Recent Talk You Might Be Interested In

Hello Everyone.

i was recently blessed with the opportunity to share at the Midwest Yoga Conference and one of my talks was recorded and posted in multiple links shared below.

Sharing here in case you are interested.


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  1. wow i’m still watching but wanted to thank you for sharing and ask why you think we don’t care what you have to Share? happy thoughts sbv

  2. Dear Julia,

    One could not resist watching these six passionate and beautiful videos on the Summer Solstice.



  3. Hi Barneyv,

    i never assume that people are always interested in everything i have to say and share. i share without attachment. Thank you for sharing. : )

    julia b

  4. not to be repetative thanks for sharing i feel silly but never would have thought as a person i’d need yoga but there has been three confirmers from the one so …oh i wanted to ask about your plastic concerns i often find things are prepared in containers that work well and serve on them. but most visitors in my home ask why i can’t afford material stuff(dishes etc). all of which i donated a long time past to those who still use them lol. i have never run out of utensils etc to reuse and have also enjoyed my steel chopsticks i bought 30 yrs back in japan… fyi your not alone in packing your own; happy thoughts 😉

  5. Thanks Julia, that was beautiful, heartfelt, engaging and soooo inspiring!! I hope you continue to offer such humble wisdom to this dyeing planet that is in so much need to wake up before it is too late to turn back. Peace and blessing on your journey.

  6. Julia, thank you sooo much for posting these!

  7. I had never thought of the flatware I have used for lunches at work since 1988 was positive activism…

    Thanks for posting the videos. Very interesting.

  8. Global Warming Apocalypse is Approaching! Over 50 years ago scientists warned us of what was coming…But we’ve refused to act quickly.Now we’re getting closer n closer to the point of no return.It will began with the drought,fires,superstorms,sea level rise,floods,famine and plagues.And end with the breakdown of societies,blackouts,violence and world war…Please go to my websites:, and…I‘m an environmental scientist and ecologist from NACCE.keep up the good work,Julia. I hope we meet together very soon..

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