Thoughts After Walking

We are taught to fear. That seems to be such a constant language that no one realizes it is not the only language. “Don’t move there–too much violence, too much hate. Yet, i walk down the road, in the middle of the night, listening to the sounds of crickets, frogs, and other things rustling in the grass and bushes, looking at the stars above and the seeming stars blinking all around me–also known as fireflies or lightening bugs.

I come across three youth and an elderly man (who obviously is a little mentally alter-abled) standing at the corner. They say, “Hello.” i say, “Hello” back, and we laugh and chat for quite some time. i wander home happy, peaceful, and safe.

There is another language. The language of Love. It does not mean to be stupid or put myself in harm’s way unnecessarily. But very often, we find what we look for. If we look to be afraid, there is much to see. If we look to love, there is so very much to be in love with.

i do my best to put on the glasses of Love, such that i might find that more than fear. It really is so much in how we look at life.

Choose to ask yourself, “What would LOVE guide me to think, say, and do every single moment of each and every day?”

Here is to living a life of Love in Action!


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  1. I think that people sometimes confuse fear and love. Parents instill fear into their children, hoping to keep them away from danger. Society instills fear into the citizenary, mostly to keep order. Religions instill fear for their own reasons too.

    Fear is a language, most people understand much better than love. Perhaps,those completely outside the system – those rejected by their own parents, society and religions – are blessed with the only thing left that they can see:

    The light that comes from Love…

    There is much to learn from the people who do not belong – anywhere. If ONLY more people would dare to look beyond the fear that clouds their own minds…

    To most people – these people YOU SAW – are invisible.

    Mathew Titus

  2. Thanks Julia for the beautiful reminder to put on our ‘glasses of love’ each and every day. I too often forget and as a result my days get filled up seeing what is ugly rather than what is beautiful.

    Each morning I’ll put on my ‘glasses’ and choose to see love, respond with love, feel love, express love, know love.

    Much love to you…

  3. Yes, every single moment we have to choose by our free will how we are going to experience life, no matter what we do, it makes a big difference when all that we do we do from the heart.

  4. Julia,

    This is a beautiful post, and brought up this remembrance for me: Some years ago when I was deep in the shock of loss and grieving, it was nature that I wanted. It was my feet pressing against the land, it was the wisdom of hugging a tree, it was the eternity of the waves on the beach, it was the reassurance of life around me – birds, trees, animals, flowers. I would go out at night and walk, and breathe the night air and listen, and look at the sky. I felt protected. I WAS protected. And I felt connected. I would walk my country road, or sit on the top of the hill of my country property. Yet, when I told friends or family why I was not answering the phone, invariably I was advised that going out at night was not safe. It was silly then and it is silly now.

    In this moment, I am of this world, scurrying to make a living. But almost daily for 12 years I have walked a daytime path with my pup by a creek – not a wilderness adventure. There are car break-ins at the trailhead and encampments on this path, but only twice have I chosen to cut the four miles short and retreat to the car.

    Did I need to? Probably not.

    But the other three thousand times the osprey, great blue herons, great white egrets, white pelicans, night herons, red tail hawks, crows, geese, ducks, turtles… have greeted our day. As have the other folks on the path enjoying a respite from the asphalt and work-a-day machine.

    There is a local group home that walks that path. And never have they been a problem. Yes the walkers talk a bit more, or ask questions. What healthier place to still the mind than on a path with some kind of interaction with the natural world, than the artificial?


  5. thanks once again for that unique perception. you share, many happy thoughts for your safety. fear kept the rich young man from selling all and stepping forth. Each of us have an anchor or two we should drop to fly free. but fear getting back down were we want to be. May the wind dry your tears while it blows away your fears.

  6. I love this post (no pun intended!). I’ve been thinking a lot about how we are so motivated by fear, by a desire to avoid what we *don’t* want, that we don’t put enough energy into identifying and welcoming what we *do want!

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