The Meaning of Life

i LOVE how wonderful the Universe is sometimes. Other times, i rage into the darkness and feel like i have had enough of being alive. i am a woman of extremes it seems. i feel things deeply. Just about everything.

So when i feel delight and joy, i feel it completely. When i feel anger, sadness, and despair, i feel it equally deeply. Sometimes these feelings come in waves that are only moments apart.

And that is how my life has always been—except for the years i completely shut down and went numb because i did not know how to process it all. And sometimes, i still go through moments like that where i go through numbness and shut down.

But mostly, i work to remain present, open, loving, accepting, and in the space of gratitude. And the result is, i often end up having some pretty magical experiences.

Take for instance, these past couple weeks. As mentioned in the previous post, i was playing soccer, and i severely injured my knee. i was planning on going to the Caribbean to continue my search for a home. i always feel so much healthier and happier when i am in or next to that Sea. It feels like my cellular DNA restructures itself, and i feel lighter and brighter and so much healthier in what feels like mere moments. But with the injury, my life got rerouted… again, and now i find myself back in California (even further away from the home i am so deeply longing for) figuring out how to be here for the next few months, going through surgery and physical rehabilitation.

And yet, at the same time, i am recommended to a specialist who when he hears what i do for my life’s work, has his assistant work a miracle to get me scheduled in for surgery within a week, even though he is completely booked for almost a month. He has the surgery center opening a slot for him earlier than they normally do for him and he is coming in much earlier than he normally does, so that i can get on the road to recovery in time to be able to make it to my east coast events in early September.

And even my cab drivers are Angel messengers because this is what happens if we choose to focus on the gratitude and miracles of life. We always get what we are looking for. If we look for reasons to be upset, we will get proof overflowing of why the world is a mess and our lives are not as good as they “should” be. If we look for reasons to be happy and pleasantly surprised, we will find that. The “glasses” we put on every day have a whole lot to do with what we end up “seeing” that day.

So here’s the taxi drivers’ stories. The day is Monday and i am going to get my MRI to see what has happened to my knee. i crutch 15 minutes to the BART(Bay Area Rapid Transit public transportation system) and then take a cab from the BART stop i get off at to the MRI center.

The wonderful guy whose cab i get in is so helpful, asking me what he can do to assist me in getting into the car, and telling me to let him know whatever i need that he is there to help. He is so incredibly kind and helpful and supportive that i find myself so deeply touched that i am a little teary-eyed (i am such a mush.) He is a well built, strong, muscled arms, big shoulders, African American with a jaunty cap, twinkling eyes peering out from underneath the slightly tilted brim, and a big, generous smile.

When i finally get all settled in and we are on our way, i ask him how his day is going. He replies, “I always tell people, there are only two kinds of days… Good Days… (and with a dramatic pause) and Better Days! People ask me, ‘Well what about when something goes wrong?’ and I always tell them, ‘Well I’m alive ain’t I? Well then, it’s a Good Day!’”

He goes on to talk about how all people seem to care about is money and how unhappy most people seem. He says, “Now people like you for instance… here you are on crutches with a hurt leg, but here you are smiling and being nice and talking with me about how much we have to be happy about. See, that’s what life is about! It’s about being thankful and about being happy and sharing with others! Otherwise, what’s the point?! Life is too short and too special for sure to waste it being unhappy and ungrateful like so many folks do!”

Amen! Axe! (pronounced a’shay) Hallelujah! That’s Right! Fo’ Sho’! Hell, Yeah!

Damn, i love the Angels among us! That cab driver is a preacher of the highest sort behind the pulpit of a steering wheel.

And then, on the way back, my cab driver is a Sikh from India. He has a turban wrapped around his head which is a Sikh religious custom, with eyes as equally twinkling as the previous taxi driver, but even a little more mischievous glint in them for sure, and a wonderful accent with an upward lilt at the end of his statements that just feel light and happy.

He asks me, “Out dancing were you? A bit too much tequila?” As my draw drops in shock, he lets out a belly laugh, knowing i would never expect a Sikh cab driver to let out a statement like that. He is clearly enjoying himself and his shock value.

i burst out laughing, saying, “Well, not tequila and dancing this time, although you certainly have me pegged because when i do go dancing, it usually takes a bit of tequila to help me work up the nerve to get out on the dance floor!”

He nods his head knowingly, and says, “See, i know what life is about… life is about to be happy! Most people, see, they walk around with the things in their ears, listening to their own things, not looking at anyone, not smiling, not caring. Most people, see, they are unhappy! They do not know the meaning of life. They do not know they are missing the meaning of life by walking around not paying attention, not smiling, not caring. They miss the whole point! The whole purpose of life is… Be Happy! That, my friend, is the meaning of life!” He say with a huge grin and emphatic shake of his head that i thought for sure would dislodge the turban from his head, but no, it stayed firmly in place.

i think to myself, “That turban and this man are pure magic!” i say out loud, “You got that right! Can you believe how many people going through life never realizing that life can be so simple and wonderful?!” i feel the huge grin splitting my face, as i smile and laugh with delight that now, here, in one day, two taxi drivers are basically delivering the same exact message in their own unique ways. The message that life is simple, if we only allow it to be and commit to living life simply… to be happy and grateful and kind. That is the meaning of life. And that makes a WORLD of difference in this world!

We pull up to the BART station and i clumsily remove myself from the magic yellow carpet ride. i hobble into the station and for some odd reason feel so on top of the world that i think i can maneuver the down escalator. Or maybe more appropriately, i am so blissed and blessed out, i am not thinking at all. i try to step on the moving stairs, and of course, completely lose my balance. Luckily, i am cognizant enough to shift so that i fall backwards instead of forwards. As i land clumsily on my butt, my crutches going flying, and my hands crash into the metal steps, which shred two of my fingers. Blood starts pouring from the cut in my thumb, and all i can do is laugh hysterically as i basically throw myself off the end of the escalator to keep from getting completely broken up at the bottom of it. i am laughing so hard, tears are pouring out of my eyes.

And i say out loud, “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Life is GREAT!”

And that my friends… is the meaning of life.

In case you were wondering.


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