to determine the purpose and reason behind creation and my part in it, finding myself focusing on what was majorly wrong and how to reconcile that with how “things should be.” This discord has been a constant in my life and will remain to the end I’m sure. Life itself has not helped to present answers only to reinforce that wrongs persist and rights are not forthcoming, probably because we can never get everybody on the same page at the same time. So the dilemma continues for me also.

    This led to a spirit of judgment in me as well. After all, not everybody is working to right the wrongs, many are actively engaged in continuing and creating the wrongs. So it is easy to sound judgmental, to appear to be pointing the finger. Only after one looks more deeply into the words spoken and the emotions evidenced can one see the tension that lives within. This connected with me and gave birth to a reason to share.

    There is a way to make a difference for each of the reasons given to weep inside. I can speak personally for one that may paint a picture in contrasts.
    When love is all there is
    How do I look into the eyes of a child molester
    And not want to make them suffer
    Torment for the rest of their lives

    I was married to a child molester. I have been touched by the shame, the pain, the filth, the harm and continue to be as I continue the relationship with the child. Watching as she grows and struggles to find peace in her life, keeps alive the emotions and pain. Your reaction to the wrong is mirrored within me; but something is happening to me I cannot explain, give accurate voice to how it happens, answer questions for its being. As I turn to the One who created me, and ask for the ability to love as my Lord loved, I find change taking place within me. While I want to “make him suffer torment for the rest of his life”… I also weep for the harm he inflicted on others, and himself. The lives thrown away for what…? And the compassion, the weeping is becoming stronger. I see a part of creation gone wrong and as much in need of repair as anything gone wrong. The change within me is happening from the outside inward. There is a power greater than me, who created me and can make the repairs I can’t. I am tapping into that power and it is creating the change. I now believe it can do the same for the other causes to weep. I believe God weeps as well, as He sees what is done to His creation. I connect to that weeping. I am a firm believer that other wrongs can be corrected as well. Reality tells me we will never all get on the same page at the same time to work to right the wrongs that cause the weeping. But as you propose, each of us can exercise the power of one and when that one is united to the power that created us, it is amplified and the change is without explanation.

  5. Julia, it is not a problem of anyone to solve other’s problems, that’s valid for all of us..
    nobody cannot do that, otherwise one would steal the other the right to find the answers (about everything) by himself, necessary to find the confidence in himself.
    Each of us has to do his own part, has to do his own effort to wake up, you cannot do that for somebody else.
    Therefore, doing what you have to do and saying what you have to say is much more than enough..
    People will receive your messages.
    Meanwhile, you’ll have danced your dance and sung your song.

    Ciao ciao

  6. I understand where you are coming from there are times I struggle with this as well.I am incredibly allergic to the sickly sweet ultra new age positivity insidiously idiotic concept that “Love Is All There Is”!For me on my path ,in my independent investigation of truth, love is all there is worth vehemently,radically,juicily living for and simultaniosly dying for in the profoundly enchantingly treacherous,heart cracked open wide dance of duality that is the one taste of this moment fully experienced.Being present with the full depth and breadth spectrum of all this moment contains, what an anihilation! what a celebration!.I acknowledge you beloved butterfly ,tree woman for having the holy courage to allow yourself to feel all of what you feel With Awareness holding nothing back!For me Love Is All There Is To head over heals ,soul over senses Be Of Service To! Do u have any idea how much the spirit of love yearns to be in a moment by moment second by second realization of rapture with your precious life?

  7. Love is NOT all there is. There’s lots and lots of Hate, Jealousy, Rage, Cruelty – much that is Evil in this World. And that’s because, there is much that is Evil within US.

    Love is… not the Power to CHANGE THAT!

    No one has the Power to do that to anyone else.
    You cannot make the World a more loving place by force or, by manipulation. You cannot make a person Good or Bad. That is BEYOND ANYONE’S ABILITY – even beyond the far reaching Powers of the Iron Buttery! 😉

    You only have the Power to Love.
    And HOPE that the rest – will join in…



  8. ‘When There Are No Answers
    and love is all there is…’

    I am looking into the eyes of my daughter
    and holding her softly, gently and
    watching her hair lightly curl at her forehead in wisps
    and cheeky smiles
    and love is all there is…

    (its a KnowingFeelingUnderstanding)

    I no longer need to change the world to make me feel better. I feel in balance, fullfilled and content.
    I seek to affect the world out of inspiration shared with me by one who loves me unconditionally.
    some might say heaven sent…
    and have no fears in that space.

    The dangers and the
    problems and the… broken, empty junkies who are scrabbling for some semblance of sense. Who do not know that what they seek is love because … they have never known what love is.

    We can only change their actions AFTER we heal their souls.

  9. The Answer My Friend Is Blowing-Pissing In The Wind…Blah,Blah,Fuc545n Blaah….

    Hey sweet folks let’s lighten up a little,hoh?
    ok,back to work for me…

  10. Dear Julia, I read your post on your other facebook account and I just want to say something.
    I truly believe every person in this planet has unlimited potential.
    I believe every human being has the potential to change the world.
    There are many ways to heal Mother Earth. Not just one.
    I believe we are all doing the best we can.
    I was kidnapped when I was 15 years old. It was hard. Painful. And it took my power away for some time. I felt disconnected yet I was able to heal myself. I wish them no harm. I understand that in their conditions, given their pasts, they could not have done something better, at that time. If they had been able to do it differently, they would have done so.
    Imagine how hurt, abandoned and in pain can you be to do that. How far away from your emotions and how far away from love.
    I feel a deep compassion for those people because what they did is now on their consciousness.
    And I believe they have unlimited potential. And they might choose to access it or not, but they have it.
    If we base our thoughts on the idea that every human being is good “by nature” and that everyone of us has unlimited potential, then the view widens up so much that we can honor every human being as a turning point for the Planet.
    I believe every child can be the difference in the World.
    I believe every child brought into this Earth can change the World. We just need to implant within them the idea of “I can” and “we can”.
    I believe every person has the right to choose if they want to have children or not. And if they do they can choose to adopt or not. And they are all right. It is a personal decision.
    And I truly believe the most needed kids in this world are the kids from more conscious parents.
    What has more positive impact? To bring a child to this world who could really make a difference or not to bring a child because he/she would have an environmental impact?
    The world is changing.
    Every day I see there is more consciousness in the World.
    And consciousness has impact.
    I believe if we just base our actions in facts we are leaving no room for magic, miracles, surprises, manifestation and co-creation with Mother Earth and the Universe.
    I believe love always prevails.
    I believe love is stronger than anything else.
    I love my world every day by doing everything I can in that moment.
    Can I do more? Sure. I always can.
    Will I do more? Sure. I will because I doing more every day.
    With all my love.
    Viky Merino

  11. thank you for sharing your inner reflections so eloquently… when there are no answers, if i think of compassion as being the verb for love, that can help my grief and hopelessness…
    thank you for inspiring…

  12. when there are no answers

    all there is is to respond … that’s love

    but first, define love … some say god is love

    that love exists does not preclude evil and hate

    love can only be my internal state

    in the moment … present

    objective … open … creative

    to honestly assess and accept … what is reality

    love is not passive … love is initiating

    responding appropriately and firmly … for life … is love


    Last night I fell in love with a Butterfly who stated firmly “Ahimsa is to live so fully and presently in love that there is no room for anything else to exist.” I believe that is all I can — and must do — but it has nothing to do with what goes on around me. It is my own personal state, not the state of the world. I can only respond from a center of love, dealing appropriately with reality.

  13. When love is all there is…
    We must be certain in who we really are and what we most need to give
    When love is all there is…
    We know that we are here to brighten a dark, dark world
    as best we can live…
    When Love is all there is!

  14. “the greatest is love” I missed this while dealing with personal distractions julia i love the way your able to demonstrate love and somehow vision you with many children old and young who may never even realize you are their “mom” as i look back over time i find a thread from you running thru all the way back to ….happy thoughts my point would be all exists for all is tiolet water any diffrent from rain? we are not the judge-jury we are love and when we reconnect (see disconnect by jbh) an ocean is formed… (=

  15. Julia
    Peace through Chaos…like when you were in Luna…just like that….
    Thank you my dear for your heart in this world. I dedicate my words to you today.

    Julia, have you ever read the words of Pema Chodron?
    I love you! Rebecca

  16. HI Rebecca. i have indeed read the words of Pema Chodron… and many other great teachers. Thanks so much. My love to you as well! julia

  17. I love you
    11:11:11 East bay time from cape cod massachusettes

    as far as I can be and still be on the same country

    Your inspirational life intrigues and intimidates
    I have great and sincere gratitude for your being in my life in all of your confusing and intense and beautyfull ways and aspects and designs

    I love you

    Your spirit purvades and infects and shares perspectives that are sustainable and kind and thoughtful and your life is a song sung to a certain holy freedom and a choice within this freedom to move against the plausible and engage the possible with intelligence and confounding capability
    You inspire me.

    The moments that stop time are few and far between
    where we balance on the precipice of reason and look down across the slopes in all directions
    including up
    and down

    very small… because he is so far away… do you see him ?
    can you see us ?
    We have held space for you in our hearts forever and a day.

  18. Would you be my valentine?

    12:00am In the east bay right now.

  19. i am not in the East Bay. : ) i am in BElize!!! And love it here!

    Much Love,

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