Dancing in Duality

Every day, no matter what, I go swim in the Sea. The minute I enter the water, my mind begins to quiet, the chatter losing out to the rhythm of the tide’s pulling.

There is so much beauty here–it literally makes me cry. There is so much extreme poverty and feeling of lack of creating one’s own destiny that also makes me cry. And there is extreme fundamentalism here. It is mostly Christian of various forms or Rastafarian, but it is hardcore and fundamental–like so much of my experience of religion growing up.

I have to laugh at how so much of my life I have spent trying to get as far away from the death-grip of organized religion (I love and honor Spirit, it is just organized religion that is hard for me) as possible and yet here I am called to move to a place where fundamental religion rules– the ongoing legacy of internalized oppression.

I am doing my best to not resist what is so–just going with what I am feeling called to do and where I am called to be.

And the minute I enter the Caribbean, the thoughts and identity of myself to my thoughts, begins to dissolve into the Oneness. It is pure magic for me. This LAND and WATER speaks to my soul, and I am listening.

I am also having a great time finding ways to support the people of this place and the place itself. Time will unfold the right path. I am taking it one step at a time. And I am loving the journey–even when i struggle with it.



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  1. After the one and only experience in a sensory deprivation chamber. I came to understand, a Universe without Irony can never experience itself. All we can do is allow the experience by giving great thanks, great peace and great love. Exactly as you are.

  2. Oh and “Honk, if you love peace and quiet!”


    The peoples greater ness will be realised by contracting them into the service of a greater Icon.

    Only from the outside does it appear as self imposed slavery. You will be rewarded in heaven! Or eat desert first! Is THIS HEAVEN? no, this is IOWA! 🙂

  3. all I should say is yin/yang

    but swim from your destiny it will still float after you. just stay in sight of land please ; organized religion say like military intelligence? death begets life sorta thing, foolishness confounding the wise etc. also reminded of an old mash were the doctor bought candy for orphans who needed a meal the wise monk sold that candy for much rice. I doubt after some review you need to be reminded to listen as well as follow your inner voice. many happy thoughts 2u

  4. im feeling the urge to connect. i admire you in so many ways, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    much love<33

  5. With all my renewed heart, i love what you do. Please accept my prayer. May the Creator of this tiny Universe bless you and everyone who have a heart to pass this challenging test!

  6. That sounds wonderful…

  7. There is no test, Its a joy ride. The Mayans predicted the future as if it were the past. The future can see you and it knows you are comming.

  8. Its really a gift to get insight into your process. What issues you struggle with and how you resolve these ‘conflicts’, connundrums, confusions or dont…

    “a Universe without Irony can never experience itself.”

    Loving to read the comments and zalobars commentary too.

  9. Fundamentalism – is a tool. The rich use it for control over the minds of the less educated, poor. It’s true for any organized religion.

    So glad you broke out of that trap early on in life, Julia. It could not have been an easy transition…

    Mathew Titus

  10. hey again was rereading your words and wanted to remind you jesus himself had some trouble with the “religion ” in his day read how he reacted in the temple and who arrested him. as the vessel for the spirit in that day he was broken for us and sent the comforter/spirit. easter is a great time to remember this. happy thoughts, wishes, and protective angels 2u

  11. I know what you mean about religion; I’ve always been pulling away from it myself, trying to get back in touch with “Spirit”.

    One of your readers mentioned an experience in a sensory deprivation tank. I’ve spent a little time in one too and what I felt can hardly be described.

    When I couldn’t feel, see, smell, taste or hear anything, I felt like a mere patch of existence in the quilt of the universe. In that fleeting moment, right before my thoughts flooded back in, I believe I found that “Spirit”, that indescribable thing that transcends religion and other organizations.

    It was truly awesome!


  12. Hi Julia,

    Last night I watched you talking, a re-run of a speech that you gave at Indiana University in 2001! I’m not a good TV watcher. Usually I just switch from one station to another for a bit of news and then I switch it off. When I started watching and started listening to you, my attention was caught and I listened to the end! What an amazing story, Luna sitting! Your speech of nine years ago is relevant now and will continue to be relevant for years to come.I’ve started reducing use of paper. Your talk has reinforced this resolve further. I just read you blog about the cat. It’s so moving.

  13. Thanks Alwiya for sharing and for looking at how to have your life be more in alignment with caring for this beautiful Earth we call home!


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