Healing The Disease of Disconnect

I am disgusted, saddened, and outraged by the racist and ignorant immigrant bill just signed into law by the Arizona governor, Jan Brewer—although sadly not surprised. I choose the word “immigrant” and not “immigration” on purpose because we are talking about very real people’s lives, not just some process. It is supported and was signed into law by a woman. And now, she follows that up with reversing the law that provides benefits to domestic partners. A woman who has obviously lost touch with the Divine Feminine—proof that just because someone has either female or male genitalia does not in itself mean anything.

The Divine Feminine is about caring and nurturing, inclusivity, partnership, and community. The Divine Feminine sees the interrelationship and interrelatedness of all life. The Divine Masculine is about serving and protecting these facets of the Divine Feminine. In this way, all is in balance or seeking balance. Unfortunately, the feminine and masculine when not in Divinity is out of balance and can be highly destructive as we see with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, and with the horrible environmental policies and push and same War language as Bush from Obama. When not held to account for our highest selves, we all are one choice away from being incredibly destructive.

Thankfully, there are courageous people in politics standing up against the racist and hateful policies of Jan Brewer, including San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom who has put a moratorium on city officials travelling to Arizona on any city business and is looking into how to create a city-wide boycott against Arizona in as many ways as possible to take a stand against this woman’s destructive policies.

The Disease of Disconnect is dangerous and powerful. This is our calling to be even more committed to living lives of healing and connection wherever and however we can—from our daily choices to taking to the streets to looking at our comfort zones and being willing to challenge ourselves to grow beyond our fear to live lives of powerful service.

Love in Action,


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  1. Go meet with Jan Brewer. Go to Mexico and get arrested for an imigration policy violation there. You will kiss the Arizona sand if they ever let you go.
    Dont fall for the media PROPIGANDA on these issues. Go live in Phoenix, better go live in a border town, work with the border patrol for a few weeks. Go meet with the Mexican Pres. Ask him why he is sending all his people to a strange land. Get your facts straight before using harsh language against your fellow woman. Cool your jets, you will live longer and healthier. You only see the tip of the iceberg the media propiganda wants you to see. Jan Brewer is couragious and being proactive toward the rest of the iceberg. She diserves to be honored and supported.
    If you were a Mexican citizen wouldnt you rather live in your home land happy and proud, Than to risk life and limb crossing a desert to become an illegal allien in a srtange land where you likely will be sold as a sex slave before even making it to the welfare office? I could go on, dont be a sucker.

    FROM JULIA: And PS Zolobar, if you are not NAtive American, you TOO are an immigrant! Most of us in the US are from immigrant lineage! If only the Native AMericans had treated our ancestors the way we are now treating others trying to come into this country!

  2. Run For Office ! Julia !

  3. Zalobar, Her law is about racial profiling and only about racial profiling. It has nothing to do with protecting Mexicans.


  4. FROM JULIA: And PS Zolobar, if you are not NAtive American, you TOO are an immigrant! Most of us in the US are from immigrant lineage! If only the Native AMericans had treated our ancestors the way we are now treating others trying to come into this country!

  5. I’ve been socially and politically aware of this country’s multiple “issues” for over 35 years now and guess what…nothing has changed.

    There will always be half the population that’s unethical and crazy. It’s our job at the very least to keep this balance in check by fighting these insanities so they dont take over completely.

    Julia is a courageous guardian of the planet and her people. If we only had more like her we would indeed have Heaven here on Earth.

  6. I am reminded of what happened in New York many years ago as a result of the immigration laws there. Crime rates grew very high. Immigrants were both engaged in and afraid to report crimes to the police. Parents of children were afraid to send their kids to school; and many of them became involved in illegal activities. Immigrants would also only seek medical treatment under the direst of circumstances, having no insurance coverage either, of course. There were a host of problems.

    I believe it was mayor Koch who had the wisdom and temerity to declare amnesty for all of the immigrants who were not living in New York City legally. They were encouraged to communicate with the police, send their kids to school and seek preventative medical treatment without risk of being deported. This was ultimately very successful in reducing crime rates dramatically, etc.

    It’s only a matter of time before Arizona begins to suffer the birth pains of this kind of anarchy if they actually try to implement their new laws. Never fear. It won’t end well.

    Re femininity and masculinity, it wasn’t until I learned to accept, embrace and convey my own femininity (being male) that I understood warrior wisdom. Femininity is a source of discipline, self-restraint, harmony, constitution, stamina and a host of other virtues uncommon among hyper masculine males.

    By the way, Julia, you have been one of my teachers in that regard.

  7. Hi Race! Thanks for reminding us all that feminine and masculine exists within all of us. When we are committed to finding the Divinity within us, it guides us to seek the balance between the feminine and masculine within us and within the world. It is the balance between the Yin and the Yang, dark and light. It is about looking at power with vs. power over. May we all continue to seek balance within ourselves and the world!


  8. I’m Asian & we have Americans living here. Some came to visit, some never left, some stayed perhaps seeking a life different from what they have at home.Who knows.

    Some of them are illegals as well or have overstayed yet we welcome them as equals. It saddens me that at this day & age, there are still places that an individual’s worth is weighed by the color of their skin or because they’re different. It’s sad to see America, a Nation built by immigrants, forget their roots.

    Still we must hope for the best. Hope is the last real thing we have right now.

  9. PS: By the way. Have you seen a cocumentary produced by Carmen Boultier, The Pyramid Code?

    It’s mostly about the pyramids but it also states there ehe feminine & masculine beliefs(and dominant effect to society)of ancient egypt, and its corresponding time period in our ancient past.

    If you haven’t seen it yet, Its a must see.
    Its very interesting & (lol very long too)but its worth the watch.

  10. Hi Paul!

    Thank you for your perspective and reminding us that most of us in the US are “immigrants.”

    Love in Action,

  11. Thanks Julia! Was just looking at things for the way it is.

    Have a good day ahead of you


  12. Julia,
    i’m a big fan of yours, but in this case I totally disagree. It’s SO hard to see all the illegal immigrants crowding the city of LA day after day and not be angry.
    they snuck in, they’re not supposed to be here and then they throw themselves parades and demand their “rights”. how do they have any when they are breaking the law.
    I’m SO tired of MY tax money going to their free hand-outs of education, health care, housing, etc. etc., benefits, i can’t even get as a tax paying citizen. how is that fair?
    no other country lets in people who don’t speak the language and don’t work to contribute to their new country rather than taking hand-outs.
    My paycheck went down because of the CA tax hikes that are in big part to support the welfare services to illegal immigrants.
    And i’m struggling myself. It’s not fair to those of us doing it by the books.
    If they want their “rights”, then they should pay full taxes like the rest of us.

  13. Hello!

    I just wanted to thank you. Your book was amazing. I’m at a point in my life. Where I’m sicken by many things I see. But reading your book showed me how one person with a heart of gold can make a difference. I once thought maybe what I see. Can’t be done. But now I know in the love I speak it can be done.
    I seek a change that we are all ready for. Your book came at the right time.

    Thank you for being you and touching my heart and so many others.
    We will all wash away the tears of darkness together. After all I am you and you are I.

    Sending you waves of love and light. Keep on shinning wonderful.


    I’ve attaching a poem here because you are a flower like the one I wrote about a year a go. When we shine we all become the flower of life.

    As the flower opens,

    A sign of love is shown.

    As the wind blows through your hair,

    Love is shown to cool you down,

    As the sun shines it’s beautiful light,

    It’s lights makes us grow.

    When you smile, That smile lights a heart,

    A lovers touch is given.

    As the water flows. A kiss is given, It gives life, It gives love,

    As lovers touch in the night, A new life is born,

    As the seed falls to the grown, Earth showers us with it’s love,

    As the bird sings it’s tune a new day has begun. A new day to wash away the tears,

    A new day of love a new day of light to forget about all your fears,

    A new day from the life of love, Each time you open your eyes a new moment has begun for you to sing your song from the heart.

    So as the flower opens, Your eyes may just very well open of love,

    Because it’s shines down a pone us all, It’s all around showering us in it’s love,

    It’s undying love, So let’s smile and sing this tune from the heart, A song of love,

    So as the flower opens it’s smiling on you in love

  14. Hi Tana,

    Just to remind you, i technically broke the law sitting in Luna. Just because something is legal, does not always make it right. Look back at all the myriad unjust laws that have been changed over the years because eventually people woke up. Just because something is illegal does not always make it wrong. We do need immigration reform. We need it for everyone’s sake. WHat we do not need is racial profiling disguised as protecting Americans. That is incredibly dangerous behavior that hurts everyone. There is a way to create laws that make it easier and safer for people who want to be here, working, and contributing to America to be here legally. And let’s be honest, illegal immigrants have very little bearing on where your tax dollars are going. Look at the budget for war and military and you will see where most of your tax dollars are going. Blaming it on immigrants is proof of how well their smoke and mirrors is working.


  15. I was watching a documentary last night on Jewish immigrants and was appalled to hear that when polled and asked if the Jewish people were responsible for bringing onto themselves the horrendous crimes perpetrated by the Nazi’s an astounding 45% of the U.S. population back in the thirties replied “YES”

    For me, something like this just indicates that there will always be close to half the world’s population that just doesn’t get it. Whether or not that stupidity is fueled by ignorance or hatred is irrelevant. Different does not mean wrong. We must all work together to come up with an acceptable solution with humanity not economy driving the negotiations.

  16. The problem with this law is how it is going to be implemented. It will discriminate, it will segregate, then it marginalizes. It such a broad sword. The implementation will show disrespect to those who are legal & animosity to those who are not.

    I mean guys. Anybody can be pulled of the streets just because they look foreign. Illegal is illegal(I understand that) but this law simply lacks delicacy. You can’t fix a wrong situation, with a wrong solution.

    You wanna know where the taxes go? Ask the warmongers & their imaginary wars.


  17. Julia! Puts Jamaica into perspective, yes? I’m following your blog now –and happy you’re out there speaking your mind, but feeling for you for having to leave behind what sounded like a very serene scene. Should your travels bring you Hawaii way, please send me a note!

  18. Ms. Julia- I could not agree more with your articulation on this issue at hand. Love should be the moral compass here. The good US of A was built by the hands of immigrants. We are all the product of those dreams in action. We all reap the benefits of everyone’s labor to make this a great nation but do not want to share it and manage it equally. My family on my father’s side came from Lithuania & France during the Nazi occupation to escape it ( some stayed behind to fight in WW II & some died ) &, on my mother’s side, we are Irish & Cherokee. Respect for the population of all cultures begins with tolerance and acceptance. When reject one another we are in essence rejecting ourselves. We are all in all. All colors bleed together red. When all is said and done what price this dream we call “Freedom”.-Ava

  19. Ava tiene razón: todos somos inmigrantes…no solo en USA sino en todas partes, o sería más excato decir que somos “turistas” con pasaporte visado por un tiempo limitado, pero nadie sabe a ciencia cierta cuál es nuestra patria y que rayos hacemos aquí. En vez de disfrutar del viaje nos dedicamos a fastidiar al prójimo y así nos va, no tenemos remedio…
    un abrazo y buen viaje!

  20. I get chills every time I hear this…

    Julia Butterfly Hill ~ Casey Desmond

    You bones broken blue
    with limbs outstretched
    climbing your timber-best
    your glory unleashed

    climb Julia, and kiss the ground goodbye
    climb Julia, 100 and 80 feet high

    a slab at best motions her quest
    triumph over the machine
    and earth is ever eager to seed
    Luna says I love you, as wide as ever seen
    And years proclaim the life
    An existence meant to mean
    And hear echoes holler below
    And beckon where you just wont go

    climb Julia, and kiss the ground goodbye
    climb Julia, 100 and 80 feet high

    Oh aaaaaaah Julia
    kiss the ground the sweet ground goodbye
    OOOh Julia
    180 feet high oh high oh high…

  21. Thanks for sharing Matt. Casey Desmond is a talented young woman for sure.


  22. This is a response from a child of immigrants (non-Native Americans).

    This comment appears a bit late. Perhaps I was waiting for you, Julia, to write about it on your blog. But about a month ago, I saw you at the fundraiser for Common Fire Foundation on the west side of Manhattan at the Peter Max gallery. (There was a great deal of colorful art on the walls, a lot of which I recognized from magazine and album covers when I was growing up… which tells you how old I am.) I had met you for the first time only briefly a few days earlier at a War Resisters League (tax resistance) event, and when I saw you at this event, I was hanging back, like the wallflower I am, but you recognized me and came right up to give me a hug, even though you must have been thinking, “Who is this guy?” I appreciated that gesture very much.

    Both the venue and the evening itself were stimulating and unique. I met Jeff and Kavitha, the couple who run Common Fire Foundation, and I was impressed by them and by the organization and its goals. Their co-op in the Hudson Valley is the highest scoring green building in the Eastern United States! They are currently working on ways to develop model communities and I expressed to them an interest in assisting in some way.

    The first part of the evening’s presentation was provided by a two-woman performance group called Climbing poeTree (sic). I don’t usually care for hip-hop (if what they did could be called that), but these young ladies’ energy and positivity and the sheer scope of their vision depicting the total mess of the present-day world, as well as their refusal to be depressed or defeated by it, inspired me. A lot of times their songs (particularly one about Hurricane Katrina) seemed to be expressing exactly what I felt, yet in a way totally different from the way I myself would have expressed it.

    Then we screened an edited version of Common Fire’s video. In introducing it, Jeff mentioned that you appeared in one scene in the complete video, but not in the edited version, which was unfortunate, according to Jeff, because you “really looked great.” You laughed when you heard this, and cracked me up when you joked, “Well, THAT’s the important thing!”

    The video said the same thing Common Fire’s website says: that we are today living in the most critical era in the history of mankind. We must deal with and counteract the forces that are destroying the earth by creating a new paradigm. “In our dreams we have seen another world.” I can understand why you would be attracted to this organization: it offers something new, something different from the same old protests and symbolic actions… which is something I personally am also looking for.

    I don’t want to appear to be advocating for this group or for any other. I just want to say that what I saw that night, and the people I met (including you), impressed me. It was well worth it. It perhaps helped to heal, a little bit, my own “disease of disconnect.”

    David B.

  23. HI David B.

    i am so glad the event was such a positive experience for you! Thanks for sharing here on the blog, and thanks SO much for coming to the event and supporting the work of Common Fire!


  24. Hola julia, te escribo para hacerte una propuesta: resulta que mi mujer viaja a New York la próxima semana, como regalo de empresa, aunque aún no se el hotel en el que se va a alojar. Me gustaría, a través de ella, hacerte llegar un presente que creo te puede agradar…y de paso conocerás a una “polilla” muy especial, y ella a una mariposa de la que nunca ha oido hablar.
    Si te interesa y tienes “chance” deja en tu blog una respuesta dirigida a algún amigo tuyo que incluya la palabra: zen.
    Un abrazo muy cordial.

  25. Im not the best communicator, Hope I get this right. I must support Jan Brewers right to be wrong as much as I support illegal immigrants right to be illegal. Jan Brewer is dealing with Illegals conducting Drive by shootings, Drug trafficing, Kidnappings, and a multitude of other related crimes. No drivers license, Petty theft, No insurance, vagrancy etc. ad nausia. Too many of them are NOT law abiding citizens once they come here.
    Her reaction may be wrong. She has no rights here?
    When the police arrive at the scene of a crime and ask for a description of the suspects, They dont hear red headed blue eyed, Irish, Cherokee, driving a Toyota Turcel, My background and true sentamnets are reflected by Avas’. But how does one put on notice the purpetrators of crimes run rampant when these crimes are all comming from one profile? I wish I had more nonjudgemental suggestions for non reactionary responses to these issues. Rather than play the blame game, come up with real solutions to the problem? Tolerance WAS the norm untill subsiquent crimes got out of hand. The issue isnt with illegal immigration but criminal, illegal immigrants, Its a copout to take a stand against this AZ law and Jan Brewer without offering alternatives to address the underlying problems. Oh and the Native american indians were refugees from the sinking lands of Mu and Atlantis. How far back do we need to go?

  26. Learning something new every Day

  27. Zalobar,

    Although this gentlemen makes some very good points for sure, immigration is not a yes or no conversation. Absolutely, we should be doing more in other countries to make their lives better, but this does not mean ending immigration in the US, nor does it mean it is ok to pass laws that veer very, very closely towards racial profiling and racism. We do very much need immigration reform in the US, but it would be the type of reform that would include supporting people being allowed to immigrate into the US who will be contributing members of society and have laws that handle those who are violent separately and not group all immigrants together in some fear based conversation.


  28. Another aspect of this discussion, as far as our Mexican neighbors, has to do with corn, corn-based ethanol, and policy that often prompts relocation. The following is by Noam Chomsky, from “New World of Indigenous Resistance” (City Lights, 2010). “A lot of Mexicans live on tortillas. Tortilla prices have gone out of sight. They have had tortilla riots. One of the goals of NAFTA was to drive people off the land. There is an abstract economic theory that says that Mexicans should not be producing corn. The place that invented corn should not be producing it. Why? Because highly subsidized United States agribusiness can produce it more cheaply. Therefore, Mexicans should go off into cities and find jobs that are not there, and in fact, start coming across the border because there is no way for them to survive. That is part of NAFTA.”

  29. Zalobar, Millions of immigrants have left their homes behind, have left their families, their culture, their traditions, their music, their food, the magnificent weather, all these and more, forced to migrate to the “land of opportunities” since opportunities in Mexico have been ripped off from them. This lack of opportunities does not have a simple explanation, you can add up centuries of oppression from conquistadores, corrupt governments, religious control, lack of education, and more. And a big culprit of the tremendous increase in illegal migration since 1994 is NAFTA. There where approximately 2.5 million illegal mexicans in the States in 1995, about 10 million more have crossed the border illegally since then.

    I think the question to be asked is not “Why is the Mexican President sending his people to a strange land?” but rather “Why would former president Clinton and former president Carlos Salinas De Gortari along with many other government official sign a treaty that would force Mexican farmers off their land, encourage American industries to move to Mexico leaving thousands of Americans without a job, induce exploitation of Mexican workers in maquiladoras, and bankrupt thousands of Mexican businesses?

    When NAFTA came into force, ignorance in the average consumer and factory farm owners created a higher demand for BIG SHINY CHEAP and IMPORTED produce over the local produce, leaving Mexican farmers without jobs, literally forcing them to abandon their land and communities to migrate North. The same happened with products, forcing over 28,000 small and medium-size businesses out of business. Many mexican businesses where not ready to compete, quality-wise, with the imported products, and expected government investments never happened. The abundant labor in Mexico dropped wages even more encouraging exploitation and forcing even more people to migrate.

    So you see, when we look at the bigger picture of why there are so many Mexicans working illegally in your country we realize that politics between both our countries that benefit only American corporation and a few wealthy Mexicans are actually responsible in large part for this huge flow of Mexican workers. This affects Mexican an American workers alike, but it is just easier to point fingers at Mexican immigrants.

    We do not need a racial profiling, some of the things we really need are:

    – An immigration reform in the US
    – A new Trade Agreement
    – Mexicans to understand the implication of their purchases, and start supporting mexican businesses and local farmers.
    – Mexican government to invest in the land and support Mexican entrepreneurs
    – And of course, education, although 90% of Mexicans know how to read and write around 40% did not finish elementary school

    Discriminatory immigration laws hurt everyone. Lets work hard within ourselves and within our communities to make discrimination history.


  30. Brilliantly put Ingrid! Thank you for the thorough, comprehensive, and holistic response!


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