Back To The Bay

Hello Friends,

I am back in the San Francisco Bay Area after a wonderful trip to the Bahamas. I had such a great time in the Bahamas and it made it even more clear to me that I need to be based in the tropics–preferablly the Carribean. My body and my spirit feel so much more alive after that trip that I know that is a place I can thrive. My next two trips to figure out where my new home will be are going to be Jamaica and Costa Rica. I am feeling Jamaica calling pretty strongly, and I have for many years. I actually had planned on going to Jamaica before I ended up cilmbing Luna. I still have my Lonely Planet Guide to Jamaica in my storage that I purchased all those years ago, planning on going. I never made it until now.

I am travelling checking out places and opportunities because I want to make sure that when I move this time, it will be for a long time. I am so tired of being homeless. I am ready for roots that sink down deep, and I want to make sure that I choose the best possible place for that to happen.

I am now back in the Bay to visit friends and framily, have meetings, and do benefits. My birthday is February 18th and it is also 10 years since I returned to Terra Firma from Luna’s branches, so we are doing events to celebrate and raise green energy (my name for money) to support the work of What’s Your Tree and the Sanctuary Forest which is the ongoing stewards of the Luna Preservation Grove.

For more information on two of the upcoming events, go to:

Hope to see some of you there!


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  1. totally excited for you. live with love.

    ❤ merry

  2. I have followed your story some years ago and driving up 101 by Stafford I used to be able to see Luna. As of recent i don’t seem to see her. Did she fall down? Please let me know if so and when. Thanks so much. frw

    Hi Frank,
    Luna is doing great as is the grove around Luna that we protected!

  3. Happy early birthday, Julia. May this be the year your roots settle in ‘permanent’ ground where you will flourish.

    [On a side note: while my partner fixed my computer last night, I pulled Luna off my bookshelf and read it again…all in one night as I have several times before. It does something to me every time I read it. All I can say is I wish I could hug Luna; I wish I could hug you.]

    Peace and Love,

  4. un arbol necesita luz y un buen suelo, que no tiene por qué ser muy rico sino sobretodo limpio. Los árboles más fuertes crecen en tierras pobres y tú seguro que lo sabes, quien quiere vivir de verdad no necesita la energía del sol y se conforma con la de la luna. Un abrazo muy cordial, Julia.

  5. Happy birthday, Ms. Hill–it will be the 18th in about an hour as I write to you. I liked your entry about the man with the cane very much. Each morning I read a little meditation I wrote for myself which reminds me to embrace patience, purposefulness, to be methodical and unafraid. I actually get up very early and begin to invest all of my activities with prayer and meditation for about three hours before I go off to work. I am quite fit and healthy; but I find that I move a bit like your old man, very conscious of my steps, balance, etc. I try to be graceful in everything I do. It really does elevate consciousness a great deal. I wish I knew how to pass this kind of insight on to many of my acquaintances who worry and hurry a great deal. I tell my friends, to bear in mind that turtles can live for up to 150 years, while rabbits rarely live for more than a dozen.

  6. I had to laugh… before I saw a post on indymedia calling for folks to help out the Mattole tree-sit, I was on my way to Hawaii for my 30th birthday! I decided helping some old-growth would be more memorable, and it was.

    That was 10 years ago, and I just found my old Hawaii guides collecting dust in a box. Still haven’t made it! Someday! 🙂

  7. Oops. I mentioned the “old man” with the cane in your post. I guess my imagination got ahead of me. I see that he was “not a very elderly man”. I let my imagination get ahead of me. Happy 36th again, grown up.

  8. LOOKING for an Administrative Assistant and Companion to the Founder of Peaceful World Foundation, Sami Sunchild. Perhaps 3 days or 3 half days a week. This is a paid position. We are located at the Red Victorian Peace Center, 1665 Haight St in San Francisco. We are a gathering place for global peace builders, a Cafe, bed & breakfast,art gallery of Sami’s transformational artm
    Please email and tell me about yourself and your commitment and experience in making a difference in our world.

    Thank you from Sami

    PS YOu are invited every Sunday morning at 9 to a breakfast conversation with strangers from anywhere and everywhere.

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