Birthday Blessings

Hi Friends,

i turned 36 on February 18th. i am finally feeling like i am beginning to know what it is to be me. i don’t really know how to explain it other than to say it’s like for so long, i have felt that my life and my very self have been a bit out of my grasp– not quite connected or relating. This is not to say that i have not been fully and presently living my life, because for the most part i have. It is more that i feel like i am beginning to settle into myself– rooting and dropping into myself. i am feeling more comfortable in my own skin (i mean, i still got issues for sure–boooorrrriiinnnggg) but somehow, i feel less freaked out by my body, less freaked out by intimacy, less freaked out by staying in one place for longer than a second, less freaked out by claiming, speaking, and acting on what i truly long for.

i write about so much of what i am going through, not so that people will reassure (or in some cases attack) me, but because i feel like one of the best gifts i have to offer is my humanness in the journey. The issues we face as a species are pretty huge, but if we look underneath every issue, we find the Disease of Disconnect that begins first with the disconnect from ourselves and then spreads out from there. When we become disconnected from our personal self, it becomes much, much easier to become disconnected from the rest of the world and planet– which is truly just an extension of “self.” There really is no separation.

i recognize that life is a constant journey, a constant inquiry. i am not saying i have “it” all figured out or even that i know what “it” is. It’s more like, maybe, what i am feeling is that i am growing up. Funny, that.

Tomorrow, we are holding an event where a film will be shown from my time in Luna– it was filmed at about day 40-something. It is hillarious to see how young i looked and sounded then! i, actually, can’t watch the film all the way through. i don’t watch any of the documentaries i have participated in. It’s too intense for me. i relive 2 of the most intense and powerful years of my life, in that small time. Plus, films done about me are weird because they are someone else’s view and editing of me. People often say, “i saw YOUR film!” And i always reply with, “No, you didn’t. i have never done a film.” i have allowed people to film me and use it in their films and work, but that is MUCH different from me doing a film myself. So, another reason i do not watch films about me or much media in general done on me is becsause i do not want that having an influence who i am becoming. i can’t live my life trying to be what others want or see–positive or negative. i can only live my life following what i feel is most in alignment and integrity for me.

Tomorrow’s event also honors the anniversary of my 10 years of returning to Terra Firma from Luna’s branches (December 18th was the actual anniversary.) i am very, very present to the incredible people who were involved in the tree-sit– from before i got there, to during my time in Luna to the people i have worked with in all the years since. It has been, and continues to be, the most incredible and amazing journey.

Thank you to all of you have been so supportive of this journey over all these years. And thank you even to those of you who have not been supportive, and in some cases, even attacking– this has taught me so much about myself.

In this moment, i am so grateful for this journey, this birthday, and “growing up.”


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  1. Aloha Julia!

    Happy birthday once again! I am quite touched by the level of insight reflected in your writings. Didn’t realize that Dec 18 was the 10th anniversary of when you came down from Luna. It was indeed a blessing to meet you on Maui soon after that anniversary. Your valiant energies to save Luna to this very day deliver a lightning bolt of inspiration my way!
    The gift you deliver to the world and all you touch by living in such deep integrity is a beautiful one indeed.

    wishing you all good things as you explore this beautiful world in search of your perfect nesting place~

    mahalo nui loa~

    with warm aloha,


  2. Julia, your sharing of your “humanness” has been a huge inspiration to me. I started your book today (and have read half of it already) it is making my spirit dance and is a liberation as I find myself trapped in the dark hold of a college classroom for many long hours every day, looking out and longing for the forest. Thank you so much!

  3. Hi. I am delighted that I found your blog. I can honestly say that my identification as a “tree hugger” started with a school report that I did when I was 16, in 1998, on you and Luna. It opened my eyes to what I could accomplish if I wanted to.
    I am turning 30 this year, and I also feel like I am finally settling in to who I am. I like how you put it- I am less freaked out by myself. Thanks for being an inspiration.
    And Happy Birthday!

  4. belated b-day wishes. stay grounded but remember we never really “growup” we build a new day out of the old ones keeping the good(hopefully) and moving on. hug your gramps next time you see-em; most celebs avoid there own presss. =)journey on

  5. I think that the feeling of “being in your own skin” – grows on you as you age… (yeah, that sounds like a terrible pun!)- but I think it’s true! (A 38 year-old talking here) =D

    Just a suggestion – but have you ever thought of video logging? (like on YouTube?) The films I’ve seen of you talking are very powerful – and very moving.(Even if they were made by others) There’s something in there – in the WAY you say what you say -which touches and moves people.

    I just thought that it might be an option you might consider – and since you can do the editing yourself – it really will be YOUR film (so to speak)

    Just thought I’d throw it out there =)

    Happy Birthday, Julia – and Kudos on the 10th Anniversary of reaching terra firma!

  6. I had a great time at the film event as did everyone who was there. It was a great celebration of a wonderful woman and historic event!

  7. Tienes razón: una persona, como es tu caso por ejemplo, puede enfrentarse a muchos retos y peligros con éxito pero hay algo de lo que uno nunca sale indemne… de sí mismo. Tú siempre serás Julia Hill y supongo que algunas veces te habrás odiado por ello sobretodo cuando comprendes que no puedes cambiarlo…y eso es algo que lleva tiempo para entenderlo pero sobretodo para aceptarlo. Me alegro de que tú lo estés logrando, un abrazo y suerte.

  8. Hi Julia Butterfly, thank for your openness, we all appreciate this way of gettings things over.
    But let me ask you, how many butterflies have rested on your shoulder until now ? How many people have made up their mind thanks to you?
    Many of course, probably because you yourself carry that medicine with you, a continuos cycle of death and rebirth, a continuos refresh, like butterflies.
    Well, glad to know this process has lead you to the growth you were longing for.
    Cheerio !
    From Bergamo, Italy

  9. Hi Julia,
    I have been so inspired by your story. You have completely let go and it is a beautiful thing. Thank you for offering a living example to us.
    Peace, love and joy to you friend,
    Jimmy Free

  10. Here’s to celebrating many more Solar (and terra firma) Returns!
    Happy birthday, and shine on!

  11. Happy birthday and best wishes.

  12. Hey Julia!!!! Im 22yrs old. My environmental political science professor had us read your book and write an essay on it. This is the first time i hear about you and what happened back then…. WOW!!!! Your book has changed my life forever!!! It even made me cry. I’m greatful to our creator for giving us the gift of such special people like yourself. Honestly julia!!! I have lots of love for you!! You will always be in my prayers and hopefully i get the honor of meeting you one day. Thank you for the great lesson of love you’ve taught many of us who read your book. You have changed my life for the better and you have also givenme courageto figh for what is right. Thank you!!! Much love, MEL

  13. Hi Mel!

    So glad the book inspired and motivated you!

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi Julia
    The suggestion of you doing utube vids is a very wise one indeed, one way to get your message out to many more who need your love. I found you in the Sacred awakening series interview.- On utube, I am Zalobar. The name, regal as it is, reminds me to always fill big shoes. Respect, Thanks Giving, Openness and Remembering where it all comes from are very important to me. You bless me with your support in all these aspects. Being Human is afterall why we are here. How odd that all we strive for is being above Human, Super Human etc. All our Heroes are Super, Super strong, Super old, Super willed, Super sized.
    Some of the best Humans are Just Human, Its OK, you can come out now. We will be here to hold you in our arms and wipe away your tears and invite you to rejoin us mere mortals and give you room to just be. There are so many more colors to experience, Happy Birthday, Child, You are just getting started. Z

  15. I was just thinking of you today, and send my greetings and best wishes.

  16. I was reading a post today about your tree days from some Spanish prominent blogger, and then I remembered you´re still here, unfairly buried in my feeds, when it´s always a pleasure to be able to meet you, the famously courageous tree-girl, and the complex, struggling human being. I think it makes the world smaller. Or should I say, bigger…

    Happy belated birthday, lady.

  17. Wow, Julia, I remember being in Seattle at the WTO protests and in the church when one of the organizers called you and we were able to hear you talk directly from Luna. I can’t believe it’s been that long. You had such an impact them, and have continued to do so since then. I can’t believe it’s been that long.

  18. Hi Julia!
    I was going thru an old box in my attic ( I saved from going to the dump)that belongs to my husband’s cousin and in that box was many baby Jesus figurines wrapped in old news paper (The Connecticut Post dated Sunday December 19, 1999). I just started to read Thom Hartmann’s book The last Hours of Ancient Sunlight and my soul is burning to start doing my part in helping our current Ecological system by enlightening others of the mass destruction that is happening. Most of the people around here do not want to hear about reality of this planet. So then as I am unwrapping these figurines I look at the paper and saw your article. My life has always been full of synergistic happenings and I know this is one of them. I grew up with a very cosmic mom who would meditate, soul travel, she was a massge therapist (one of her most known clients was Corretta Scott King and her son Dexter), she taught reflexology and I was exposed to many spiritual paths so I really appreciate your personal growth that you are sharing. Your soul is truly shinning and I can feel your light and the wisdon of the universe soaring through your words. Thank you for your sweet honesty in your inner discoveries! These are helping others give them selves permission to actually feel and listen to their inner selfs and know what is right for others is not always right for them. My dream is that some how some way I can positivley impact the collective conciousness of humanity on this planet. Got any ideas? The more I grow, learn and research I am discovering that to save this planet the change has to start from with in. I love how Joseph Chilton Pearce writes about this in his forward to Thom Hartmann’s book The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight. Joseph says,”In 1954, really way back there, the British cellular biologist Williamson and Pierce, after 30 years of medical research under a Peckham Foundation grant, spoke of our species as having become a cancer on the living body of our Earth, and predicted that, since Earth and its inhabitants were a single living symbiosis, cancer as a disease of our species would expand into major, epidemic proportions. Their prognoses and recommendations would hardly have contributed to Britain’s industrial growth, much less that of the United States, and were totally ignored.
    A new view point, a new way of looking, seeing, and presenting the garnish facts that should be so self-evident, has long been called for, as a practical way of responding effectively has long been needed. And this is precisely what Thom Hartmann presents here: he makes clear how the impoverishment and decline of the HUMAN SPIRIT is at the root of our DISEASE, that these roots are hardly new, but have grown for millennia, and that only a new cultural image of ourselves and life itself will bail us out…. Ourselves and each other, alone can turn the tide.” This sums up why your blog is priceless! You are setting an example of a possible new cultural image! YOU GO GIRL! Let me know if you have any ideas about how to raise the collective consiousness on the east coast!
    Keep enjoying your every moment!

  19. Julia, I thought you’d get a smile and a kick out of this “Tree Hugger” photo gallery. hugger/f=CBPIHVNS/p=1


  20. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Hope it was peaceful and relaxing, silly and joyful.

    Sustainably Yours,


  21. Its interesting. There is a lot here that I relate with, I relate with your process as you explain it a lot though and in many ways.
    Its ironic because I feel that we are very, very different individuals although we share many of the same fundamental principles and time frame.

    My 36th birthday is coming up in a couple of days now (exactly) and I have had a similar settling in experience over the last year or so. Big changes in terms of coming to terms with what I want to do with my time, what I admire and respect and seek to be around. A freedom to do anything at any time that I didnt have before. And then from within this freedom the compassionate consideration of my social, political and local physical environment. Family. Friends. Compromises, commitments, goals, aspirations, I have only recently been offered the opportunities and been prepared for them as I feel I am now. It feels good.

    “another reason i do not watch films about me or much media in general done on me is bec(s)ause i do not want that having an influence who i am becoming. i can’t live my life trying to be what others want or see–positive or negative. i can only live my life following what i feel is most in alignment and integrity for me.”

    This is why I dont copyright anything and also why I take you (julia) in small doeses instead of deluging myself with information about your life and times and perspectives and challenges. I always appreciate the insights and also want to maintain my experience of you as being human first, a friend, a neighbor, a relative, me possibly… and the individual who did all of the things you have crafted your capabilities to facilitate so effectively and beautifully.

    I want to be inspired by you and so as not to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the accomplishments you have made I think about you and remember how sweet of a disposition you have and how kind hearted you must be to have attempted in the first place to try to do any of the myriad of recent or not so recent activations.

    great modeling.

    You are a kindhearted, disciplined and intelligent soul. The gift a view
    expands the possible into the everyday
    in a very special way

  22. Julia,
    I am reading this on the eve of my birthday,and I must say,so much of what you say here is resonating profoundly with me. Birthdays tend to be a time for reflection,and I am doing much of that as of late. I too,am finally feeling like I’m growing up. I so clearly recognize that all the experiences of my life up until this point,are somehow converging in this moment,as a perfect pattern and just the place I am meant to be. I am more myself than I have ever been,and,like you,am so grateful for the journey. Blessings to you.

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