Sweet Storm

Many people who know me, know that i LOVE the sun! Maybe my name should have been Julia Lizard Hill. i seem to melt and completely let go and relax in the sun– in particular when there is a beautiful body of salt water nearby to jump into.

But today, there is rain. And it is so incredibly delightful! There was even some thunder which i happen to so enjoy. There is this delicious cool breeze sweeping the cleansing rain through.

My lungs, which have been under assault from smoke and dust, are doing the dance of joy right now because all of that pollution is being stopped and washed away.

The enriching rain is making the air smell and taste so sweet. All the birds are singing at the top of their little lungs (something i can not do at the moment because i completely lost my voice 3 days ago because of an infection i got caused by all the air pollution i have experienced here.) It sounds like a symphony of joy!

There is a dove on a Noni tree branch a few feet away, preening herself under the partial protection of its broad leaves. The Bouganvillea blossoms next to it are bursting with even brighter colors than before as the fine dust is being washed from its petals. And the Bamboo plants are gently dancing in the cooling breeze.

i am not sure if i am going to be able to manifest a home for myself in Jamaica that is both healthy and one that i can afford, but in this moment, my heart is dancing with delight in the simple perfection of this moment.

Sending you all cleansing, gentle rains to renew and refresh your hearts and souls.


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Thoughts After Walking

We are taught to fear. That seems to be such a constant language that no one realizes it is not the only language. “Don’t move there–too much violence, too much hate. Yet, i walk down the road, in the middle of the night, listening to the sounds of crickets, frogs, and other things rustling in the grass and bushes, looking at the stars above and the seeming stars blinking all around me–also known as fireflies or lightening bugs.

I come across three youth and an elderly man (who obviously is a little mentally alter-abled) standing at the corner. They say, “Hello.” i say, “Hello” back, and we laugh and chat for quite some time. i wander home happy, peaceful, and safe.

There is another language. The language of Love. It does not mean to be stupid or put myself in harm’s way unnecessarily. But very often, we find what we look for. If we look to be afraid, there is much to see. If we look to love, there is so very much to be in love with.

i do my best to put on the glasses of Love, such that i might find that more than fear. It really is so much in how we look at life.

Choose to ask yourself, “What would LOVE guide me to think, say, and do every single moment of each and every day?”

Here is to living a life of Love in Action!


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Dancing in Duality

Every day, no matter what, I go swim in the Sea. The minute I enter the water, my mind begins to quiet, the chatter losing out to the rhythm of the tide’s pulling.

There is so much beauty here–it literally makes me cry. There is so much extreme poverty and feeling of lack of creating one’s own destiny that also makes me cry. And there is extreme fundamentalism here. It is mostly Christian of various forms or Rastafarian, but it is hardcore and fundamental–like so much of my experience of religion growing up.

I have to laugh at how so much of my life I have spent trying to get as far away from the death-grip of organized religion (I love and honor Spirit, it is just organized religion that is hard for me) as possible and yet here I am called to move to a place where fundamental religion rules– the ongoing legacy of internalized oppression.

I am doing my best to not resist what is so–just going with what I am feeling called to do and where I am called to be.

And the minute I enter the Caribbean, the thoughts and identity of myself to my thoughts, begins to dissolve into the Oneness. It is pure magic for me. This LAND and WATER speaks to my soul, and I am listening.

I am also having a great time finding ways to support the people of this place and the place itself. Time will unfold the right path. I am taking it one step at a time. And I am loving the journey–even when i struggle with it.



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Jamaican Life

Jamaica—land rich in diversity and culture. Jamaica—island of amazing water everywhere. Jamaica—island of breathtaking beauty and heartbreaking poverty.

Jamaica, like life, like so many places, is a place of paradox. Lush tropical forests, waterfalls, plants and flowers everywhere, surrounded by the ever-wondrous Caribbean. So many of the people here are beyond beautiful—full of joy, rhythm, and a passion for life. And at the same time, here, the legacy of slavery lives on even as people work to make their own destiny. The gap between those who “have” and those who “have not” is huge. Many people live in shacks made from scraps of wood and metal even as tourists come and spend hundreds of dollars a night to stay in hotels and resorts in places like Negril and Montego Bay, and land is sold to wealthy foreigners who come build huge houses on them only to visit Jamaica as their holiday home.

Near to where I am are large acres of land and jungle being farmed on the rogue by locals. They tell me the land is owned by a wealthy American woman who never even comes to visit anymore. They say for now, they farm the land until someone someday comes to kick them out. And at the same time, all around, people eat more and more packaged food, which creates tons of trash, which is then burned as a common practice. The island of Jamaica only recycles plastic. Everything else goes into the waste stream to be exported off island to I don’t even know where. I am praying they are not just shipping it out to sea and then dumping it, but considering how sad our human behavior is sometimes, I would not be surprised if that is what I were to find out.

With the awareness I have, I can’t help but walk around every day making lists of what I want to help change in Jamaica. There is more than a lifetime of work for me here. I begin by working with the homeless shelter in Portland Parish, helping them fundraise, craft letters to governmental agencies, as well as just spending time with the clients of the shelter, sharing love, caring, and support. So, as I embark on making this amazing place my new home, I am present to both my privilege and my commitment to doing what I can to help this gorgeous island and its beautifully amazing people.



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