Sweet Storm

Many people who know me, know that i LOVE the sun! Maybe my name should have been Julia Lizard Hill. i seem to melt and completely let go and relax in the sun– in particular when there is a beautiful body of salt water nearby to jump into.

But today, there is rain. And it is so incredibly delightful! There was even some thunder which i happen to so enjoy. There is this delicious cool breeze sweeping the cleansing rain through.

My lungs, which have been under assault from smoke and dust, are doing the dance of joy right now because all of that pollution is being stopped and washed away.

The enriching rain is making the air smell and taste so sweet. All the birds are singing at the top of their little lungs (something i can not do at the moment because i completely lost my voice 3 days ago because of an infection i got caused by all the air pollution i have experienced here.) It sounds like a symphony of joy!

There is a dove on a Noni tree branch a few feet away, preening herself under the partial protection of its broad leaves. The Bouganvillea blossoms next to it are bursting with even brighter colors than before as the fine dust is being washed from its petals. And the Bamboo plants are gently dancing in the cooling breeze.

i am not sure if i am going to be able to manifest a home for myself in Jamaica that is both healthy and one that i can afford, but in this moment, my heart is dancing with delight in the simple perfection of this moment.

Sending you all cleansing, gentle rains to renew and refresh your hearts and souls.


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  1. Aloha Julia,

    I just love the intricacy, heartfulness and simplicity of your blog posts. Thank u 4 sharing your delightful point of view with the world. Sending a prayer to your lungs for healing with grace and Godspeed

    With warm aloha,


  2. Thank you for the feedback Richard! Coming from a great writer like yourself, it means even more! : )
    Love and Aloha,

  3. not sure about jamaica… come to tobago! 😉

  4. We’ve been watching Perfect Stranger on dvd from Netflix, and Kevin wants to learn the dance of joy!

    You may have gotten your love of thunder and storms and rain from yo momma, because all my life, anytime there’s a storm, I HAVE to go out on the porch and watch it. Last night I took Oh Henry with me, and he was sitting so still in arms, watching everything. I love the rain.

    And the sun, but now that I’m almost 60 I’m getting age spots in obvious places from the over exposure I got lifeguarding and teaching swimming in college. I also had a race every year in high school with your Uncle David to see who could get dark brown the quickest. He usually won, because he could mow the lawn without a shirt.

    Seriously, I would start in march and walk out to the lawn chair in my winter coat and then sit on the lawn chair with my coat on for five minutes and then off for 10 and back and forth. It’s a wonder that I didnt’ catch pneumonia every year!

    Our back yard is full of Bouganvillea blossoms in fact, the whole town is alive with white, pink, red and fuscia. Our palm trees are always gently dancing in the gulf breezes. I love living in Bonita…no polution, we have the beach and even the trees flower all year long. Maybe you could find a “home” here instead of out of the country.

    Just saying…yo momma

  5. Hey Dragonfly!

    i sent you an email inquiring about Tobago, but never heard back. Did you get it? i am looking to move somewhere in the Caribbean and right now i am open to any and all possibilities!


  6. If your connection is fast enough to watch a 4 min youtube video. Hope this helps with healing your voice and the air around you.

  7. Hi, Having once met a 76 year old logger who not only had a kind heart, but had actually lived long enough to harvest trees he had planted himself, and make beautiful furniture as well, I was inspired! So anyway, I decided the best way to protect the environment was to provide alternatives to its destruction. When you are in the Manchester Indiana area you are welcome to stop by my “urban hardwood forest” for a look at what I think should be the future of timber production. I used a few acres of what was industrial wasteland and planted trees for now and the future where each tree has it’s own personality and space. No rows. No rules. Just trees to cleans the air, feed both the soul and the fuzzy ones,and one day bargain with. Spring is here at long last! Brad

  8. Hi Brad! Sounds wonderful what you are doing! Unfortunately, my time is completely booked above my eyeballs while i am there, so i won’t be able to add anything else to the trip. i have learned from and worked with many sustainable foresters over the years and am very grateful to all of you who are working in that way!


  9. nope never got it – very weird – try this one 🙂 i’m biased to here although it frustrates me no end but also love st lucia and hear good things about dominica which are closer to ‘home’ for you and with good people and good vibes depending on where you look, who you talk to… like all the islands or anywhere really – but all the smaller islands definitely have cleaner air than urban and suburban parts of jamaica or trinidad (eek!) – sahara dust notwithstanding – it is actually really heavy here today – oh the joys of dry season.

  10. hmm, that doesn’t read right somehow… everybody’s good people it’s not so much a question of who or where but how you approach or see the person/situation, perspective and interpretation are key… i’m pretty sure you already know this but just wanted to be clear what i meant.

  11. Hi Tanya! i am already looking both in St. Lucia and Dominica! So far, i have not found exactly what i need, but i am trusting i am getting close!

    Dust is one of the things that my lungs can’t handle, so i have to steer clear of places that have times of lots of dust or i end up sick every time.

    Thanks so much!


  12. yeah, the dust is a drag but unfortunately most of the caribbean islands – as far as i know – have to deal with seasonal dust blowing off the atlantic from the sahara – not like piles of dust on your car kind of dust but just this haze in the air and i don’t envision this getting better with increasing desertification, we just happen to be downwind.
    however, if you live in the hills/forest it is less of an issue and if you are lucky enough to be able to swim every day or twice a day it helps to keep everything clear, when it’s like this today i call it headache weather but it’s not like this every day by any stretch.
    st. lucia is amazing, the pitons are incredible and i know of a few people there who are doing some really interesting environmental work. good luck in your search and e-mail me directly if you want more info on tobago.
    take care 🙂

  13. Dear Julia– May you find your Voice and the place(s) where that Voice can truly be heard by others.

  14. Hey, Julia you ever think of getting involved back in service work (not like your not already, geeze) and especially now with the poor souls involved with those unmentionable issues. I was just wondering, because, faith seems to be of something we all need (what, in ourselves, in others, an the earth).
    I read a bumper sticker, said “life’s supposed to be fun”. What a concept, I certainly have have my own situation and challenges as do most people. I also focus much effort on making as small a foot print as possible, and is almost enough to make me loose myself, and others. I,m very thankful to you and those of your ilk.
    Have fun, Joseph

  15. http://mysticpolitics.com/index.php?option=com_hwdvideoshare&task=viewvideo&Itemid=25&video_id=1488&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook

    For everyone here, if you havnt seen this it struck a bell/chord with me. Because the Mayans “Predicted the future as though it was the past. Cycles? anyone? The snake, esp. one which holds its own tail is the symbol of the completion of a cycle. There are many cycles and cycles within cycles all comming full circle at this time. Think of a simple radio, you tune in a station by turning a dial which using crystals changes the frequency. The earth is such an instrument. The Pyramids and places like Stonehenge are the tuning apparati for the earth. Earthquakes = minor frequency changes retuning the earth finding a new station. We are in it. Enlightenment will come to all, The key is no resistance. In the beginning was the WORD the WORD was with God, and the WORD was a God. What is greater than God? Use “words” carefully for they are the creators of our “world”. Enjoy the ride.

  16. Julia, I’ve been called a lot of things. A Democrat, a Republican, a Liberal, a genius, an idiot, “you people”,a craftsman, an artist, a hack, a goddamn environmentalist, a troublemaker, a little Taliban?, an Atheist, and on and on. This is the first time I have been called a “forester”. I will take it as a compliment and hope that someday that title will always be a proud one. Saving the planet is a very demanding job but while in N. Manchester try to find a moment to see the covered bridge. A lot of old growth trees were sacrificed to construct that beautiful bridge and even though I don’t live there, I am happy to see it is cherished. I am sure I don’t need to remind you that the health problems you are having are likely from the negative energy called too much stress. A grueling travel and work schedule is a recipe for ailment. With all of that love you generate, I hope that you find some for yourself. Plant a garden, start a family, maybe find a new cause a little less draining. Big smiles. Brad

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