Mysterious, Magical Woman, Girl

A little bit ago, a dear friend, Bev, sent me a link of Eve Ensler, the creator of the Vagina Monologues, VDay, ( and tireless, courageous activist for women worldwide, speaking at the TED Conference on her latest theme around women and the girl inside. Eve mentioned my tree-sit in her talk, and although she got none of the facts right, i appreciated her using the importance of the message of the story, because the message is much more important than how long i lived in a tree, etc…

My friend Bev, i met when she generously offered me to come for free to her all-women’s surf safari in Mexico as her guest ( She gave me that Blessing numerous times after that initial invitation, and i am forever grateful to her for her love, generosity, and support of the woman and girl that i am. She recently started a blog to encourage women to love, learn, and embrace surfing, or just to love and learn from the experiences of other women who surf. After seeing Eve Ensler’s talk on TED, she contacted me and asked me to write about the girl inside. The poem below is what came through. Bev’s blog address is (

Please remember to honor, love, and cherish the woman and girl inside (and according to Eve in her talk, this is possible, and even vital, for men as well.) The world will begin to heal as we restore balance through the reclaiming of the Divine Feminine and the right for ALL BEINGS (men and women, animal and Earth) to be honored as Sacred and Equal.


“When We Realize and Remember”

We women…
we are like the Ocean.
Fluid and fierce,
gentle and gigantic,
we flow with the rythms of the moon.

We women…
all the ways we have tied ourselves down,
not relaizing we are Ocean,
bigger than even we know ourselves to be.

We women…
losing touch somwhere along the way
with the girl inside
and what the word “girl”
means to us, and only us.
The sheer magic and gift

All the ways we have been made
to feel shamed,
It is time to
all the ways we have negated
our beautiful existance
and embrace
the magical
of the Oceanic Universe
of our exist-dance.

We women…
remembering again
how to dance and play
with our wild, wonderful

-julia butterfly hill March 2010

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  1. I’m sending your poem to a girlfriend who’s dealing with a heavy burden in her life right now. It’s beautiful, Julia.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing it! i love when people pollinate! May it support your girlfriend on her journey right now! Love, julia

  3. What about, “We Men…” ? xD

    Happy Easter, Julia!

    The Man,
    Mathew Titus

  4. From The Oceanic Reseavor Of Love Deep Within My Being, I’m Holding u….

  5. thank you dear julia for the reminder… so much beauty… it is a joy to pollinate your poetry in my yoga classes…

  6. Thank You Lee for pollinating as well! Brings me joy to know it is being of service in the world!


  7. Dear Julia, Thank you so much for that beautiful poem and for being such a wonderful inspiration! I am teaching a women’s yoga workshop on mother’s day, which here in Germany is 9th May and shall use your poem to empower us all! I also really enjoyed your talk in the sacred awakeing series. Love all ways, Selina

  8. Hi Selina! Thanks for letting me know you will be pollinating and sharing the poem! Have a Blessed, Wonderful Workshop!


  9. No army is so powerful as an idea whose time has come. Victor Hugo

  10. I love it when I hear people acknowledging their inner child…girl or boy…they are precious in HIS sight and should be nurtured daily, first and foremost by us…and then by any other person or animal that happens to be wise enough to love us…kat

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